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Christmas market


Christmas market


Christmas market




Looking sleepy af


Cupcake Affair

Hey 🙂 Here’s another update on the Switzerland trip – the day after the wedding, where we went to visit our other family members nearby. We went to town go shopping, and see the christmas market at Sechseläutenplatz. I was big and filled with people (obvi). They had the same stuff as the christmas markets in Denmark, so I decided not to buy anything.

as you can see I tried on a silver skirt, and I actually brought it home. I’m usually not a skirt-type-of-a-person, but decided to give it a try. Also my cousin found this cupcake café – I was super excited, because I’ve always wanted to buy cupcakes in a box with different flavors, but couldn’t find any here. I could hardly choose which one I wanted, but went for a chocolate cupcake with citrus topping named “Dark Passion”. SO DELICIOUS ugh. The place is called Cupcake Affair btw. The other cupcakes on the last picture are “Marilyn Monroe” and “Red Velvet”. 

Next part is the last part of the trip. After that, I’ll post the christmas posts and maybe a best-of-2016 list :)♥


Civil wedding · Outfit


img_4810 img_4838 img_4834img_4819img_4814img_4817

Hey guys, here’s divided post for the outfit I wore for my cousin’s civil wedding. I wore a dress from Asos, with a pair of small pumps from H&M. I honestly didn’t want to wear tights with this dress but it was insanely cold, and I needed that layer. So maybe next time I wear this, it will be without tights. I paired the outfit with rose-gold jewelries – to top the look up, I could have worn a watch or something, but forgot to bring any bracelets. 


Face: Nars Sheer Glow foundation (Macao), Makeup forever Ultra HD foundation (Y445), Nars concealer (caramel), MAC translucent powder, Kat Von D contour palette, Laura Geller gilded honey highlighter.

Eyes: Urban Decay primer portion, Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, Maybelinne matte black liner, Huda Beauty Samanta lashes #7.

Lips: Kiko lipliner, MAC Taupe lipstick + MAC Rebel lipstick.

Nails: Chanel “Paparazzi”


Civil wedding

img_8365 img_8366 img_8367 img_8378 img_8386 img_8398 img_8404 img_8407 img_8409 img_8411 img_8422

Sup? After a while, I’ve got a part 2 of the trip ready for you. My cousin’s civil wedding. It was beautiful, as in everything – simple and different. The food we got at the reception was super delicious. To be completely honest, I was kind of skeptical about trying their national food, but damn. It was so delicious I had to go for another round, no shame. And the cupcakes for dessert. Don’t get me started. First of all; too pretty to eat. They were a bit too sweet for me, but it doesnt change the fact that they were delicious!

At the reception I wore a panjavi. I also a saree, but realized it would bee way too fancy – so I saved it for another time 😉 There’ll be more about my outfit in the following post, stay tuned 🙂 ♥



img_8347 img_8348

We left Thursday morning from Billund airport (looking fresh as we could). We made sure to be at the airport early so we could chill near the gate. We had a transit in Amsterdam, but we  couldn’t stay for long since our connecting flight was departing 1 hour after we landed. Cool, so we power-walked to our next gate and waited a bit there. 

img_8350 img_8351 img_8352 img_8353 img_8354 img_8355 img_8356

We flew with KLM airlines, and got these cute snacks in-between. I was so hype over the cute boxes and the water-container. So cute! After an hour or two, we could see some mountains peeking out of the clouds, and knew we were at our destination. 

img_8357 img_8359 img_8360

We landed in Zürich Flughafen – so pretty btw. We didn’t get our luggages, which contained our party wear… and we needed the clothes the next day, so yeah, we were pretty stressed about that. We gave the “Lost & Found” our info and drove to my relatives’ place. They went back with my dad and brother and came back with the luggages. Our luggages were sent with the next flight from Amsterdam to Zürich, so we were lucky.

img_8361 img_8362

We went grocery shopping with my cousin in Migros, and were in chocolate heaven. And yes, I posted a picture of hanging pizza, because I’ve never seen anything like that. Why hang them? And then.. Why not?

Anyway, the reason we went to Switzerland is my cousin was getting married (civil wedding), and we didn’t want to miss that 🙂 Trip continues in next post, stay tuned 😉 ♥


Break from Reality

img_8338 img_8341 img_8342 img_8344 img_8345


Hey peeps! So Wednesday after uni I took the train home. I had already packed a hand-luggage from my place, so the only thing I had to pack back at my parents place were my party-wear and shoes. When I came home I saw the christmas tree was decorated. It looks so pretty and the warm chain-light makes the whole room look super cozy. 

If you haven’t read my previous post (here), I mentioned that I was leaving the country for some days. So I’m back home now, but I decided to divide the post into 2-3 posts, because of the amount of pictures I need to load, and the lack of time (back to reality). As soon as I get the rest of the pictures I’ll make time to make the posts 🙂 If you follow me on the socials (Snapchat: sierrathegirl | Instagram: nevi.vijayarajah), you know what’s up ;).

I haven’t got much sleep the past few days, and I’m so tired. After this post I’ll go sleep so I can be fresh for uni tomorrow. :)♥


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