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Århus Bellevue beach

Aahus Bellevue Beach



Black – Blacker – Nigga



Silkeborg Sea

Silkeborg Sea

Silkeborg Sea

Hello out there! 30 °C and I feel like my body and soul are burning! I needed to go somewhere to cool down and thank Lord we went to Aarhus Bellevue Beach and Silkeborg Sea 🙂

It was great! Except for the Jellyfish apocalypse at Bellevue Beach and the small fishes at Silkeborg Sea. Those small cute creations scares the hell out of me xD I was literately running from one spot to another (screaming). Lot of Fun ya.

You guys are possibly not gonna believe this (or maybe you are ._.) But I got tan lines after the beach-trips xD I thought it was impossible for a brownie like me… well… it’s NOT! I got tan lines 😮 thought it was impossible… That means I just got darker which I didn’t need. Think positive: Lots of D-vitamine ♥



Buy now or Cry later


Wool Coat - Only 500DKKK

Wool Coat – Only 500DKKK. Color: Cool Blue


Hello Fella’s! I went to Kolding Center for shopping and found a wool jacket from Only for 500DKK. I was divided in the issue about wether I should buy it or not. Sadly I didn’t 🙁 And yeah, I regret it.. because their website doesn’t have it in my size. The coat suited me so well! And the color was damn perfect for Autumn2014! It would go perfectly with leather jeans, white blouse and Bikini so teeny by Essie! The ultimate Minimalistic Look.  Gosh I want that coat so badly xD

Upcoming autumn colors; Black, White, cool powder blue and nude pink

Link to Dior Paris Haute Couture Autumn/Winter Catwalk 2014

Next time… I’ll buy the coat >:3 ♥


Summer 2014 Trending and Inspi


Hello flawless peeps! I am not a fashionista, I don’t know much about fashion and I don’t always dress up in the newest fashion, but I’m trying my best to be updated about new fashion tips, and ideas for the season’s trend and inspiration. I honestly don’t always understand the ideas from catwalks. Most of the time I only see piece of fabric/material wrapped around the model in a special way. Sometimes I actually understand the idea behind the clothing style and chosen fabric. I don’t always know how to use it in my life style… But it looks modern, original and gorgeous.

Outfit - Summer2014 - 1

1)Playsuit 153kr. NewLook

2)Necklace 75kr NewLook

3)Earrings 45kr. NewLook

4)Sunglasses. Chanel – Eyewear – Signature 03

5)T-shirt 100kr. Vila

6)Yellow flower-laced dress. Seen on Dresses-up.com

Outfit - summer2014 - 2

1)White pants 180kr. H&M

2)Green/BlueDress 300kr. VeroModa

3)Sleevelessprinted top 250kr. VeroModa

4)Statement ring 26kr. Forever21

5)Statement necklace 80kr. Forever21

6)Sandals 224kr. NewLook

Outfit - summer2014 - 3

1)White Blazer 400kr. VeroModa

2)Statement Necklace 230kr. Nelly

3)Leather shorts 900kr. Y.A.S

4)Blue dress 172kr. NewLook

5)Sunglasses 603,55kr. Vogue-Eyewear

6)High waisted Shorts 80kr. H&M

NewLook closetWhole black&white look from NewLook

As I mentioned earlier, I am no fashionista so these are just some directives for 2014 summer inspiration 😉 ♥