I Used to…



I used to…:

  • Mix’n match all colors to look like a walking rainbow. Life is too short to wearing boring clothes right?
  • Pick up a foundation that was 3 shades too light for my skin tone, because the drugstores in this country doesn’t have shades for brown girls… So I mixed it with a cream and applied it happily on my face… ugh.
  • Pull my socks out so it was visibly. In the beginning I thought it was a terrible idea, until I figured out that it actually prevented the cold from hitting my ankles by doing it… I still do it with fluffy socks when I’m home.
  • Wear a purple jacket. It was purple and not charming.
  • Buy extremely cheap makeup. I had this eyeshadow pallet with 9 colors I used to wear even on everyday basis… again: Ugh.
  • Layer up with jewelries. Not go for one statements piece, but wear a lot of matching slier or gold jewelries. Glad I’m well-balanced now.
  • Wear a black long-sleeved or tee inside my sleeve-less clothes. It feel like it kinda ruins the design of the dress/blouse by doing it. So now I’ve taught myself to cover up with a cardigan or not buy a sleeve-less piece of clothes.
  • Not brush my hair. I have naturally straight hair, and even when I wake up in the morning with a weird hairstyle, my hair returns to normal in only 5 minutes (without a brush). If it was necessary, I would use my fingers. But now I comb my hair once in a while because even though I don’t comb it and it’s naturally straight, I can still have some filtered ends.
  • Put on mascara until I get clumpy lashes. Without curling them – and believe me, my lashes really need to get curled or I “don’t have lashes”.
  • Buy nude lipsticks because it looked so good on that white girl. Honestly, the dark plump lipsticks are the only ones that works on me. I can never trust the nude colors again.
  • Wear small red glasses because that was “oh so fancy” in 6th grade. Thank lord I changed my glasses during gymnasium.

Wow that was more than I’ve expected! Now I realize how much I’ve changed (YAASSS). To support my statements, I’ve found some pictures that proves the purple jacket, wrong foundation and socks-game. Please don’t judge me, I know you’ve been a phase too 😛


Bring the Fall Inside // DIY Fall Wallsticker


Hey guys! I’m TOTALLY into this “getting inspired by the Fall” and do stuff as drinking hot chocolate, wearing oversized long sleeve T-shirts, leggings, flannels, hoodies, fluffy sweaters and boots! Paint my nails in black, dark red, matte colors and plumply, red, purple-ish lips. You may have noticed that the fall-colors are inspired by the beautiful color shift in leaves. I think it was 2 years ago I came up with the idea of decorating my boring Wallsticker I have in my room. It is some birds sitting on an empty branch. It looked simple and was black, which I loved, but I felt like pepping it up with some colors. So I brought different types of leaves and decorated it and got this fall-ish room decoration.

For this DIY you’ll need:

  1. Some Leaves (of your own choice. If you want a color variation, you could pick up some different types and sizes of leaves, or go for a specific type)
  2. A big fat book (to press the leaves to become flat and easier to work with. I leave the leaves in the book for about a week, but it’s entirely up to you).
  3. The wallsticker with branch and birds (I bought mine for 2 or 3 years ago, and the shop doesn’t have it anymore, but I’ll link another store that has a similar)
  4. Something to stick the leaves with: recycle glue aka. Elefantsnot

A bunch of (pressed) leaves in different colors, types and sizes


I used this big fat history-book to press the leaves

"Before" I added some extra leaves

“Before” I added some extra leaves

"After" I added some extra leaves

“After” I added some extra leaves


Wallsticker(similar) Here, Recycle glue Here

As you can see on the “before” picture, I did this 2 years ago, but added some more leaves to make it look fuller and more colorful. Enjoy fall 🙂 


Summer Bites




Hey Guys! This might be the main reason that I’m broke after after summer. Food. Spending soooo much money on food. I love food and wherever I go I always suggest a place to go eat because I obviously eat to live (jk). These pictures are only some of the food (drinks) I’ve spent money on this summer in restaurants and cafe’s etc. But seriously… I have to stop this addiction if I want to survive rest of the months xD But look at how delicious they look *-*. I love food that contains green leaves or veggies. It makes the food look more delicate and colorful 😛 Anyway, food has a special place in my heart ♥


Looking for A Whole New World



Princess Jasmin Inspired Arabian MakeupLook


Hey guys! Lately I’ve been playing and experimenting with my makeup, and decided to go a bit heavier with the eye look – this time I was inspired by the middle east/indian heavy eye makeup look, and decided to go for a blue pop-up color. I wanted to use some extreme glitter, but I don’t have any glitter pots, so it had to be just an ordinary popping color. In the end the makeup look reminded me of something that is inspired by Disney’s Princess Jasmine. Below is a description of how I did the eye-makup ↓

Princess Jasmin inspired Arabian MakeupLook - EyeChart

Princess Jasmin inspired Arabian MakeupLook - Productreference


  1. I started out with priming my eyes with Urban decay’s Original Eyeshadow Primer (A). After applying the primer, I take two stripes of tape and place it from the outer corners of my eyes to the end of my eyebrows to get a neath eyeshadow/liner. Then I use Maybelline Kohl Express in the shade Metallic Green (B) and apply it all over my lid.

  2. Then I apply Mac’s Atlantic Blue (D) eyeshadow in the crease, and start to build up the color until I’m happy with the look.

  3. Then I take Mac’s Carbon eyeshadow (E) and apply it in the outer corner of my eyes, and slowly build up the intensity and blend it with the crease color.

  4. Going back to the eyelid, I’m taking Maybelline’s Color Tattoo 24hr in the shade Turquoise Forever (C), and apply this on top of the kohl. Then I take the black shadow again and blend the turquoise and the black together.

  5. For the inner corners I use the color Half Baked (F) from the Naked Palette 1 from Urban Decay as a base. Then I take Mac’s Amber Light eyeshadow (G) and apply it on top of the gold, to intensify the color.

  6. Because I’ve applied tape, I’ll just follow the tape-line with my kohl black eyeliner and line it with my MAC’s 263 angle brush (I) and create a wing. After this, I take of the tape slowly.

  7. I take the color Atlantic blue again and line my bottom lash-line and use carbon in the edge of the outer-corner and blend all the colors well. Then I take L’Oreal’s White Kohl (H) and apply it in my waterline to make my eyes appear bigger. I should have used a black kohl for this look, but I wanted to try this out 🙂

  8. In the end, I curl my lashes and apply two of my favorite mascaras: Rimmel’s Scandal Eyes Extreme Black mascara and Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Black mascara.Rimmel’s mascara gives massive volume, and Maybeline’s mascara ads length and spreads the lashes amazingly.

And that was the description of how to create the eye look, and I’ll keep experimenting on different kinds of looks 😛 


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