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Hey peeps!

My sister and I found this graffiti wall in our small town and decided to use it as our background, since we’re running out of locations in the neighborhood. Also the weather wasn’t helping the lightening situation. The pictures didn’t turn out the way I wanted them – we couldn’t find the charger to my sister’s camera so we had to improvise with iPhone quality and it got dark quickly -.-

Besides from constantly complaining about things – check out my new jacket! I bought this jacket on sale and was broke for the rest of the month ._.
It’s a black denim jacket with black shepherd inside and on the collar. I use this for winter and can use it during the spring time. I’ve been wanting a denim jacket with shepherd collar (borg) for over a year now, and finally got one. Yaaay! Hopefully I can get some better shots with the jacket 🙂 ♥


[Laughing on the Inside]

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Eeeeeeey! It wouldn’t be my post if it wasn’t published some days later, hehehehe. Happy belated valentine’s day!
Today I bring you a chrome cut crease – I didn’t want the look to be too pink so I added a champagne-ish color from inner-corner to the center and cut the crease with a rose-gold chrome glitter shade. All this, presented on a bitch-resting face. 

I’ve been busy studying – it’s just getting more and more tough, and so stressful. So I took some hours off and put on some makeup and relaxed for a bit, even though I was going nowhere. I also decided to take a few days off Instagram to get my stuff done. I’m honestly spending way too much time on it and decided it would be better for me if I reminded myself that what’s really important is, that I’m present and doing my work as first priority. I get easily distracted, and so far it has been going well. 

Besides, it is my birthday week, but I’m not sure if I’m going to celebrate this year, since there’s a lot to catch up on -.- ♥


What’s coming next?


Hey guys!

First of all; this is a little sneak peek of what I’ve spend my mini holiday on at home. All in all I did 3 looks with 1 makeup-look. 

Uff, I know it’s a lot of lightening happening on me, and lots of contrast/shadows in the background. I actually started to like this kinds of pictures – I’ve taken pictures like these before for my “Sprinkle of Ruby and Jasmine” post (here). It brings the focus on the main object (and less on my messy room 😂).
The technique to get pictures like those – oh btw, I took these with my low quality iPhone 5s – I sit in front of the window with no lights in the room, besides from the daylight coming through the window. 

Here’s the thing about taking pictures in daylight with and without a window in-between: 

By having a window as a middle-object, the direct natural light will be shine on you indirectly. The indirect natural light is more diffused/soft compared to the direct light. Also the soft light will mainly hit the front object (in this case your face) and make you look brighter than the background. 
I’m obviously no expert on photography skills, but this is what I’ve found out while taking pictures. It also explains why the car-selfies has better lightening 😂. 

To end this post, I’ll reveal that I won’t be posting any of those pictures I took until I’ve posted them on instagram. I’ve been so bad at posting things at the same time, mainly because I have my pictures ready-made for weeks. Whereas the posts on my blog just goes on whenever I’m done writing them or get the time to publish them -.-.
I’ll try my best to be better at the post-timing. ♥


We Can’t Get Enough!

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Hey guys! 

If you’d been following me on insta/blog for a while, you probably know by now that I’m a makeup hoarder considered I don’t wear makeup on daily basis. My sister and I ordered two palettes this month and got some palettes that contains bold colors. I’m personally very very excited about the colors – which means I can create so many fun looks!

The new members of our family are Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette and The Zulu by Juvia’s palette. Before I took the pictures, we had already dipped into the products to swatch and just try it on with brushes. We’re so impressed by the pigmentation of the colors! So buttery and smooth! The eye look above I created with the Jaclyn Hill palette, and used the shades: Pukey, Diva, Enchanted and Abyss. Diva is a beautiful teal metallic color. I added some silver glitter on top of Diva, to make it look more sparkly. 

From the Juvia’s Palace Zulu palette, I’ve already done a Harley Quinn makeup look, and a yellow matte look, but sadly didn’t snap any pictures of it. You’ll definitely see some looks created with this palette more in the future though 😉 ♥


Back in Town






Hey guys!
As I finished my last exam for this month, my dad picked me up right after my exam, so I could be home for a few days. My sister usually works the weekends I stay, so finally she had a day off, and we spend the whole day together. We went for brunch in Herning and caught up. Thereafter we tried out our new makeup and test-shot some pictures. For dinner we picked up some sushi and watched Narnia until we eventually got tired.
I haven’t been much out in January because of exams, so I looked forward to that day and gosh I’ve missed sushi so much! And not to mention my sissy, such a sweetheart, she paid for all of this since I’m totally broke!♥

I’m going back to my place tomorrow, since I have to be there before uni starts again. It was nice to have a mini-holiday, even though it did only last for 4-5 days. Today I tried a rose gold cut-crease look, and dressed up in my tradition attires – I mean, since I’m home with makeup AND my traditional clothes, then why not get some pictures for days, yeah? 😉


My Escape.

img_4501 img_4502 img_4503Hey guys! 

I have previously mentioned in my holiday-sum-up post (here) that I got some books for christmas. Not all of these are from christmas-17, and I haven’t got time to read them all either. In between the exam-revision, I needed a short break from all the stress. Besides from hitting the gym, and buy groceries, I took the time to read one of my books.

I finished “Transfervindue” in one evening, even though I’m a slow reader. There’s only 90 pages, so I thought why not just finish it immediately. It’s a danish book written by Maria Gerhardt. It’s about a cancer patient who moves into this fancy Hospice facility on Zealand where the sick people are treated by nuns and doctors. It’s like an isolated sanitized city just for terminally ill patients. It’s a dark comedy and about everything all the healthy people are doing wrong according to the main character. 

Personally I think it’s a good book, and gives an inside on what it’s like to be a patient of such cruel decease, and almost heartbreaking details within those few pages. It’s worth the read. 

I cannot wait till I get time to read my other books – I’m already few pages into “Niceville” (aka. The Help), and already want to order more books. I used to read so much when I was younger, and hate that I stopped. So I definitely want to read more and reduce watching movies for a while. I’ve made a wish list of books, and have a dream of mine to make my own home-library. That would be so cool! 🙂 ♥


P.s – have you noticed the updated header on my blog? I thought it was finally time to change it up a little, it’s been almost a year since I updated it last 😉

Deep Cleanse – Skincare


Hey guys! I’ve thought of doing some skincare posts – not that I’m an expert or anything, but just to share some products I use and works for me. 

I’ve probably mentioned this before here, but I used to have really bad skin – acne prone, discoloration, scars and greasy. I did’t even use a daily moisturizer or any sort of skincare back then, and used to cover it all up with makeup. When I was 16-17 I decided to stop hiding my skin behind makeup and take care of the canvas itself. 

I want to start off with my deep-cleanse routine, and then at some point introduce you to my daily skin care routine and nighttime routine. Of course I get too busy sometimes and skip it, but I try to do my best to get it done once/twice a week. 

Productslist will be listed below.

When I deep-cleanse I:

  • Start off with a clean canvas – washing the face
  • Remove dead skin and clocked pores by using a black mask. I personally use 2 black masks – JorgObé black mask for center of my face and Boscia luminous black mask for outer part of my face. 
  • Remove the black mask by peeling from the chin and pull it up toward my forehead.
  • Gently exfoliate. I use C-vitamin scrub to exfoliate the remaining dead skin and black mask I couldn’t peel off. Exfoliate in circular motions and avoid eye-area.
  • Wash the face again, and apply toner. I use the tea tree toner from The Body Shop.
  • Apply sheet mask to regain moist to the face. I recently went to Sri Lanka where I bought a handful of sheet masks from The Face Shop. It’s some Korean skincare, and so far I love them. Otherwise I suppose any sheet mask would do. 


On the busy days where I don’t have time to put on masks, I use a multi-product (scrub + clay mask) from L’Oréal. I use it max twice a week and leave it on my face for 5 minutes before i wash it off in the shower. 





I know I look a little lost on the pictures, please bear with me, I had no idea how to take these awkward pictures 😂

Products list:

The Body Shop C-Vitamin scrub – here

The Body Shop tea tree toner – here

Boscia luminous black mask – here

JorgObé black mask – here

The Face Shop the solution sheet mask – here

The Face Shop Bio-Cell sheet mask – here

L’Oréal Pure Clay Scrubgel – here


My Holiday (summed up)🎉

Before you start to scroll through my pictures to get a quick view – apologies; I’v been absent because of my exam period and had to spend time revising during the last week of december until now. I still have some exams in this month, so I’m just gonna make it quick 😉

Two days before christmas, my friend and I took the bus to Copenhagen, to go to tivoli. He was going home for the holidays and I had a party to attend next day, so we thought why not travel together and go to tivoli as well? I’ve only been there once and didn’t try anything. During christmas time, they decorated the place with lights and fake-snow and we immediately got the christmas-spirit. It was super cold, but totally worth it! 

On the way we booked a table at Sticks & Sushi at the roof of Tivoli Hotel. The view was so nice, and I bet it would be even better during summer, where you can sit on the terrace. It was quite expensive, but the quality was top, so it made sense. 

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And of course we made it home to christmas, theres nothing much to tell, than we ate the traditional christmas dinner and dessert, opened presents and played some boardgames. I got more books, and cannot wait till I get time to read them 🙂

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I got back to my apartment shortly after to revise, and celebrated New Year’s eve with my uni-friends and others. It was my first time celebrating NYE without my family, but it was different and a new experience. Before I end this post I want to wish you all a happy new year! 😉 


Sprinkle of Ruby and Jasmine

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Hey – it’s me – with the terrible picture quality -.- Anyways, as I warned you, here’s another look from my created purely from my boredom. This could potentially look like a temple-look. I mean, like a really sophisticated kovil-kuttuvilakku look. The dupatta (yes it’s just a dupatta, not a saree), is from a suit I bought In Colombo. Obviously I couldn’t wait wearing it, so I just did this look, with the bun, jasmine flowers and classic red lips with simple eye look. All the jewelries are also from Sri Lanka 🙂

Products used on my face is listed below:

  • Foundation: Becca luminous foundation (warm honey),
  • Concealer: Nars radiant creamy concealer (caramel),
  • Bronzer: MAC mineralizing skinfinish (sun power),
  • Shadows: MAC (Sketch + Tempting),
  • Eyeliner: Maybelline master ink (black),
  • Mascara: L’Oreal carbon black,
  • Lashes: Huda Beauty lashes (Farah),
  • Brows: ABH dipbrow (ebony),
  • Powder: MAC studio fix (NC43),
  • Highlighter:Laura Geller (gilded honey),
  • Lips: H&M lipvenyl (screen siren) + MAC lipstick (Ruby Woo) 

This is probably the last look I created before I went back to my own apartment. Since then I haven’t had that much time to paint, but I did create a halloween look, and some few experiments. I’ll decide whether I’ll post them or not at some point 🙂 Otherwise I have other posts waiting in line for you 😉 ♥


Winter Is Here (2017)

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As cold as it is, winter is officially here! I’m not a winter-child, even though my birthday is in February. My favorite time of the year is probably Spring – not too cold and not too hot. Yet winter has its own kind of charm. All the lights turned on in the city and christmas trees everywhere. The smell of burned almonds and feeling of enjoying a cup of hot chocolate while wrapped in blankets and watching all your favorite annual christmas movies. Mine is definitely “Home Alone 2” and a danish classic “Krummerne 2”.

Well, it’s obviously not the same kind of christmas-spirit while studying at uni, since the exams are from the beginning of January, and there’s a huge project that has to be ready before Christmas eve. Sigh. Anyways, I’m still trying to cheer myself up somehow, and of course do my best to revise for my exams. 

The christmasmarket in Aalborg has been up for a while now, but I refused to enjoy myself in the name of christmas until it was actual December. Also I’m looking forward to wear my ugly christmas sweater and maybe buy some more of that.

So far it has only snowed once in Aalborg, while I was at the library. Of course yours truly ran out to take some pictures of the non-lasting winter wonderland-scape. I’m going to post them on instagram eventually when the layout is right :)♥


Fur, Flesh & Bones

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Hey guys!

Remember that post I did with a smokey-glitter-cut-crease-eyelook with plum lips? No? Then you can quickly view it (here) 😉 .

Anyways, here’s the second look I did with the same makeup – only difference is I changed out the lip color (NYX lip cream (Berlin)). I styled it differently. Actually just wearing a black tee and found some jewelries I had laying around. The earcuffs are from H&M some years ago, and the nose-ring is from Gina Tricot. I think the gold accessories went well with the golden glitter liner. 

I tied half of my hair up and split the front hair obviously as I could, and got this almost grudge-90’s looking… yeah.. It was just a bit different from what I’ve ever done, and I was amazed by the result 😂.

Yup, I got more makeup looks to share – trust me, I had a little too much time for myself and painted my face like it was nobody’s business 😅 ♥


milk and honey 🐝

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Hey peeps.

In beginning of November I ordered a lexicon online, and looked at other books (just for no reason), and came across this one. “milk and honey” by Rupi Kaur. I’ve stumbled upon some poets from this book on the internet a few times, and thought it could be interesting to read some more of it. I’ve never really read poems/poetry books before, so I didn’t know what to expect. The book wasn’t that expensive so I just ordered it. 

First of all. I love this book. It’s simple yet so deep. I wish my 16-year-old-me had this book, because I’m pretty sure it could have been helpful to go through a tough teen with some hope and relatable quotes. It makes you feel like you’re not alone when it comes to all the emotions she writes about. 

The illustrations are also made by Kaur, and they fit in perfectly with the simplicity of her work. I’m down to buy her other book “the sun and her flowers”. Or generally books. My interest in reading books is slowly coming back to me. It’s like an escape ticket for moment from all the chaotic days, and reading 30 min. per day gives your mind a (needed) break. 

I can only recommend this book, especially if you’re open for deeper simple stories and poets 🙂 ♥