Earrings-addiction and Dramatic lashes

New In

“no regrets”


Hey Peeps! I went shopping with ma girls, and got some New In. As you can see on the pic, I didn’t hold back on Earrings. I have 4 holes for earrings (2 holes in each ear). I got my 2 extra holes in 2012 and I feel like I could go for 2 more! But I don’t want to overdose my ear with jewelleries, in case I regret it. I love earrings and specially love to combine different sets together 🙂

“One thing I never hold back on is jewellery, or more specifically, Earrings”

Another thing I bought is a mascara from L’Oreal the “False Lash Wings”. I bought it because I think it spreads and lifts my eyelashes dramatically, just as I want it! I use it after applying a volume mascara (I use Scandal Eyes from Rimmel london). Together it gives a perfect voluminous long lashes. I don’t know whether it would work on you guys, but it works on me. I have short not-curly charmless lashes -.- So I’m pretty much satisfied with this combination of mascara 🙂

“Inner beauty is great, but a little mascara never hurts”

Remeber that a little bit of self-indulgence is good for the soul 🙂 ♥


Every Summer has its own Story

Hey Guys! Yeah, every summer has its own story. I specially remember my summer in 2012 because it was a different way I spend my vacation together with my family and friends. Most Tamils know the cliché about how Tamils usually spend their vacations in the foreign countries; we don’t stay at hotel, cuz we have distantly related in that city. Why eat on expensive exotic restaurants when we can eat rice and curry cheaper at relatives’ restaurant.

As I said, in 2012 we tried something different… Thank Lord for that experience *-* We wanted to stay on a real Hotel and go sightseeing. So my family discussed and came up with some ideas, until we agreed on going to France, Paris. My dad invited some of our dear friends, so we were 18 people on the way to France 😀

Route so far: Denmark → Germany → Belgium → France …

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower, Paris

Eiffel Tower view

Eiffel Tower view

Disneyland, Paris

Disneyland, Paris

La Chapelle, Paris.

La Chapelle, Paris. I was obsessed with these beautiful romantic buildings! And the trees were the finishing touch of this romantic-looking scene!

What is Paris without their macaroons? Rhetorical question!;D But macaroons are a "must-try" when you go to Paris!

What is Paris without their macaroons? Rhetorical question!;D But macaroons are a “must-try” when you go to Paris!

We arrived in Paris, and lived at Hotel Etap (2.8 stars, but good enough for me). We visited the Eiffel Tower, DisneyLand and visited the legendary La Chapelle (also known as Tamil Town). Of course we got some Tamil food, we Tamils do also have our needs :p

Lourdes, South France. The famous church in Lourdes very close to mountains :o Lovely peaceful place

Lourdes, South France. The famous church in Lourdes is very close to mountains 😮 Lovely peaceful place

Lourdes, South France. The church from a side-view. Huuuuge church!

Lourdes, South France. The church from a side-view. Huuuuge church!

Lourdes, South France. Candles for wishes and prayers.

Lourdes, South France. Candles for wishes and prayers.

We continued to South France, Lourdes. There we slept at an old hotel and daily visited the famous church. It was such a peaceful place and I never felt so relaxed before. I spend most of my time in the small shops along the streets, filled with souvenirs and nips stuff. I also met one of my childhood friends there, so we hang out and got some delicious ice cream and had a good time 🙂

Route so far: Denmark → Germany → Belgium → France → Spain …

ST. Sebastien, Spain.

ST. Sebastien, Spain.

ST. Sebastien, Spain. Moi fighting with hair and sunglasses.

ST. Sebastien, Spain. Moi fighting with hair and sunglasses.

Then we travel to Spain-border for 1 day to visit the beach in ST. Sebastien. The beach was AMAZING! The water was so blue and the sand was so soft. I had never been on a beach like that one. Just feeling the sun and swim the cold nice water. I would definitely recommend this place! We took a city/tourist-train and saw the beautiful city (with a very exotic song in the background, lol 😀 ). I saw palm trees and had to take at least 5-6 pictures of them xD ST. Sebastien was a sunny and happy city 🙂

Route so far: Denmark → Germany → Belgium → France → Spain → France

Wuhuu, back to Paris and go shopping! Sadly I had already spent most of my money during the trip -.- But we saw the french part of Paris (no La Chapelle this time), and experienced the interesting culture, and I got some chocolate ice cream.

Route so far: Denmark → Germany → Belgium → France → Spain → France → Holland → Germany → back to Denmark

We changed to rout back home, so we drove through Holland, also known as “the Netherlands”. We visited some Tamils we knew, and then headed back to Denmark across Germany.

Yaaay back home - Sunset

Yaaay back home – Sunset

I came home with a lot of happy memories, pictures and interesting experiences. I hope that I’ll go on a trip like this again as soon as possible. So Keep Calm & Have a Great Summer 


Dancing is Happiness


Hey guys! This is a little post about dancing, which I want to introduce with a little story about me ._. STORY TIIIMEEE!!!

When my mom was a little girl, she loved to dance. So she joined a Bharathanatyam (a classic Indian dance form that originated in the temples of Tamil Nadu) dance class. She loved it but sadly couldn’t continue because of economy crises 🙁

Many years later: She got her first daughter (moi) and she wanted her to join a Bharatanatyam dance team. So at the age of 6 I started at a Dance team and danced 8-9 years. With this skinny body I have… I wish my mom had joined me to a ballet class 😛

The End.

Just because I stopped going to classes, does it not mean that I stopped dancing at all. Trust me, I love to dance! Dance is not only art, but it’s also a way to express yourself.

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul”

Dance always cheers me up, and I found all kind of dance interesting. Actually I want to show you guys some (fun-)facts about dancing!

  • A world record for the longest congo dance line was set by 119,986 people in Miami in 1988.

  • An English man tragically died during an office Christmas party. The cause of death? He overexerted himself dancing to Psy’s “Gangnam Style”.

  • You may know Tupac Shakur as the late rapping legend of the late 80’s and early 90’s, but what you may not know is that he used to do ballet! He became a member of the 127th Street Ensemble, a Harlem based theater company.

  • In 2008, the world’s first “sustainable” dance floor opened in Rotterdam, Sweden. The floor’s tiles each sit on springs hooked up to generators. The harder people dance, the more the springs are compressed and this converts into energy, which runs the LED lights in the floor!


  •  The religion Hindu has very close relationship to dance and music. This connection can be seen in countless Bollywood movies that all celebrate dancing.

  •  African slaves that were brought in Brazil 300-400 years ago were banned from practicing martial arts. Therefore, they developed the mix of dancing and fighting that is known today as capoeira. In 2012, I was in Paris and saw capoeira :O

  • Breakdancing was first created as a “less lethal” form of fighting between warring African-American street gangs in 1970s Bronx area of New York City. This form of dancing re-emerged into worldwide popularity during 1990’s

Aaaaand even better: Dance actually have some health benefits like:

  • builds strong bones

  • boosts immunity

  • Strenghten all muscle groups

  • Improves heart funktions (fun-fact 2 – he should have danced often, R.I.P)

  • Increases brain Power

  • Contributes to better sleep

  • Improves mental health and lifts your spirit

  • It’s almost like weight training.

  • Dancing burns 250-400 calories an hour

  • Reduce stress + Diminish depression

So what I want to say is: Dance your way to good health and most of all – have fun and enjoy every step and every movement. No one can judge your expression through dance♥ Xxx


Happy Biiiirthdaaaay


outdoor shooting


On the stage at the cake-table

My winter-wonderland Cake 😉


Hall decoration – view from food-table

Hall deco 1 by DK Chair-covers udlejning (Asian EventPlanner)

Hall decoration, view from the entré

Hey Guys! 🙂 I turned 18 this year, and it was a big deal for me. I changed my status from child to lady, so I wanted to celebrate it BIIIIG! I had birthday in February, soooo because of no available halls, we had to wait until March. I decided a blue theme for my party. Since I was born in a Winter period I wanted something that reminded me about winter. That included: Blue decoration for hall, Blue Saree (traditional tamil clothing), winter-designed cake, Blue Prom Gown (I will show you next year at my prom) and so on and so forth as you can see on my pictures.

It was an amazing enjoyable day! It made me so happy to see all these people who came to celebrate my special day with me. I also invited my classmates so they could experience a Tamil birthday party. Otherwise the guests were most of all Tamils 🙂 The entertainment was great, the spicy and exotic tamil food was delicious, and everything was perfect!

– I bought my blue saree and jewelry at Venisons (UK) when they came to Denmark.

– Make-up and hair done by me and some of my dear friends 🙂

– My cake was done by a known woman from my town

–  Photo & video by Daichi Digital Photos and Video by Sayani Videos

– And my Hall decoration by DK Chair-covers Udlejning (Asian EventPlanner)

After the main celebration, we had an after party with dance and cosiness until 3am next morning. I got sick the following day (not hangover) but it was worth it 🙂

Truly an unforgettable day! Xxx


Colorful Sarees

Namaste peeps! I’m a Tamil girl who got a sudden weakness for sarees! I don’t know wether it is a tradition or something, but when we turn 18 (adulthood) we go from half saree to saree. Saree (or sari) is a item of clothes for females. It is a variant length of cloth. That is typically wrapped around the waist, with one end let fall in folds over the shoulder (with baring midriff, but it’s depending on the length of the blouse). This style is called Nivi-style and most common in South India. There is about 54-80 different ways to wear a saree. I usually wear my saree and half saree in a Nivi-style, but I have few times tried gujarati-style. Gujarati-style is similar to the nivi style, the loose end is taken from the back, draped across the right shoulder, and pulled across to be secured in the back.

Few months ago I discovered some amazing Indian designers for example: Arpita Mehta, Manish Malhotra and Ritu Kumar.

I really respect their designs and products, which are so unique and new thinking! I want to show you lovelies some of their designs 🙂

Sarees can be found in countless different shades, colors and designs. Conceivable combinations are boundless!


Sketches of few ways to wear a Saree.


Priyanka Chopra in beautiful green plain georgette saree with embellished border red border around. Priyanka Chopra in beautiful green designer plain georgette saree with embellished border,red border around. Priyanka Chopra in beautiful green designer plain georgette saree with embellished border and red border around. Designed by Manish Malhotra.


Plain Sarees with simple borders, paired up with sleeveless cut work and mirror work blouses. The blouses are filled with interesting details, and I’m in LOVE with it! Designed by Arpita Mehta.


I actually bought this saree Deepika Padukone is wearing, in parrot green. Deepika Padukone is wearing a lemon green plain designer netted saree. The saree is designed with plain pink color, and mirror work border. The blouse is in detail designed with mirror work with sleev less blouse. The saree designed by Arpitha Mehta.


This is a GENDA model, A beautiful turquois/ emerald sari in silk chiffon. Designed by Ritu Kumar


This saree model is COCTAIL, A prune color sari with zardozi embroidery. Perfect for cocktails, its not overdecorated but still fierce.


Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor some gorgeous sarees. Sonam Kapoor is wearing a pretty pistachio green saree with cut out blouse with plain georgette drape. Deepika Padukone is wearing a beautiful embroidered sleeveless saree blouse with round collar neck pattern. Embellished patch work all over. The drape is also plain georgette saree. Designed by Sonaakshi Raaj.


This georgette saree is featuring a navy blue , red and a black half net and half machine embroider with gold and silver detail work all over. Designed by Sonam and Paras Modi.


Miss World, Aishwariya Raj, is wearing an orange chiffon saree, hand embroidered with gold sequins. The material is shantoon and pure chiffon. Design by Amrita Thakur.


These absolutely stunning sarees would look so beautiful on bridesmaids! Left: A neon pink georgette and nude net sari with champagne sequin sheeted border. Right: A semi silk and net orange saree with silver sequins border with a thin line of neon yellow. These sarees are designed by Manish Mahotra, from his Neon Collection


Bollywood actress is wearing this different kind of saree by Payal Singhal. She is wearing a blush silk mul mashal prestitched saree with pleated detailing and black border on hem and border. It comes long with blush crepe one sleeves triangle and ottoman print blouse and black semi crepe petticoat. This saree suits her well!


Priyanka Chopra is wearing a Black Net saree with sequin border, also a COCKTAIL model. Thread work and lace detail contrast color Blouse. The interesting about this saree is definitely the blouse. I love it! Designed by Ritu Kumar

Left: a peach tulle sari with flower texture and embellished bead scallop border. Designed by Shantanu Goenka. Right: Floral Print, nude-pink net saree by Sabyasachi.

Left: a peach tulle sari with flower texture and embellished bead scallop border. Designed by Shantanu Goenka.
Right: Floral Print, nude-pink net saree by Sabyasachi.

These were examples of some designers’ incredible sarees, which I fell in love with! I wish I could get all these sarees above, but we all know that designer sarees are kinda expensive 😛 Hope you enjoyed this post about sarees 🙂


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