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Hey guys! This TAG is about mentioning 3 things we like and don’t like about ourselves, so I’ll start with the things I hate about myself and then love 😛 

My Imperfections:

  1. My body… I know we should all love our body and appreciate it and stuff, but honestly finding clothes to my hight+size is VERY difficult!! As you can see on the last picture, my pants are not long enough for my legs – but the waste line is still too big. I can rarely find pants and dresses that fits. And no. I’m don’t have anorexia, I eat ALL THE TIME, but don’t gain much weight #genetic. 
  2. My hair! My hair is extremely straight – sometimes I love it and sometimes I simply hate it. It is so difficult to style it, because it won’t stay and literally no hairspray can do miracles. But I like to keep it long and a benefit is that I don’t have to brush my hair everyday 😛
  3. And the third is the reason I often wear lose clothes – My stomach. My stomach is out of place -.- As I mentioned I eat a lot but it is not visible on my body…aside from one specific place – my stomach. It gets insanely big after every meal, seriously – and because of my size, the stomach gets unnecessary attention, ugh! 🙁 

My Perfections:

  1. My eyebrows? Mmm yeah I’m glad I have thick hair = thick eyebrows, but if I don’t fix them they’ll go crazy! The best part of having thick eyebrow-hair is my eyebrows looks full and I don’t have to do anything else than brush ’em through. I only fill in when I’m going to parties. 
  2. My skin lately! Since i became a teenager I suffered from pimple-attacks aaaaaaaall the time. As most brown girls, the scars remain scars and leave dark spots – so only a color corrector can conceal ’em. But I’ve treated my skin with the some products from E-Vitamin serial from The Body Shop (Explain later). I used them regularly everyday and my scars are reduced and less pimples appeared. 
  3. And the last.. Mmm…. Well… That must be.. My eyes? Okay I’ve never had a problem with my eyes (exclusive my eyelashes which are short and not standing up no matter how many times I curl them!). I always focus on eyes when I do my makeup because I want them to stand out, but I don’t know whether it looks like I’ve used 30 minutes on my eyes or nah. 

These were my Perfect Imperfections + a little GTKM TAG. 🙂 ♥


Expand the Collection











IMG_4701Aaaaaaand here’s my catch from the theer-market last weekend – 3 pairs of statement earrings(/jhumkas). Last time I was hunting for RamLeela-earrings, but this time I was searching for some (pure shining) gold jhumkas, which I found. Honestly I better liked the assortment last year compared to this year – I mean, it wasn’t that easy to find these 3 earrings and I arrived earlier to get some. I’m satisfied with those I selected and cannot wait to wear them 🙂 


I’ve got a pocketful of Sunshine // PillaiyarTheer










Hey guys! This weekend I went to the yearly Pillaiyar Theer (spelling*) in Herning, and this time I also wore a simple saree. Last time I wore this saree was last year, and this year I couldn’t fit the blouse, so I found an alternative – a cropped top from H&M and paired it with the saree. With sweat running down my face, I checked the temperature on my phone. 27ºC! I almost died! It was so hot! And the sun may possibly have changed my skin tone 2 colors darker 😛 Also this time I got my veggie-rolls from the temple-market and hunted for some new traditional earrings to add to my collection, which I’ll show you guys later 😉 


Horror Rate

Enjoying Horro

When I was 12 I always tend to read horror-stories, and I loved the thrill, the mystery and the un-explanable situations and the idea of a spirit-world and sometimes the weird actions and behavior of physcho-humen. I found it very interesting – and somehow moved to another category: movies. Of course I get scared when I watch ’em, but I just can’t get enough of the horror-genre! So here’s a short list of some of the horror movies I’ve watched and a short review. I’ve linked the trailers in the movie-titles/numbers if you haven’t heard about some of movies before 🙂



Exsocism (2/5): A Classic I just had to watch! So I did, and it was creepy. Definitely, but I couldn’t stop laughing when the demon-possesed little girl started to speak with a man voice. But it is a classic horror movie you have to watch!

Incidious Chapter 1 + 2 + 3 (5/5): Usually I watch horror movies when it’s dark and I surround myself around candles , just to create a creepy atmosphere and make it funnier to watch horror movies. But I watched all 3 chapters in daylight! It wasn’t really nasty-creepy but more like the shocks and the music was so intense. Definitely some of the creepiest movies I’ve watched so far!

Sinister (5/5): There’s nothing like a horror movie including creepy children. Ethan Hawke is one of the main characters (as in many other horror movies) and oh dayam the ending was disappointingly scarring me. I appreciate the fact that they created a second movie – I feel like there’s hope now ._.

The Orphan (4/5): Talking about creepy kids. This isn’t really a horror movie – but more like a terror. “There’s something wrong with Esther” is writing above the title – and trust me, there IS something wrong, but it’s something I’ve never imagined. Last scene was terrifying though.

The Intruders (3/5): When I saw that Miranda Cosgrove AND Austin Butler were starring in this horror movie, I just HAD to watch it. It was creepy in the first part of the movie, but when the truth about creepy-stuff were revealed it was just… euh. The effects were nice done, but I’ve watched more horrific movies though.

Oculus (4/5): The story line in this movie is split into two sessions (flashback and present) and as in many other movies, it was confusing, I had a lot of questions, but I love these kind of movies with parallel-story-line. After watching this movie, I could barely look in a mirror. Same director from Paranormal Activities & Insidious.

Paranormal Activities 1+2+3+4+5 (5/5): After watching the first movie in this horror-serial, I couldn’t sleep for a week without having a feeling of someone starring at me. It was so creepy! The documentary(mocumentary) -genre is a genius idea – I mean, what is creepier than real-life elements in a horror movie? They really made it look like the paranormal activities actually happened, by using the actors’ real names. The whole was just creepy. So i decided to watch ’em all by 1 day – which made it less horrific. 

Evil Death (2/5): This movie had some choking scenes but wasn’t really scary… (the makeup was though) but more nasty. Lot of blood actually – but I’ve watched better.

Amityville Horror 2005 (4/5): I watched this movie late night and had to stop it and wait until next morning, because i got choked so many times! It was less scarier in daylight and it was a good movie. The movie is based on a true story, and there is another upcoming movie named Amityville The Awakening which seems to be scarier than this one.


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