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Hey guys!!! At the end of the weekend I turned 20. We couldn’t really celebrate my birthday this year because of my grandfather’s death, but my friends and siblings managed to drag me out of the house and go out for some delicious food. Totally spontaneous and delicious. So generally was my 20th birthday nothing major but cozy and like a regular sunday. Honestly, I don’t feel the transition from the age of 19 to 20, which I’m not complaining about :)♥


All Blue, Everything



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Hey guys! I’m almost done with the illness – despite my running nose and killing throat, I went to a CPH party this weekend, and got the chance to meet some of my awesome childhood friends, and glam up after a long time. It was a great party, and the people there are so sweet and helpful. The decoration was on point and my outfit accidentally matched the theme (sorrynotsorry). Here are few pictures of my outfit, food and makeup – I did a blue winged eyeliner and popped on some (Isma-inspired/spider) lashes and lipstick. Hope your weekend was great too 🙂 BTW, it was my 20th birthday yesterday – and I’ll publish the post about it soon 😉 



Outfit: Switzerland

Lashes: Cherry Lashes (#16 Stella)

Lips: MAC lipstick (Hang Up) + H&M Velvet Cream (Screen Siren)

• To Heal •


Hey guys – long time, no post. I’ve been so busy and tired lately, and obsessed with South Park. Priorities (obviously). I’m in my bed today, wearing a fluffy sweater, because my nose turned into a snot-basucha and my throat is punishing me for every time I try to speak. I’ve noticed how good the weather has been lately. It somehow reminds me of spring, if it wasn’t freezing cold.. but the sun has been shining like crazy. 

Anyway, I have to rest so I hopefully can get to work tomorrow 🙂 ♥