Vavuniya’s Exotic Garden (2)

First of all, I’m sorry many of my pictures aren’t clear or HD. I took all the pictures with my iPhone 5S camera, and some didn’t focus as we were on the move while I clicked some of them.

From Colombo we continued to my aunt’s house in Vavuniya, which is on the way to Jaffna. We stayed over-night and stayed a bit to catch up with them. They’ve built a house from the bottom, and it’s absolutely gorgeous! Here are some pictures I took during the stay.



Appam (rice-pancake with coconut milk in the center) for breakfast



img_1270 img_1274 img_1277




On the trip I brought minimal amount of clothes, because I wanted to wash and reuse them while I was there, and to avoid unnecessary stuff to take too much space of my suitcase – Of course I planned to bring some cool stuff back to Denmark ;)♥


Take off till Landing (1)

Hey guys! As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ll post some highlights of my trip to Sri Lanka. So here’s our first part of the trip: The take off and landing.

We took off from Copenhagen Airport, and landed in Colombo Airport. Before taking off, we visited some of our Copenhagen friends and went our for a dessert 🙂

img_1177 img_1189 img_1190 img_1195 img_1196

We flew with Qatar Airlines, with a transit in Doha. I think it was 6 hours flight from Copenhagen to Doha, and 5 hours from Doha to Colombo. It was the longest flight ever, and it was  almost impossible to sleep in the seats -.- the food was great though. 

img_1199 img_1200 img_1203 img_1205 img_1208 img_1209 img_1211 img_1212 img_1215 img_1217 img_1219

We landed in Colombo where my uncle and cousin picked us up in a minivan, and it took us another 2 hours to get to their house. We arrived at evening, and didn’t do much else than eat dinner and go to sleep. The next day we headed north to Jaffna through Vavuniya. 

img_1232 img_1239


Part two will be up soon 🙂 ♥


Back home from Tropical Island


Hey guys. I’ve been absent on the blog for almost a month, because I’ve been on holiday. This year my whole family and I went to Sri Lanka, which is where my parents and roots originally are from. We were on the island for 3 weeks, and I thought I would share the highlights from our trip. 70% of the time we visited relatives and my parents’ old friends and neighbors. So I’ll just cut that part and show you the places and things we saw and explored in the upcoming posts. Stay tuned :)♥


Garden Grill

img_1113 img_1118 img_1119 img_1120

Hey peeps! I’ve been busy doing garden work and recently caught up with gym training. My homegirl and I trained for a week straight, and planned to do it in two weeks. After this weekend we’ll both quit due to travel and not being in the city anymore. So if I decide to continue on the workout, I’ll have to get a membership in Aalborg where I currently live. It’s such a shame, because I really love the local fitness – it’s where my girl and I usually catch up and spend time together in busy schedule. 🙁

Since the weather has been with us, and we’re going on holiday soon, we went all in in our garden, and cleaned the (unbelievably messy) garage. It all looks pretty decent now. So my siblings and I decided to grill since it was all sort of tidy.

My sister and I should probably get an award for always being so extra, hahahaha jk – but we made this little cute table setting. We made lemonade with lime and mint, and bought a cake for dessert :)♥



Pastels in Summer

img_1091 img_1090

img_0989 img_0990 img_1059 img_1063 img_1065 img_1074 img_1078

Hey guys 🙂 

Of course I’ll update you guys with the latest saree I’ve worn hehehehe. So here it is. This almost pastel lime/salmon colored georgette saree with thick border and patch work on, is a saree my mother picked up for me last year when she was on Sri Lanka. To be completely honest I didn’t like the color-combination at first – but now I don’t really mind, and love the gold embroidered border 😍. My friend and I found this building with white-painted walls and pallets. It wasn’t easy to find a soft lightning, so this was the best spot to click some pictures. Honestly, she did an amazing job with the angle and everything! 

I actually wanted to do a simple pinkish eye-look, but somehow ended up with a crazy crease color and took it too far -.- So I kept the lips pretty simple by using a lip pencil all over the lips and dap some lipstick lightly on top. Face-products listed below ↓. 🙂 ♥






Burgers Burgers Burgers

img_0924 img_0926 img_0929

Hey guys! It probably seems like I have no other hobbies than eating. Which I wouldn’t deny is one of my hobbies hehehehe. My brother and I drove to Aalborg to get some of my chargers and other stuff I forgot in the hurry, and since we already were there, we tried out the new burger bar near the harbor/centrum. It’s called Grillen Burgerbar – I’m not usually into burgers, but gave it a go.

It was super delicious and the size was just right for me😅 The menu we picked (as you can see above) is TREAT ME GOOD which is a cheeseburger with homemade onion ring and pickles, with ziggy fries and chili mayo. On the menu they also have Ben&Jerry’s milkshakes and even Ben&Jerry’s ice cream in the restaurant. Like, why have I never been there before!?😍 

Anyways, the price wasn’t insanely high, and the food was great! I would definitely come by again, because I HAVE to try their Ben&Jerry’s milkshakes 😉 ♥


Life is a Zoo in a Jungle

img_0789 img_0790 img_0796


img_0805 img_0811 img_0812

img_0813 img_0816 img_0817 img_0823 img_0835 img_0838 img_0840 img_0841 img_0844 img_0854 img_0856img_0864img_0859img_0860img_0866


Hey, as I mentioned in my update post, I was in zoo in Aalborg with my study group. We could enter for free, since we’re biology-students and that’s just awesome for our tight budget 😅 There were so many fluffy animals, but the goats definitely got a second visit. That’s it. 50% of my adopted kids are going to be dogs and 50% goats. The weather was quite nice, and of course we wouldn’t miss the opportunity to get some ice-cream. Also, I packed some sandwiches for the trip, hehehe. 

After visiting all the animals and seen some being fed, we made our last stop through a giftshop, and then drove to Café Visa in Aalborg to get some dinner. 🙂 ♥




Quote: Peter De Vries

I fight like a Girl


Heeey! Let’s continue on my Woman crush Wednesday – older post here – which was on Gal Gadot, and nothing much as changed. Only the fact that she’s playing one of my favorite DC characters and childhood heroine from Justice League. I was shook – yet living, breathing, dying for her. She’s just an amazing badass woman! The main reason I went to see Batman vs. Superman last year, was to see Wonder Woman’s scene. When I heard she was going to get her own movie I died a little. Of course I went to watch the movie when it came out, and it didn’t disappoint me. I will link the trailer down below. 

Guys… My favorite parts of the movie was definitely the fighting scenes. They looked super convincing and not like they were jumping around with lines and ropes. Diana’s slow-motion fighting scene theme music was everything. As I mention: looked super convincing and her 6 months training was really showing off. 

Anyways, I think you should watch the movie for yourself – I love how it empowers women to be strong, fearless, powerful and believe in goodness etc. So hyped if you can’t tell, lol. 😀 ♥


Trailer: here

Sia ft Labrinth – to be human

Quick Update

img_0709 img_0714 img_0716 img_0749

img_0786 img_0776


Hey – so I’m finally back after… two weeks? Wow. Anyways I’ve finished my exams for now, and can enjoy my summer holiday until August/September. Now that I have time, I’ll give you a quick update on what else I’ve been up to besides preparing for exams. 

As you can see, other than studying, I’ve been eating. Well, food is the only thing I’ve really captured, so this kinda sums up how my exam-period went. Besides just eating, I went to a sports bar with my study-group to watch the champions league final. 

After my last exam, we went to the zoo, which I’ll write about in the upcoming post and other posts, that I had to wait writing because of my exams – so stay tuned 🙂 ♥


Carnival 2017

img_0683 img_0609 img_0610 img_0612 img_0615 img_0663 img_0665 img_0666 img_0667 img_0668 img_0669 img_0670

Hey, so basically this happened last weekend. The annual (I think) carnival in Aalborg with thousands of people participating in this huge parade, dressed up and drunk. So what did I do despite the exam-period? I joined the apocalypse. Luckily it was the hottest day ever – we’re talking about 27 °C kinda hot. Which in my case means a day filled with great natural lightening for pictures (hehehehe). 

The theme was “the world is filled with…”, but I guess many didn’t really follow the theme. Well, I didn’t really. Since it was close to the end of the month, I didn’t want to buy a one-time-use costume, so I wore a recently purchased dress, jewelred it up so it had like a Coachella vibe to it.

My friend hooked me up with some green lenses, and trained me to wear them with no problem (special credits to her ). I wanted the green eyes to pop, so I made a quick brown subtle smokey eye, and added glitter under the brows. My sister recently bought the new Jeffrey Star x Manny MUA skin frost highlighter in “Eclipse”. I think it’s limited edition? But it gave me a BLINDING glow – and as it wasn’t enough, I layered Laura Geller’s Gilded Honey and topped it off with some fix plus to make the highlighter even more blinding. 

The carnival was fun – I saw many creative costumes and the music was dope – but damn it was so hot and crowded! I probably turned 50 shades darker, lol. Anyways I’ll go back to the studies and get back whenever I have time and if anything exciting happens 🙂 ♥


Dress: Monki

Watch: Daniel Wellington icon rosegold/black

Eyes: Anastasia Beverlyhills Modern renaissance pallete, Huda Beauty lashes (Samantha), Urban Decay glitterliner (midnight cowboy), Jeffrey Star cosmetics x Manny MUA skinfrost (Eclipse)

Glow: Jeffrey Star cosmetics x Manny MUA skinfrost (Eclipse), Laura Geller (gilded honey)

Dear Fluffy…



Hey peeps. Update: nothing exciting happening here – besides deadlines are getting closer and I’m embracing myself for the exam period. I realized how much I miss my fluffy dog – and my family ofc – but my fluffy little baby though. Bruh, I can’t wait to finish my exams and go back to mom’s food, fluff my dog all-day-everyday and hang out with my siblings. I mean, one thing is to FaceTime with each other and another thing is to actually hang out with them and go on spontaneous adventures. I’ve already lived by myself for almost a year – how the time flies, huh? Oh yeah, btw, the shots are from Easter back at my hometown. :)♥


Cap: Nike

T-shirt: ASOS

Dress: VILA

Shoes: Adidas Gazelle

The Sun is in my Eyes


img_0069 img_0234 img_0271 img_0294 img_0306img_0386He guys 🙂 As per usual, I’m belated with my posts – this one is from last weekend, where the weather has been summerly as in 21 C°. Like every other citizen of Aalborg, me and my friend took a walk down the harbor and enjoyed the sun. Yes, people were starring and I smiled at them, hehehehe. We were lucky to find a place to eat – and usually I don’t eat burgers because they somehow frustrates me. Too big and clumsy for me. 

Anyways I’m kinda digging this denim on denim look with the striped t-shirt. If you asked in 2012 if I would ever wear denim-on-denim I would have been like “nah mate”. I guess the 90’s are back and I’m having a nostalgic moment. Photocredits to K, for putting up with my shameless photo-shooting in public. 🙂 ♥


Jeans: Gina Tricot | T-shirt: Envy | Denim Jacket: Levis | Shoes: Mango | Watch: Daniel Wellington Icon