Live – Love – London

Hey guys 🙂 I’ve been gone for almost 1 week, and didn’t bring my laptop with me soooo… here’s a short summary of my trip to London with my family. I had too many pictures, so I had t o make collages and pic out few of them to show you guys 😉


Airport in Billund // Walking to the gateway // Flying // Driving through London + Tower Bridge // Needed my Hot Chocolate on the flight // Selfie before we went out to explore London // Shopping center Westfield // House of Frasier // Topshop in Westfield



Shopping in among other Primark // Eve in Chinatown // Awesome glasses(yay) // Cannot miss Starbucks // SHOPPING!!! // Got a glimpse of Big Ben // Cakes everywhere // Street in London // Indian Sweets store



Radha-Krishna temple in Wembley // Shoe-shopping for my friend // Saree-shopping (Of course) // Ready-made saree blouses are waaay too big for me -.- // Beautiful ethnic jewelries // Cakes Cakes Cakes!! // Hello Kingston! // Pre-bday cake for my friend // Sarees… Sarees everywhere



Waterloo // Strongly tempted to try.. must. resist. // LONDON EYE is soooo big :3 // I’ll be memorized in decades now // At the top of the Big Ben // Selfie with mr Big Ben // The classic red phone-box // Beautiful st. James Park // Buckingham Palace – didn’t meet the Queen tho



Yes Yes, a selfie with The Buckingham Palace // …. okay this happened on Oxford Street // Found Forever21 // “walking down the streets…” // Shopping in Zara // Shopping in Adidas // Buckingham Palace’s garden // SWAROWSKI // Henna made by my friend


My very first time in Subway // I’m schocoholic // Kotturotti // please help me with my chocolate-problem – rehab? // Sutton sign // No enough time at duty-free :'( // early morning flight // Starbucks to stay awake // On the way to Denmark


Shortly: Amazing trip! 4 days are definitely NOT ENOUGH in London! But we explored (and shopped) a lot tho, so maybe I’ll come again another time 🙂 I’ll soon upload my London haul 



Red Velvet x Strawberry

Hey guys! Of course I forgot to publish my post I made BEFORE I left the country… So here it is – my belated post of a nice day outside the city, picking strawberries and baking red velvet cupcakes for the first time *-*:

IMG_3478 IMG_3479


Pink-ish Red Velvet Cupcake

Pink-ish Red Velvet Cupcake

Went to local farm and picked some fresh strawberries. The strawberries were some of the best I’ve tasted so far *-* Then we found a forest with some activity stuff: 

IMG_3482 IMG_3487 IMG_3488 IMG_3493 IMG_3495 IMG_3497 IMG_3498 IMG_3499 IMG_3517 IMG_3530

London Trip update coming up soon 😉 


Local-ista’s & #LifeLately

Hey guys 😉 I’ve been up to random things since Sunday so here’s a little update on what I’ve been doing:

Sunday, my siblings and I spontaneously drove to Silkeborg and checked out their shopping area, while there were no people. It was so peaceful and because it is holiday we could spend some extra time on just chilling near the lake and stare.. because its awesome.

Monday we convinced our mom to come with us to Silkeborg were we shopped and got some lunch and just had a good time. Because we’re going to England this weekend, I wanted to spare my money but.. I just couldn’t -.-. 

Tuesday my sister and my Jellyfish-friend drove to Herning bio and decided to watch Magic Mike. Before we watched the movie, we got some dinner at Café Cosy and mixed some candy and were ready for the movie. It was a great eye-candy-for-ladies movie and so funny! Preach Channing! 

Today, Wednesday…. I bought a pineapple. For the very first time, I bought a pineapple. Aaaaand I made Red Velvet cupcakes *-* 








Body Sorbet, The Body Shop // All-In-One Instablur, The Body Shop // Teaser gift Italian Summer Fig Perfume, The Bodyshop

Earrings, H&M: 10kr and 5kr (sale-offer)

Earrings, H&M: 10kr and 5kr (sale-offer)

Sunglasses, Bianco: 150kr

Sunglasses, Bianco: 150kr

Tried hard not to spend so much money in Silkeborg... I'm so weak tho

Tried hard not to spend so much money in Silkeborg… I’m so weak tho

Herning with ’em girls:



The freaks got lollipops after dinner

The freaks got lollipops after dinner



So much candy, where do I begin?

So much candy, where do I begin?

Those tickets and those seats

Those tickets and those seats

Next week I’ll be in London – if I get the opportunity to blog, I will update you guys as much as possible 😉 Otherwise you can follow my Instagram account or twitter account to stay updated. Have a nice holiday! ♥



20 about me?


Hey guys! 🙂 I was wondering about how much you guys actually knew me via my blog, so I thought “hey, why not just write 20 random useless facts about me, so you guys could get to know me better?”. Sooo, here we go:

  1. I have weakness for lamas, bananas, the color yellow, zebras, candles, rainbows, spinach and fluffy things.
  2. Hate cooking – love to eat (guess that’s a common thing)
  3. As a kid I used to draw a lot and was a huge fan of mange and a bit anime, which my friend introduced me to when I was about 10 y/o. When she moved to the other side of the country I slightly stopped drawing. I miss it tho :/ 
  4. Talking about my childhood hobbies/talents, I also had great acting skills, I played football, went to barathanaathiyam and music class and learned how to sing, went to sewing classes and my last activity was figure skating. Since gymnasium I stopped doing all these activities and my creativity slowly fade out.
  5. I’m extremely underweight compared to all that food I eat. The only part of me that becomes “big” is my stomach -.-
  6. I used to be a book-worm – reading books all the time and have a crazy imagination. I just finished gymnasium and planned to read books again this summer 🙂 
  7. I’m very shy and probably selective social ._.
  8. I somehow believe in horoscopes, I’m Pisces which means: I get easily distracted, I’m against stress, sensitive and my planet is Neptune (king of the oceans).
  9. I’m born in a hindu family, but I believe in all good in all religions. 
  10. I don’t use daily makeup. I only wear eyeliner, 1 coat mascara and lipstick when I’m going out, otherwise nope. 
  11. I don’t speak fluently perfectly tamil, I actually mixed up danish and tamil when I was a kid, because my mom spoke tamil to me and my dad spoke danish to me. Kindergarten sent me to special classes because of my language mix -.-
  12. I was chubby until the age of 13-14. Now I’m a skinny bitch and I don’t know why.
  13. I hate the sound of my voice. I rather text than speak – I feel like it takes ages to get to the point when we’re speaking. Texting makes us get to the point way faster and I can use smiley’s and emojis to express myself.
  14. I’m socially awkward. Always. 
  15. I keep tell myself that I don’t more makeup cuz I only wear it for parties. Guess what. I can’t stop… please help me.
  16. Before I turned 18, I had no idea how and where I could buy sarees – I knew nothing about ethnic wear or jewelries, but now I know a lot about different styles, fabrics and designers, and spend too much money on it.
  17. I’m a bad liar. I feel uncomfortable lying – I mean you can literally see it on my face.
  18. Everything in my room has its place, it’s completely organized so I don’t have to waste time on searching for stuff. It pisses me off if people replace them or don’t put ’em back to their place. 
  19. I have color-sorted my clothes, so all the colored clothes are organized in rainbow colors in the closet, while my creme white-, off white-, grey- and black clothes are on a rack. 
  20. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE movies! There’s nothing like watching a movie all day! I love them! Specially Sci-Fi, action, horror and comedy movies.

And that was 20 useless facts about me 🙂


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