Morning with a View (10)

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Heeey! As we left the english cottage hiiiigh up in on the mountains, we decided to find a place less cold to spend the last night at. We found this very nice hotel on the mountain-side named Ella Mount Heaven with the coolest balcony view ever!

The hotel was really nice in general – both in service and the rooms were very clean. Our balcony had the view to the mountains from the west side – which meant that we could see the sun rise from east behind the mountains. Yaaaas! So I sat alarm, so I could get ready for the sun to rise while enjoin a cup of tea. 🙂

My cousin and brother had the same idea so we watched the sunrise together in the calming atmosphere. It’s definitely worth the visit! The view was just mastic! Makes us people feel so small in this enormous world. 

We ate breakfast in their restaurant – buffet – and got ready for our last day at the road trip before we headed back to Colombo. My next post is going to be a quick one on our hiking 🙂 ♥



Ambewala – New Zealand farm (9)

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Heeey! Our trip continues in Nuwara Eliya to Ambewala New Zealand farm, where they produce dairy products. Guys… cows. There were soooo many cows and the landscape was soooo beautiful!! Wow, my brother and I freaked out seeing the mountain landscape with cows and fog. Just wow! Above you see some pictures of out trip to the farm. Btw. I was quite surprised about how the cows were eager to lick our faces, lol.

Next up we visited a botanic garden (actually a couple of few), but I won’t go through them, since the most of the pictures are just me being all nerdy about the plants. So instead we’ll move on to some more beautiful landscape, and this hotel with the most amazing view 😀 ♥


Nuwara Eliya (8)

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Hey guys! Our next stop was in Nuwara Eliya. It’s kind of different place compared to the other places on Sri Lanka. The little city is also known as “The city of lights” and “Little England”, because of its english village style. The city is surrounded by mountains and valleys with tea-farms. The climate is quite cooler than everywhere else on the island – the temperature was around 15 C°. The place is super famous for its tea plantation. 

We stayed at an english cottage style hotel. It was SOOOO cold!!! There were no heater in the cottage and none of us brought a jacket or proper clothes for the cold/dewy weather. I could barely sleep in the cold – and thank goodness we only slept in the cold for one night.

Okay listen – my phone was low on battery so I couldn’t take any pictures of the tea farm we visited. I took some pictures on my mom’s phone but haven’t sent them to myself yet -.- It was an amazing place! I’ve always wanted to see the tea plantation. The tea-bushes were symmetrically placed and was a beautiful contrast to the foggy blue sky. 

Next up will be a post about our trip to see some cows 😉 ♥


Elephant Orpanage (7)

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Hey guys! I know I’m late with the posts – but my computer has been super slow and decides to go into spontaneous coma from day to day -.-

Anyways, here’s the next exciting part of our Sri Lanka journey! We went on a road trip with our cousin and a driver to see the center/south part of the country. Our first stop was at Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage (PEO) in the Pinnawala village, where we saw asian elephants. We fed an elephant some fruits, and rode on the back of one. I was super excited to finally get that close to an elephant – it’s absolutely different from seeing them from distance in zoo. I actually got to touch them, and it was a cool experience. 

At the orphanage a natural medicine expert had a booth, and showed us a garden of natural ingredients, and products. We bought some cremes and waxes – and of course we got to try out the products before we bought them. 


disclaimer: none of the things were for free

Dolphin my Friend (6)

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Hey guys! My apologies, I’ve been M.I.A on the blog for a while. I didn’t want to be behind already at the beginning of this semester, so I put a little extra time into the preparations and reading this time 🙂 I’m back to continue my Sri Lanka journey!

In trincomalee my aunt and her family brought us on a boat trip to see dolphins and swim at the small island nearby named Pura malai (Pigeon Island).

We woke up insanely early (3am) to get ready. We had to be at the beach before the sun rise to get the chance to see the dolphins. We split into two speedboats and were at the middle of the ocean at sunrise. Unfortunately my phone decided to semi-die when the dolphins arrived, so I only have two pictures where you can spot parts of dolphins -.- But the sunrise at the ocean was just a breathtaking scenario!

At the middle of the day we took the speedboats to the Pigeon Island (last picture). It’s known for its swimming/snorkeling area. I didn’t swim because I didn’t bring any swimwear for the trip (conservative reasons), so I just sat on a huge rock and dipped my feet into the water. When we came back to Trinco, I noticed I got some serious tan lines. I’m talking about 50-shades darker tan lines. 

I’ll spill a bit tea; the next post I’ll show you some elephants and tell you about our road trip ;)♥


Temple Run (5)

Hello! In this post I’ll show you two big temples I visited. I’ve visited a lot of temples during my stay and while road tripping. I want to show you especially these two temples in Trincomalee. We stayed in Trinco with my aunt’s family. 

The first temple is the Koneswaran temple, which is a dravidian architecture. I didn’t take any pictures from the inside, because we weren’t allowed. The huge gab in the Swami Rock is called Ravanan vettu (Ravana’s cut/ lovers leap). My dad told me the story that in a fight between Ravanan and Lord Siva – Lord Siva was about to slay Ravanan with his sword, but Ravanan dodged in time, and instead Lord Siva’s sword cut through the swami rock. Well, that’s the story my dad told me, but how it actually is written I don’t know.  

img_1590 img_1596 img_1602 img_1609 img_1612 img_1614 img_1621 img_1624 img_1627

After visiting Koneswaran temple, we visited the souvenir shops along the way, and found a dessert-café and got some cool-drinks. Get used to the term “cool-drinks”, I’ll be using it a lot on this trip. 😉

Next temple we visited was the Pathirakali Amman temple in Trinco. The ceiling details were phenomenal! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an amazing ceiling work before! I took some pictures from the inside so you can see for yourself 🙂

img_1629 img_1630 img_1631 img_1633 img_1634

These were the bigger temples I visited in Trincomalee. In my upcoming post, my stay in Trinco continues and we’ll be on sea 😉 ♥


Waterbending Pro (4)

Hey! In this part I’ll just show you some pictures of a beach in Jaffna. The sand was soft beneath our feet and the water was so clear! We dipped our feet in the water, and since I wore a dress above my knees I walked further into the water and enjoyed being a “water bender” 100%. Sadly I have no video of my terrible attempt to control the waves, but my cousin has it. I promise it looked hilarious. 

We sat in the sand and enjoyed the sunset behind us while small crabs crawled around us. Here are some pictures I captured on the trip. 

img_1440 img_1447 img_1448 img_1457 img_1462 img_1467

The beach is just so beautiful! I got lot more beautiful places to show you. This is only the beginning 😉 ♥


Parents’ Childhood Homes (3)

Hey guys! As we were in Jaffna where both my parents are originally from, we took a trip to where my parents grew up during the civil war. The first day we visited my dad’s neighborhood he grew up on, which isn’t populated anymore. The houses are surrounded by forest and are in ruins. We wandered around for like 10 minutes to find my dad’s house, and there were literally no roads or any path ways. 

img_1311 img_1318 img_1320 img_1321 img_1324 img_1326 img_1330 img_1338 img_1345 img_1347 img_1351 img_1355 img_1359 img_1360

My dad grew up in Tellippalai/Veemankam, and he showed us some spots where he used to hang out with his friends, the small paths to the neighbors’ houses and the church where they used to meet others. The temple has been abandoned since the war, so it was really weird to be at this empty place, that used to be “the place” of life. After sightseeing in Tellippalai we stopped in Kankesanturai at a mini shop and the famous cool-drink Necto.

The following day we visited my mom’s neighborhood in Kokuvil/Taavadi. My mom has rented her childhood house out to an elderly couple, so we visited them and the neighbors. The house has 2 rooms and an open area for the kitchen/living room. 

The living room

The living room

The kitchen

The kitchen

Stay tuned for part 4 of the journey 🙂 ♥


Vavuniya’s Exotic Garden (2)

First of all, I’m sorry many of my pictures aren’t clear or HD. I took all the pictures with my iPhone 5S camera, and some didn’t focus as we were on the move while I clicked some of them.

From Colombo we continued to my aunt’s house in Vavuniya, which is on the way to Jaffna. We stayed over-night and stayed a bit to catch up with them. They’ve built a house from the bottom, and it’s absolutely gorgeous! Here are some pictures I took during the stay.



Appam (rice-pancake with coconut milk in the center) for breakfast



img_1270 img_1274 img_1277




On the trip I brought minimal amount of clothes, because I wanted to wash and reuse them while I was there, and to avoid unnecessary stuff to take too much space of my suitcase – Of course I planned to bring some cool stuff back to Denmark ;)♥


Take off till Landing (1)

Hey guys! As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ll post some highlights of my trip to Sri Lanka. So here’s our first part of the trip: The take off and landing.

We took off from Copenhagen Airport, and landed in Colombo Airport. Before taking off, we visited some of our Copenhagen friends and went our for a dessert 🙂

img_1177 img_1189 img_1190 img_1195 img_1196

We flew with Qatar Airlines, with a transit in Doha. I think it was 6 hours flight from Copenhagen to Doha, and 5 hours from Doha to Colombo. It was the longest flight ever, and it was  almost impossible to sleep in the seats -.- the food was great though. 

img_1199 img_1200 img_1203 img_1205 img_1208 img_1209 img_1211 img_1212 img_1215 img_1217 img_1219

We landed in Colombo where my uncle and cousin picked us up in a minivan, and it took us another 2 hours to get to their house. We arrived at evening, and didn’t do much else than eat dinner and go to sleep. The next day we headed north to Jaffna through Vavuniya. 

img_1232 img_1239


Part two will be up soon 🙂 ♥


Back home from Tropical Island


Hey guys. I’ve been absent on the blog for almost a month, because I’ve been on holiday. This year my whole family and I went to Sri Lanka, which is where my parents and roots originally are from. We were on the island for 3 weeks, and I thought I would share the highlights from our trip. 70% of the time we visited relatives and my parents’ old friends and neighbors. So I’ll just cut that part and show you the places and things we saw and explored in the upcoming posts. Stay tuned :)♥


Garden Grill

img_1113 img_1118 img_1119 img_1120

Hey peeps! I’ve been busy doing garden work and recently caught up with gym training. My homegirl and I trained for a week straight, and planned to do it in two weeks. After this weekend we’ll both quit due to travel and not being in the city anymore. So if I decide to continue on the workout, I’ll have to get a membership in Aalborg where I currently live. It’s such a shame, because I really love the local fitness – it’s where my girl and I usually catch up and spend time together in busy schedule. 🙁

Since the weather has been with us, and we’re going on holiday soon, we went all in in our garden, and cleaned the (unbelievably messy) garage. It all looks pretty decent now. So my siblings and I decided to grill since it was all sort of tidy.

My sister and I should probably get an award for always being so extra, hahahaha jk – but we made this little cute table setting. We made lemonade with lime and mint, and bought a cake for dessert :)♥