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Hey guys 🙂 Here’s my outfit from yesterday’s party. I got this saree previous weekend at the pillaiyar temple therr. Because I hadn’t stitched the blouse, I used a black lace/sequins cropped top from Nelly – nice alternative anyway 😉 It was also my mom’s birthday 😀 


Cropped top: here

Similar saree: here, here, here

Lashes: Huda Beauty lashes (Samantha)

Lips: Maccosmetics Taupe  + Flat out Fabulous

DAY |7|,|8|

Day 7 was our last day in Kos, so we decided to spend the day in Kos town, to buy souvenirs and stuff in last minute. We found this very cool store with greek mythology souvenirs on plates and other stuff. They even had small replicas of spartan shields (so cool!). We ate dessert in mid-town, continued shopping. When we finished, we drove back to the hotel, swam for the last time in the swimming pool, and got ready for dinner. We ended the night in the hotel bar, with some cocktails. 

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Next morning we ate our last breakfast there (so sad) – the cafeteria staff said goodbye to us – the staff at the hotel are literally the sweetest people ever. We got picked up by a bus with many other Danes and drove back to the airport. We flew back with Thomas Cook Airlines, which was filled with danes, and was a direct flight to Copenhagen. 


The whole trip was just relaxing, adventurous and we explored a part of the world and another culture on our own. I would definitely recommend you guys to visit Kos someday or just any of the small greek islands. But I warn you – they don’t have a flushing system everywhere, so you cannot throw the toilet paper directly into the toilet, but into the trash bin beside. Euh I know, but come one. If they can do it, we can do it. Just remember your hand sanitizer. 🙂 ♥


DAY |6|

Day 6, Maria recommended that we spent the whole day at the other side of Kos, and took a walk along the famous Paradise beach. So we got ready and drove to Paradise beach, ate lunch at Paradise beach bar/restaurant, with a great view to the beach. Apparently I didn’t save the images of our food and stuff, because I posted it all on SnapChat and didn’t save ’em. Oh well, after lunch, we walked down the beach and took some (around 1000) and left before the sun set. 


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We couldn’t make it back in time for dinner at the hotel, so we decided to go get a banana split at Taverna Mike’s near our hotel. After that we went back to our hotel and enjoyed a cocktail Cosmopolitan at the lounge/bar. The mix with orange and cranberry juice was delicious *-*. Then we headed back to our room, so we could get a good night’s sleep – and ready for our last day in Kos. 🙂 

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Velvet choker: Gina Tricot, similar: here, here

Lace top: Vila, similar: here, here, here

Shorts: Vila, similar: here

Shoes: MANGO, similar: here, here, here

Stripped shirt: MANGO: here

DAY |5|

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Getting ready early morning on day 5, because we planned a boat cruise to 3 islands on Captain Hook. We paid €30 each, and got to visit 3 different islands near Kos and also got lunch. The boat was kinda filled with people, with a bar, sun lounge and deck. Our first destination was Pserimos. We all had around 45min on the island where we could go to the beach and swim, before going back to the boat for lunch. It was very pretty and the water was so clean and blue. 

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Our next stop was on Kalymnos, which was more like a harbor city, with many cafés and traffic. Our group went to a sponge factory, whereas we decided to stay in a café to get something to drink, and chill (with WiFi).

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Our last destination was an inhabited island named Plati. It was so beautiful! the boat stopped near the shore, and let people jump off board, directly into the water and swim around. I didn’t swim though, mainly because I can’t swim at all.  

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On our way back to the Kos, I bought a cocktail “sex on the beach” – it was seriously so hot, no clouds on the sky and the sun baking us fifty shades tanner. So it was nice with something cool. When we could see the Kos in the horizontal, one of the crew-members put on some music and made people dance to a traditional greek folk-dance, then ended it with a freestyle gangnam-style. It was so funny! I definitely recommend a boat cruise like this for anyone who’s going to Kos. 


dress: H&M

Sandals: MANGO

DAY |4|

Day four, we decided to go out for a fancy dinner, even though we get dinner at the hotel. Our receptionist Maria, told us about Zia, which was famous for the view of the sunset, and she recommended us to go there and see the sunset for ourselves. So we decided to have our fancy dinner at a restaurant up in the mountains in Zia. We booked a table online at Oromedon to make sure we would get a place in there. 

We started our day off with some breakfast, and dressed up fancy for the dinner. Since there was plenty of time until dinner, we drove to Pyli to see some small greek village areas. It was insanely hot and we found a small café to get some ice cream, and moved on towards Zia. Zia is up in the mountains, so we had to drive with our little car through Dikaio, where we saw amazing views, huge aloe vera plants and cows. 









When we came across Asfendioy we saw a church, small cafés and a mini arena before we actually reached Zia. We parked the car at the feet at the mountain, and walked rest of the way up. There’s a small road with small shops on both sides and restaurants around the mountain. Looking down you can see the bottom of the mountain and other mountains and water at the horizon. 

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We booked a table at Oromedon 7pm, and the waiter got us a table with the best view to the sunset! Which was great, and we ordered a lot. There were so many danes at the restaurant and the waiter told us that they are always fully booked. As other places, we ordered pasta bolognese, with salad, bread, red wine, champagne and ended the evening with a banana split – which was served with shooting stars, flags and stuff. The view was totally worth it and I’m glad Maria recommended this place. So beautiful and the food was good too. 

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We drove home late night and got ourselves a good night sleep, so we could be ready for our next adventure. ♥


Lacetop: Selected Femme, similar: here, here

Skater skirt: H&M

Sandals: MANGO, here

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