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Hey guys! I’m back from my holiday! Actually I came a week ago, but have been too lazy to organize my pictures and write a post. First of all; I have so many pictures and so much to tell, that I decided to divide the post into several posts – you know, day by day. I swear the place is amazingly beautiful and people there are super helpful and humble. We booked the whole thing on a travel bureau, and everything was great and the price was reasonable. We had a bumpy start, which I’ll tell you more about in my next post, but the trip turned out well and none of us got hurt 😉 Hope you’re all having a great holiday :)♥


Wedding Weekend

Hey there! I wanted to show you guys my outfit from last weekend’s wedding. It was divided into two parts. They got married in Pillaiyar kovil (Ganesh Temple), and later that day had the reception part in a hall.

I wore a yellow/orange pattu-looking saree for the first part. I bought the saree in London last summer and finally got to wear it. I got my blouse stitched with 3/4 sleeves and higher neckline. I ordered the jewelries online. My mom braided my hair and we added some white flowers for some root-vibes 😀

For the reception part I wore a new saree, which I ordered online. It is actually a replica of a blue embroidered georgette Sabyasachi saree Deepika Padukone wore for the Bajirao Mastani promotions. I wore a ready-made silver blouse, because I received the saree very late, so I couldn’t get the original blouse stitched in time. I went minimalistic on the necklace, and wore a ear-cuf I got from H&M years ago. Lashes I’m wearing are HudaBeauty Lashes in the style Fahra. 





Tonight I’m off to Greece, and won’t update my blog until I’m home, so if you want to stay updated, follow me on the socials:

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Heeeey! So yeah, where have I been for a month and what have I been up to. Honestly nothing. I don’t know what I’ve been doing (besides working) and I have no excuse. But I do have plans next from the end of next week. I’m going to Greece with my sister and some friends – if everything goes as planned. I’m not planning on bringing my laptop, so I won’t be able to update during my vacation – but I will most likely update on the socials as my Instagram (nevi_vijayarajah) and snapchat (sierrathegirl). I’m super excited, since the weather here in Denmark hasn’t been so summer-ish. I’m literally wearing a sweater and wrapped in my duvet. Ugh. Also I’ve received 3 new sarees, which I’ll show you at other occasions 😉 ♥