Guide: Accessory your Saree

 Accessory Your Saree

Hey Guys! Long time, no saree posts – generally because of the reduction of parties so far and I haven’t got any “New In”s. Not true. I bought a saree in London this summer, but the material is silk/kanchapuram so I think it’s more appropriate for bigger religious/cultural functions ← that saree doesn’t count! So I thought I would do a guide-post about how you could style your saree with accessories. I’m mainly talking about the simple sarees, but some of the tips may work well for sarees with lot of works and details as well.

STATEMENTS & SIMPLICITY: Nowadays we say “Less is More” – so try to keep the look minimalistic but still magnificent, by choosing a focus point instead of go all-in with all the big jewelries and accessories.


You can choose to wear heavy/big statement earrings maybe pair it with a simple necklace to keep the focus on the earrings. This is the trick i tend to do mostly as you may have seen in my ethnic-outfit pictures. There’s a huge selection between the types of statement earrings. For instance: the traditional jhumkas, which comes in different sizes and gold or silver. some have colored stone in ’em. Or the last-year’s hype – Ram Leela earrings, which also comes in different styles, sizes and colors. There are also some other types of ethnic/indian big earrings that comes in all different colors/color-combinations e.g. designs that are inspired by peacocks and mangoes (ambi-style). Or you can try something a little more outstanding: choosing some non-ethnic statement earrings, which I’ve done before and it worked pretty well!

Earrings - RamLeela style

Earrings - Coctail Statement style

Earrings - Jhumka style

Earrings - Peacock and Ambi style


Here’s a great idea I discovered, which is a statement necklace where you choose a heavy polki-worked or kundan-worked choker from a bridal jewelry-set. By only wearing this, you’ll have a focus-point and a not-too-heavy accessorized look. Or you can go for a longer a little heavier necklace and pair it with some simple earrings.

Necklaces - chokers, kundan and polki


Few years ago I dropped the heavy waist-chain when I wore half-sarees. Now it “in” again but in a simpler design in polki/kundan work, which in my opinion looks more wearable, simple and not too bridal-alike. You can also switch the ethnic style out with the hype-accessory body-chain. This also comes in different styles and gold/silver and you can get it almost anywhere. The body chain is a simple accessory but wearing it  gives the saree a new look in case you want to make a minor change in it. Or if you want a huge statement of chain to completely transform your saree-look or want to re-create the saree in a new way – then go for a beautiful shoulder chain/cape. With this piece you wouldn’t need any fancy saree, cause this piece will do the work. As the last one I have on my mind, isn’t a chain, but it’s still a waist-chain. It’s a metallic/rhinstoned/floral waist-belt to add a modern touch to the traditional look. I would personally try it as soon as I find the perfect metallic waist-chain for me 🙂

Chains and Waistbelts


Again something I earlier tried to avoid – The Nose-Ring. It’s back and I’m gonna admit, it looks kinda chick and better than ever. It looks great but personally I prefer the small nose rings, sincerely I have a small face and it can easily cover the whole face area. But it’s a pretty ethnic accessory and you can get it in different sizes and styles. Lot of people associate this piece with something bohemian and this piece can definitely be used with non-ethnic outfits. 



I usually pick a clutch (with any ethnic outfit) and it’s just a regular black one. If you’re wearing a simple saree with simple jewelries, you can choose to bring a fancy clutch – a rhinestone-filled/decorated indian clutch. They’re so pretty and you can get it in many colors. I’ve also seen indians bringing a different type of bag – a potli bag. It’s kinda cute actually, and I think it’s something different and interesting compared to the boring clutch I have. 

Clutches and Potli bags


Aaaaand the bindi is back as well, and as the other accessories, I used to despise it. Back in the days we bought bindis in different shapes, styles and colors – and I always found a way to get rid of my bindi I wore during a party. Then I started to do small dots with liquid eyeliner, so it wouldn’t drag too much attention. Sincerely we’re all about the ethnic again, I ordered some simple round bindis in many colores in 3 different sizes to wear with my saree. Now many people associate the bindi with coachella and bohemian style – I also made a choachella inspired look (here) with a colored bindi combined with some modern outfit. Even celebrities wear bindis with modern outfits and it looks good! 🙂


I could go on on the list, but here are some of my inputs on how you can pimp your saree up with accessories 🙂 ♥


“Treat Yourself”

IMG_5262 IMG_5263



Wearing the Lipstick from previous shots

Hey peeps! As I mentioned in my previous post, I got this new lipstick from MACcosmetics, and it’s one of their new Matte lipstick collection. The shade I got is Antique Velvet and as you can see, it is a dark brown shade. I bought it because I had no brown shades in my lipstick collections, it’s all plums, nudes and reds. I also really like the matte-finish (This fall is all about matte colors). Before I decided to buy this lipstick I tried another shade from the same new collection named Flat Out Fabulous – It’s such a gorgeous fuchsia color, and I’ll possibly buy it next time 😉 


Nudes for Fall






Dress: H&M // Shoes: Public Desire // Lipstick: MACcosmetics Antique Velvet

I would have published this post earlier but some of the pictures wouldn’t load… ugh. But here they are! Some of you may think I’m crazy, cuz I’m paring nude-pumps with a dark dress and generally a whole dark-outfit. But I think it works and if you don’t.. well.. I would call this my individual style 😛 

Ever since I saw this dress in H&M’s magazine I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and guess what? My size wasn’t available on the website, so I had to drive to the nearest H&M and got the last dress in my size! This dress is a pretty vintage fall-appropiate dress with beautiful shiny-gold details and high-neck. I bought the pumps on Puplic Desire’s website – and if you’re wondering about why I chose this color? Well.. I needed a pair in a non-black shade. Just to have a variation in my little shoe-collection. The lipstick? Well. I’ll talk about that in the next post I’m working on 😉


Quality Time



Nice pigmented H&M eyeshadow


MONKI nailpolish



Tried MAC’s Flat Out Fabulous Lipstick

Obligatory: Starbucks

Obligatory: Starbucks

Pumpkin Spice Latte #LipstickIssues

Pumpkin Spice Latte #LipstickIssues

Ikea's Creative Interior Ideas

Ikea’s Creative Interior Ideas

Ikea: Masterbedroom Idea

Ikea: Masterbedroom Idea


Selfie in one of Ikea’s Walk-in-Closet

Hey guys! Long time ._.

My family and I went to Aalborg and spent some quality time together. We wanted to go somewhere we haven’t been before, so my brother and I planned a trip to Aalborg. It was quite cold but we decided to go to indoor malls. I didn’t buy much – a scarf from MONKI and a Lipstick from MAC in the shade Antique Velvet. Of course we went to Starbucks and I had to try the famous Pumpkin Spice, and to be honest… I’m not a coffee-type. I’m more like a hot chocolate-type. It was okay but the smell was so strong and I’ll probably not buy it again. We ended our trip with a visit to Ikea and bought small stuff and went home. 


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