Danish Summer Vacation

Hey guys!
I’ve already been to the beach in Aarhus once this summer with one of my best friends. This time I went to Soendervig beach near Hvid Sande with my sister, another best friend and her mother. It’s at a summer cottage area, with lots of turists, danish coast nature and small restaurants and cafés. So cosy!

We went during afternoon, so there weren’t a lot of people at the beach by the time. It was super windy and the water was cold. Since I was already wearing my bathing suit, I went down to the water right before we left.

For dinner we stopped by Karma in Herning, and as per usual, I had to order my spaghetti bologna. I hope I get to go again some other time, and the area in Soendervig was so peaceful, I would probably book a cottage and stay there next summer 🙂 ♥


Just my Favorite Burger bar

This is not a sponsored post (although, if Grillen Burger bar is reading this: hey, you guys should totally hit me up 😉 ).

Hey guys!

I think we all know by now, that this grill bar is officially my favorite burger bar ever! It’s my go-to place now, and I find myself keep trying to find an excuse to go eat there. Not only do their burger menu taste delicious, but they’re also genius enough to put Ben&Jerry’s MILKSHAKE (hell yeah) on the menu with my absolute favorite flavor: chocolate fudge brownie 🤤.

Anyway a good news for me, is that they just opened another restaurant in Herning, which is near my parents’ place. Guess I’m going to be broke like I’ve never been before. Hehehe #WorthIt 😏.


Imported Goodies

img_5619Snack barks with almonds, pretzels and sea salt. New obsession!!

Hey guys!
Long time no blogging – I thought I would make this post as an update + preview on posts coming up.

Last week I’ve been busy hanging out with my homie, who has been living in USA for a year now. She came on a vacation for one week, and brought me all kinds of stuff. Everything from eatable stuff to clothing. I plan to do a post on some of the things she brought me 🙂

We spent the whole week together eating traditional danish food, went to the beach, and hang out as we used to do. Man we’ve missed each other so much and can’t wait till she’s back for good.


Confessions of a Foodie

Hey guys!
If you’re either following me on Snapchat or Instagram, you’d know that I’ve spent a lot of money on eating this whole month. Why not let this foodie sum up some of the delicious food?




This place in Aalborg is apparently very famous for their ice cream. My friends, who have lived there for ages, have raved about it, so we had to go. It’s not my first time trying Paradis ice cream – I tried it last year as well. It’s okay, but I personally prefer some ice cream from Ben&Jerry’s for almost same price point.



img_5258My beloved Starbucks! A forever love-affair. I dare not count how many times I’ve cheated my bank-account with this place, just this month. Anyways – they’ve started to serve this delicious cream, cookie cake, and I have found a new interest for Matcha tea drinks. I saw on the official Instagram of Starbucks DK, that they have Matcha tea frappuccino – and I just HAD to try it! When I looked at their menu, I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I had to ask them of they could make it anyways, and of course they could! It was oddly tasty – like green tea in form of frappuccino.


Waffles Waffles Waffles


I came home this Friday, and my sister and I really craved waffles. So we bought the ingredients and some extra topping and made some from the scratch. They were super delicious but we also went out for some pizza afterwards.
It’s safe to say that my sixpack is postponed for another year -.-




img_5302 img_5303On Saturday, my childhood friend took us out for lunch date to catch up. So we went to restaurant Karma and later got some hot chocolate. I think we stayed there for like 3 solid hours! It was nice to see her again and just sitting inside, chitchatting while it was raining outside 🙂



It’s getting Hot in Here

lemonadeYay! The weather is already getting better and I’m moving from hot drinks towards fresh cool things. I bought some citrus fruits in the grocery store and made some lemonade and detox water. I also bought a basilica plant, because as I’ve mentioned in here before, my favorite dish is spaghetti bolognese. I swear, the fresh basilica in the bolognese  makes it more flavorful and perfect!
Anyways, the warmer weather and more daylight makes me feel more productive and motivated to be healthier. Or something like that heheh.

This was basically just an update, but I’ll post my wedding-guest outfit in few days, so watch this space 😉 ♥


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