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What am I doing near the beach at fall? Hey guys, today I manage to find a little time to write a quick post about our 3days trip,, so we could get to know each other at uni. They took us to Hvideklit, and arranged lot of activities and stuff. To be honest, I kinda feared it. I hadn’t been on a trip like that since I was a kid (and I used to love it), but it turned out fine. The food was great *-* Sadly it was super windy but luckily no rain. I got to know some new people and it was so fun!

Even though it is sunday and I feel like being lazy, I came home from my parents’ place today, cleaned the apartment and now have to read some stuff for tomorrow. oh well… Happy Sunday out there :)♥



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Let me continue on complaining about how this season is keep making me sick. Ugh dear lord, please make it stop. It literally prevents me from going to uni, and even worse – I have a field trip to a forest on a rainy Thursday. Yup. I should go buy some tissues already. Anyway, I’m drowning myself in tea and honey, and trying to relax and let my body fight the cold. Hope the weather is getting just a tiny bit better tho. Also I started to watch a serial named “Master of None”, which is hilarious. I’ve watched all episodes so far, and now got nothing to watch. Great, then I can focus on uni for a while (lol).♥


Blush Pink Gazelles


Hey guys! Finished my first exam last week (uff) and looking forward to many more. Anyway, I don’t usually get new shoes because I’m sadly not much into shoes, jackets and that kind of jazz, but when I do!…. Imma flash it for the world. I saw a really nice picture on Instagram (obvi) with these blush/nude-ish pink Adidas shoes and I knew I wanted them. I don’t have colored shoes, so for me it is kind of daring wearing these. Honestly I know it is not exactly the season to wear sneakers, but then I’m ready to look badass in Spring-17. 


Shoes: Adidas Gazelle

Oversized sweater: Topman


Hey guys! It’s so chilly out here – we went from 20 degrees to 8 quickly! Ugh, and I just noticed that I don’t have enough sweaters for this winter, so I’m sweater-hunting with my small budget. I’m also excited about having a reason to start drinking hot chocolate again (yaaaay). Theres nothing more exciting but cozy at the same time as com in home from uni and drink hot chocolate and wrapped up in blankets and duvets. Mmmmm. Anyway, I’ll maybe make a short post about our bonding-trip with my fella’ students. We’ll see if I get time ;)♥