Tea, Soup & Flu


Okay not necessarily flu, but it must be some sort of a virus. I’m sick and it doesn’t surprise me that everybody gets sick these days, since we welcomed fall. Fall with all of its colds, viruses and other unpleasant cousins. Ugh. So I stayed home from uni today, and hopefully I’ll get better tomorrow. For now, I’m drinking some tea with honey, relaxing on the couch, wearing a fluffy oversize sweater and watching some movies/half sleeping.

Part of living by my own is taking care of myself – no mommy to make you soups and checking up on you every second. Honestly, I kind of enjoy being independent and do things on my own. Now I have to balance between uni and studying with cooking, grocery shopping and housecleaning, but it’s part of growing up and it is probably all about getting used to it.

Yeah I live on my own in a small apartment, with a view to ponds and some uni-buildings. I’d like to show you my place, but I don’t feel like it is complete yet, and it might take some time with the budget I have. I also have to constantly remind myself that this place is only temporary, but feeling home is also an important part of calming down and settle down for a moment and enjoy the present. 🙂 ♥


Transition Colour

Transition - MAC red Brick

Transition - MAC red brick demo

Long time no post – you probably got used to it by now. Uni is taking much of my time, especially when I live alone and have to take care of cooking, housecleaning etc. by myself. Anyway, my sister gave me a belated birthday gift – I wanted a nice warm orange/red-ish eyeshadow as a transition shade. Unbelievably I don’t have a warm transition shade in any of my eyeshadow palettes or in single-shadows. So my sister got me this MAC cosmetics eyeshadow in the shade Red Brick. It’s a matte orange red shade. I tried it out as soon as I opened the package, and I don’t know if it is an universal transition color, that I can use to any eye look, but it is a beginning. The spontaneously first look I tried with Red Brick is the one above. Red Brick as transition(crease), Sketch in the outer corner, Tempting in the center, BECCA champagne pop highlighter in the inner corner. 

The shadow doesn’t pay off much pigment, but is very blendable and buildable to desired intensity.

Lips: MAC Hang Up

Lashes: Huda Beauty Lashes, Samantha


Crossed the Atlantic ocean – landed in my Hands

Hey guys! Let’s talk about beauty – My brother went to Canada and he brought back some candy for me. I had to pick out few items for him to buy for me (it isn’t a secret that Sephora’s brands are cheap), and I asked him to buy a black mask and a concealer for me. I thought I would make a review on these two products and share my thoughts about them with you. 🙂


I saw Desi Perkins (YouTuber) using Boscia luminizing black mask, and I really wanted to try it out myself. Since it isn’t available in Sephora in Denmark and Sephora doesn’t ship to Denmark, I asked my brother to buy it for me in Canada. It retails for $34/226DKK/44C$.

I’ve tried it 2-3 times now. I let it dry for 30 min. It is easy to peal off (in 1 pull), and the result is good. It removes dirt, dead skin cells and cleans my pores fine – but if it actually aluminizes my face?  Not so much though, but it’s an okay product, and I don’t know if I’ll repurchase this item yet. If I do, I’ll let you know 😉



A half year ago I bought Nars Radiant Creamy concealer (caramel) when I was in Copenhagen. So when I started to get nothing out of it, I knew I needed another one. This concealer is quite expensive, it retails for $32/216DKK/42C$. My brother bought one for me in Canada, and I bought an extra one in Copenhagen before I went to Kos. So now I have 3 tubes in case 😀

I love this concealer, it is so creamy, has a nice coverage, doesn’t transfer and actually matches my skin tone. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and wears out nicely through out a whole day. I usually blend it in with a damped beauty blender, and set it with translucent powder or with yellowish/banana powder. BUT the thing is, this concealer creases easily, so you better set it with powder immediately. 


Roughly applied around my mouth, brigade of my nose, under eye area and a little but on the forehead.

Roughly applied around my mouth, brigade of my nose, under eye area and a little but on the forehead.

Concealer blended in with a damped beautyblender

Concealer blended in with a damped beautyblender

Concealer set with translucent powder.

Concealer set with translucent powder.