Conjuring 2

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Yesterday my friends and I decided to go watch The Conjuring 2. We’ve watched the first movie last summer (+ the Insidious movies). None of us have watched a horror movie in cinema before so we were thrilled. We met before the movie started to eat dinner together at a café and ordered some seats last minute. The movie was so good! I think the first movie was slightly better, but they’re both really good! I wouldn’t mind of they made a third movie, honestly. 😉 ♥


Congrats to my Bro



I know, once again I’ve been a little too busy and didn’t get the time to blog, but here’s a quick post. “Quick”.

So my younger brother turned 18 last week – my sister and I wanted to throw him a surprise party, and invited all of his good friends. We ended up with nearly 30 people surprising him with marzipan cake, cupcakes, rolls and gifts around 00:05 05/23/2015.



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We didn’t plan to held a huge party (like my 18th party), because he didn’t want one – but my dad decided to invite those people who wished him over to give them dinner – turned up that was a lot of people so we spontaneously had to book a little hall. We decorated it minimalistic because we didn’t really consider it as a “party” but more like a dinner for lot of people. My sister and I gifted him the tie, shirt and belt and my parents gifted him the suit. If you ask me it was a killer look 😉 



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And not long after, he got his license and I can finally enjoy being a passenger again :)♥