Ostern in Switzerland


Hey everybody! 🙂

I spent my easter-holiday in Switzerland to attend two birthday-parties with my wonderful huge family. It was great despite the constant weather change and 5X traffic jam in Germany. I mostly spent the time in Zürich where most of my family lives. Luckily I got the chance to buy 2 new anarkalis in Lucern, which I really needed! But I met many new faces (nice people ) and look forward to come this summer ♥



Hey out there!

This Saturday was a special day – since I’m graduating in only 2 months from gymnasium, we celebrated it with a well-known traditional PROM! Yes! And I arrived with my wonderful date, and we had matching royal blue dresses ♥ and the whole squad looked amazing – of course they all did! 

I styled myself for the big day with some help from little sis for the hair, otherwise I did the makeup myself 😉 I didn’t want to look like a diva or overdose the makeup, and successfully got nice comments from my brother and my best friend for the look 🙂

The food was quite different, but it was delicious and the entertainment was priceless! It was a night to remember! 

Galla Summary


Got the dress last year for my 18th bday in Aarhus (la Prinzess)



Dress: La Prinzess (Aarhus) // Shoes: gifted // Earrings: H&M // Necklace: Gina Tricot // Bracelet: Glitter

~ Neevadha ~