Neither a Saint nor an Angel

img_5486 img_5498 img_5500 2cd0cb5e-3e81-4264-bf06-9bcb76433c90 5840bd2e-ff8d-4fae-a574-2856510c70d2 c3dcad29-b350-458c-8c57-5207a3decdc8I mean, why wouldn’t I feel like an angel dressed like that? Maybe a South-Indian angel?

Hey guys, guess who created another look using the endless traditional attire, jewelries and accessories? Moi!
I had kind of had this look in mind – a whole white angelic look. The last pictures above were my first attempt on the look. Then I realized the look missed something, and I added the flowers (and some gloss).

I kept the makeup look simple, and added a royal blue shadow to my bottom lash-line as the only pop of color to the entire look. 🙂 ♥


Imported Goodies

img_5619Snack barks with almonds, pretzels and sea salt. New obsession!!

Hey guys!
Long time no blogging – I thought I would make this post as an update + preview on posts coming up.

Last week I’ve been busy hanging out with my homie, who has been living in USA for a year now. She came on a vacation for one week, and brought me all kinds of stuff. Everything from eatable stuff to clothing. I plan to do a post on some of the things she brought me 🙂

We spent the whole week together eating traditional danish food, went to the beach, and hang out as we used to do. Man we’ve missed each other so much and can’t wait till she’s back for good.



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I’m seriously considering semi-permanent lashes, if it wasn’t because I’m broke.

Hey guys! I mentioned in a previous post that I tried to create a 90’s/00’s kinda bollywood look (here) – but I didn’t bring much make-up and accessories so I was kinda limited. Even worse; I forgot my lashes. It’s a big deal for me since my own lashes don’t cut it.
I honestly wasn’t satisfied with the look, so I wanted to give it a try again some other day when I have my makeup with me.

The pictures above are a few shots of the look – I probably won’t post them on my Instagram, so you’ll only see them here 😅.


Dress like you’re going to meet your Worst Enemy today

img_49995d8aff67-5405-428b-8f86-0cb2dd397f9f 27ecc83c-f349-4664-ac6c-2d04b80931c2 832b092f-00c1-419a-a648-584919db5a69AHAHA, don’t get intimidated by the title, but I honestly don’t dress this fancy on daily basis. Unless my life was like in an Indian drama, I probably would look this grand 24/7.

Anyways, hey guys! I’ve been waiting 8 months to wear this lehenga – I got it from Sri Lanka, and it is my first lehenga purchase. I actually wanted something more simple, but thought I would probably not get this opportunity to buy this grand style in maybe 10, so here I am, twirling in my fancy fancy lehenga 😀
It’s a pink/baby pink lehenga with golden embroidery. I wore it to a wedding reception. Since the lehenga was already heavy work, I wanted to keep the accessories, hair and makeup very simple. I did a brown smokey eye, with nude lips, curly hair and pearl-gold earrings and two gold bangles.
The skirt was unfortunately too short for me to wear heels, but in the end I was happy that I was forced to wear flats, so my feet wouldn’t hurt at the end of the night.

I can’t wait to wear more traditional outfits and experiment with different looks. Especially when we are moving towards spring/summer where lightening is at its peak *-* ♥


Skincare Routine | Facial – Prevention

Hey guys!
Continuing my mini skin care series, with this post about, what I do to prevent/reduce breakouts on my skin. These are small easy tricks I picked up within 3-4 years, which has definitely made a difference in my skin! Again: I’m no expert, these are just some tricks based on my experience 🙂

1) Pillowcase


I change my pillowcase 3-4 times a week. If you, like me, sleep a lot with your face down the pillow, it’ll be a good idea to change the case often. The pillowcase contains a lot of oils from our face and scalp, which can clog the pores and cause breakouts.
Also I recommend choosing a pillowcase in silk-fabric, since that’s less harsh against the skin 🙂


2) Water


Here’s nothing new to tell about when it comes to water. I cannot lie about how well this actually works. Drink a lot of water and see the difference for yourself 😉 


3) No to Junk-food


It’s like karma to be honest. My body punishes me if I neglect the greens in my daily intake. We’ve all heard it’s super healthy and important to eat all our veggies and fruits… for a reason! They contains almost everything we need to keep our complexion perfect! Trust me, your skin will love you for it 😉


4) Towels


I use 4 different towels. Yeah 4 different. One for my hair, body, hands and face. And wash it frequently! When drying your face, don’t rub the towel against your skin, but instead pat it gently. It won’t irritate your skin as much.


5) Touching your face


I do this a lot, especially when I’m stressed. Touching your face (especially with the palm side), can cause breakouts, since you touch a lot of things, such as your phone and other surfaces that can contain bacteria – and then transfer them to your face. Try make it a habit to not touching your face, and you’ll notice a difference.

6) Dirty brushes

giphyI’m guilty of this as well. We need to wash our makeup brushes often, since bacteria can develop in it, and store old products. Whenever I notice my skin breaks out after wearing makeup, I know it’s time to wash my tools. It also includes the beauty sponges! I usually wash them with normal soap or shampoo and sometimes with conditioner to make them less streaky.

7) Remove makeup


This is crucial! No matter how lazy or tired you are, at least remove your makeup before you sleep. It’ll clog the pores and cause breakouts. This is also a reason I don’t wear makeup on daily basis – it’s too much effort to remove it every single day. If you do wear makeup on daily basis, then remember to remove it before you go sleep. 🙂



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