Hey! Okay, so I have tried out this chocolate chip cookie recipe trice now – and I love it. I’m lazy when it comes to baking, because I hate go buying all the fancy ingredients – so I always go for a super easy recipe. The perfect cookie for me, is when it is crispy on the outside and soft inside. If you want to know how I baked them, I’ll leave the recipe below:

200 g flour
200 g dark chocolate
250 g brown sugar
2 eggs
1½ teaspoon bakingsoda 
3 tablespoon cacao
1 dl neutral oil
1 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoon vanilla sugar

Preheat the oven on 180 C°

Mix eggs, vanilla sugar, brown sugar and salt together.

img_8829 img_8836

Then mix flour, cacao, baking soda in it.

Add the chopped chocolate and oil, and mix it all until the dough sticks together


If you want even size of cookies, then you can use a spoon as a guide.

Lay a portion of cookie dough and press the middle down flat.

Sprinkle some flour lightly to top it off and reduce excessive oil.


Bake the cookies in 11-12 minutes.


That was actually it. And you can it them right away! I made a dozen that can last me 2-3 weeks. I filled two baking pans, but it also depends on the size of the cookie you make :)♥



Got the recipe here.


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Hey guys! This week I turned 21, and actually planned on writing a last post as 20 y/o. But got caught up with work. Then I planned to write a post after my birthday, but guess what? Got caught up with work again. So now I try to make a quick post, summing up my birthday, before I go to sleep.

In my past two posts I mentioned that I wasn’t sure whether I’d be home with my family this weekend to celebrate my birthday or not. I currently don’t live with my parents due to studies – It would take me 3 hours to get home by train, and since my birthday was on a week-day, it would have been difficult to go home and come back to my place immediately. So I stayed here instead. 

My day started with going to uni, I bought a cake on my way to share it with my group. When I came home, I got ready and few of my close friends came by with some (AWESOME) presents and cake. I’ll talk more about the gifts in another post. I had booked a table at Café Visa in midtown for birthday dinner, where we had some great food and enjoyed each others company. We topped the evening off with a cocktail. Even though I didn’t celebrate it with my family as usual, I had a super cozy day with my friends 🙂 ♥


Valentines Day | 2017

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Happy Valentine’s day! I came home to my apartment and found these beautiful roses in my kitchen. The truth is, my mom and brother slept over at my place and before I left for uni, I asked my mom to buy me some roses, and gave her some money. So romantic, haha. Anyways, single or not hope you’re all having a wonderful day out there 🙂