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 Lorde - Yellow Flicker BeatThe official Premiere in US was November 21st, but in Europe it was 19th. Weird ._. But I saw Hunger Games Mockingjay part 1 and it was amazing! I love the first and the second movie too, and I look forward to Mockingjay part 2 😉 Many of you might have read the books, but I’m the type of person, who is too lazy to read the books if the movies exists. Haha #sorrynotsorry. I wasn’t only amazed by the movie, but also the song “Yellow Flicker Beat” by Lorde. It’s really a ear-catcher and the music video is kinda gloomy – In other words: Lorde-stamped ♥

For those who haven’t heard the song or seen her Musicvideo: LINK 


Keep Calm and Play IceHockey





Heeeeey guys!

I went to my first ice hockey match in Herning! Blue Fox vs Aalborg Pirates. I went there with my friend, who had an extra ticket for the game. I fell so glad to be reunited with the hockey arena. I used to come twice a week for figure skating training. I stopped in 2013 because of school and stuff. Sometimes when I arrived too early, I could see the Blue Fox team training. I loved seeing how intense they were training and how hard they were working. I’ve seen some of their training-matches. So it was an amazing experience to see a real hockey game. I mean, the whole atmosphere was…. kinda different compared to a football game. I think I better like ice hockey than football (sorrynotsorry). In this sport I find more intensity and excitement (and the players are more aggressive :o)

In the pauses we bought hot chocolate and some candy. I burned my tongue -.- …. But it was worth it :p ♥


OOTD // Anarkali // BollyBollyFash



SelfiePower a'la hashtag sunlight

SelfiePower a’la hashtag sunlight



Closer look at the embroidered details at the borderlines

Closer look at the embroidered details at the borderlines


Hello peeps ^_^

That was my outfit from previous weekend, where I attend a hindu ceremony party. I wore a pink anarkali with green/gold embroidered patchwork on the borderline. The neckline was v-shaped, which is the first kind I own. I got this anarkali as a gift from some ppl in London. I got the arms and waistline stitched, because it was too big -.- But it fits me perfectly now. I chose to wear high heels – those with big heel, so i wouldn’t be tripping around 😀 I got these heels from my friend who couldn’t fit them.

Sincerely it was a tamil/hindu party, I decided to try my new Jumka’s which I bought from temple. And I did my hair simple – nope, I didn’t straight my hair. I naturally have straight hair, and it is not a blessing xD I consider it as a curse.



Yogurt…. Frozen Yogurt


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Yeah, I had heard about the so-called Frozen Yogurt. And I’ve seen the instragram pics of happy people with their cup of yogurt with fruit topping. Cool, so I thought that I should totally try this thing. So I did research I found out that the closest frozen yogurt store was 2 hours away from where I live. Damit damit…

Last week Frogo opened nearby, so I went there with ma sissy and my gurrrl, and tried it. The cup was huge! and there was so many flavors of yogurt *-* I chose banana and chocolate. Then I had to choose topping. Yeah, right, like that was easy. There is so much to choose between! I filled my cup up, and could barely eat it all… But it was an amazing experience, and I will come back another time #100p ♥