Skincare Routine | Facial – Removing Makeup


Hey again!
Due to my mini skincare- series, I thought this post, about how I remove my makeup, would be quite relevant since it has a lot to do with how my skin is aftermath. As mentioned in all of my skin-care posts: I’m no expert, and I’m just sharing my routine which works fine on me 🙂 Products will be listed below.

  • I always start out with either whipping the upper-layer of makeup off with makeup wipes. This gets the most off whenever I cake on for a bigger function or just experimenting.
  • After makeup wipes, I either go in with a cleansing oil or micellar water to get the parts the wipes didn’t get. I can definitely recommend the micellar water – it works wonder on budget! 
  • For the ultimate cleanse of pores I use foaming soap. It really gets all the dirt off my pores and leaves the face 99% makeup free! 
  • As per usual I tone my face to keep the even skin tone consistence. 
  • I always end this routine by putting a moisturizer on and a lip balm. 


Products list:




Just your (above) average girl 👑

img_4773 img_4774 img_4775 img_4776

Hey guys!
As I mentioned in my previous – lookbook post? Should I call the series a lookbook? – I will describe this look in details. I don’t know how visible my eye look is with those massive lashes on. I think I’ll list the products used first and then how I did the eye look in depth.

Products used:


  • Foundation: MAC match master foundation (4.0) + Maybelline Fit me! Matte+Poreless Foundation (caramel)
  • Concealer: Nars radiant creamy concealer (caramel) + Urban Decay naked skin concealer (med-dark neutral)
  • Setting powder: MAC studio fix powder (NC43)
  • Bronzer: MAC mineralize skinfinish (sun power)
  • Blush: MAC (peach twist)
  • Highlighter: Laura Geller (gilded honey)
  • Settingspray: Urban Decay all nighter


  • Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow (ebony) + MAC 266 angle brush
  • used a random spoolie brush to brush through


  • MAC matte lipstick (antique velvet)
  • NYX matte lip cream (berlin) at the center.


  • Concealer: Urban Decay naked skin concealer (med-dark neutral)
  • Eyeshadow: MorpheXJaclynHill palette + Juvia’s place Zulu palette
  • Eyeliner: Maybelline master ink (black)
  • Lashes: Huda Beauty Lashes (Farah)
  • Mascara: Lanôme Hypnôse mascara black

I don’t even know if you guys care for a long or short tutorial on it, so I’m just going to make it short.

  1. I covered my whole eyelid in concealer to have an even base
  2. Set it with some bone-colored shadow from the crease and up to my brow-bone
  3. Used the shades “Pukey”, “Roxanne” and “Hunts” in the crease (in the same order as mentioned) from the Morphe palette
  4. In the outer V-corner of the lid, I used “Jacs” and in the very edge I used “Abyss” from the same palette.
  5. I cut the crease half-way with some concealer on a flat brush
  6. Applied the Rose-gold metallic shade from the Juvia’s place Zulu palette, from the inner-corner till the center of my lid with my finger.
  7. Blended all the shades with a clean brush to get rid of harsh lines
  8. Used the same crease colors on the lower lash line. 
  9. Topped off with winged eyeliner, pair of lashes and mascara.

That was basically it! It would probably be easier to demonstrate the tutorial on video, but I’m too shy and the faces I make are probably not even worth it 😅



Elegance in Sport

28832435_2336815129677374_1725195931_nWow this must be the first time I update you guys on currently happened event. As in, it happened today.

Anyways, hey guys! As you can see on the picture above, I brought out my old skates after 5 years! Yes it has been 5 years since I stood on the ice. I’ve missed it so much! It was the one sport I chose by myself and had dedication to. I wasn’t as good as the competing skaters, but I really enjoyed the sport. It’s so elegant, expressive and filled with techniques. I skated for 4 years before I quit, because of studies.
I didn’t know what to expect, going on the ice again after such long time. To my surprise I instantly found balance when I stepped out on the ice, and could easily skate backwards. I didn’t have the balance to jump around and do all the fancy tricks I once mastered.

Skating around, some people approached me and asked if I was a figure skater, and for how long I’ve skated. They could instantly spot that I’ve skated properly before, so that was kinda cool 😉
I would absolutely go back if I could, but the season is over soon, and I’ll have to wait until September 🙁






Skincare Routine | Facial – nighttime


As I’ve mentioned in another post, I’m doing a mini-series of how I take care of my skin and my routines. Here’s my night-time routine! Explained shortly in bullet-points, and with a products list below.

I feel like I need to address this every time I do these skin-related posts, that I am no expert in skin-care, but these are just the things I do for my skin and seen a difference and improved skin during years. 

  • Remove makeup – I don’t usually wear makeup on daily basis, but if I’m wearing makeup, I’ll start off removing it. I’ll post my makeup-removal process in another post 😉
  • Washing my face – no matter how tired I am, I always at least wash my face before going to sleep. All the dirt and even the cream from the whole day can start clogging the pores and cause break outs. 
  • Just like in my morning routine, I dry my face with a towel specific for my face, and pat instead of dragging it on my skin. 
  • Toner – in almost all of my routines I’ll use toner. Since that makes the biggest difference in reducing dark spots and stuff (more details in upcoming post about skincare -recover). 
  • Depending on how my skin is, I either use my oil-serum or my night cream. 
    • If my skin is going through a tough time with breakouts and acting up (due to junk-food or hormones), I’ll use my vitamin E night serum. It helps recovering from the damage over-night.
    • If my skin is doing okay, I’ll just put on some thick night cream, to wake up to a well-nourished glowing skin.
  • Eye-cream – I’m in my early twenties, and have stepped up my skin-care technique and definitely expanded it. I’ve started to see wrinkles around my eyes, probably due to excessive laughter with friends and aging. The eye area has a delicate skin, so I’ve invested in a night cream so I’ll thank my younger-self in the future.
  • I complete the routine by adding some balm, so I don’t wake up with dry crispy lips. Before adding the balm, I always exfoliate my lips! There’s literally no point in putting balm on dead-skin.


Products list:




Delayed Spring?

a bHey!

Is it just me… or is the weather totally unapologetically inappropriate for marts? Marts is the first month of spring and it’s literally snowing. A lot. More than it did the past few months.
For those who don’t believe in global warming… please take a look outside 🙂

Anyways – it won’t stop me from enjoying it a little bit. It’s pretty and we still get to drink hot chocolate and wear fluffy socks.

As I can see, the snow is already beginning to melt again, and the temperature is slowly rising – so hopefully we can expect spring-weather soon, right? 😉 ♥