Happy (another belated) Halloween!!! I hope you all had a great and safe halloween, even if you were at home (like myself) celebrating with movie and candy. Sunday I was reading, when suddenly a wild eyeliner pot appeared. I grabbed an angle brush and winged out a thick liner. Somehow I ended up with a full-face transformed into a fox.

I haven’t painted my face for a while, and with all that makeup laying around… puff… I couldn’t resist. I’ve felt uninspired and tired for while, but I want to do more of what I love, and get more inspired. Lol, but anyway, here are some bad quality pictures in bad lightning of my accidental painted face. Yes, I had to wash it off and continue reading. 



You can follow me on the socials (Insta: nevi.vijayarajah | snap: sierrathegirl). Who’ll know if I suddenly decide to paint my face as a dolphin? Okay I’m done :p ♥


White November


Oh mine… Suddenly the temperature dropped to minus and the snow started to cover the roads. Brrr, not exactly what I imagined the beginning of November to look like. Anyway, in this weather it is only appropriate to drink hot chocolate, slide around in fluffy socks and spend rest of the day in a thick duvet. 

Fox-look “halloween”-look will be up tomorrow, where I tried to recreate the look on a face chart so you could see my vision properly. :)♥




Hey guys! I got some belated posts coming up. First of all – Happy belated Diwali!! I’ve been busy enjoying my spare-time on Harry Potter marathon whole week. Sometime I just need a break from reality. But stay tuned for some more posts coming up 😉 ♥