Fur, Flesh & Bones

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Hey guys!

Remember that post I did with a smokey-glitter-cut-crease-eyelook with plum lips? No? Then you can quickly view it (here) 😉 .

Anyways, here’s the second look I did with the same makeup – only difference is I changed out the lip color (NYX lip cream (Berlin)). I styled it differently. Actually just wearing a black tee and found some jewelries I had laying around. The earcuffs are from H&M some years ago, and the nose-ring is from Gina Tricot. I think the gold accessories went well with the golden glitter liner. 

I tied half of my hair up and split the front hair obviously as I could, and got this almost grudge-90’s looking… yeah.. It was just a bit different from what I’ve ever done, and I was amazed by the result 😂.

Yup, I got more makeup looks to share – trust me, I had a little too much time for myself and painted my face like it was nobody’s business 😅 ♥



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Hey guys! As my parents wouldn’t let me go back to my apartment after our Sri Lanka trip, I tried to entertain myself by painting my face with some of the makeup I had at my parents’ house. I certainly didn’t hold back dressing up with the new jewelries and pieces I bought from SL. Here’s another look I just randomly created. 

Honestly I’m not as creative or good with hairstyling as doing my makeup but I tried to give it a chance. As you can see, I just pulled it out again and let my hair down. My go-to look to be honest. Do I have to complain about my camera quality again? You probably know by now. I’d already taken a few pictures before I realized I forgot my bindi -.- so I had to take some more awkward pictures. 

Here’s a product list of what’s on my face (as I remember it:

  • Foundation: Becca luminous foundation (warm honey),
  • Concealer: Nars radiant creamy concealer (caramel),
  • Eyeliner: Maybelline master ink (black),
  • Mascara: L’Oreal carbon black,
  • Lashes: Huda beauty lashes (Farah),
  • Shadow: MAC (sketch), MAC mineralizing skinfinish (sun power) + MAC studio fix powder (NC43),
  • Glitterliner: Urban Decay (midnight cowboy),
  • Brows: ABH dipbrow (ebony)
  • Lips: MAC lipstick (rebel),
  • Blush: MAC  blush (peachtwist),
  • Highlighter: Laura Geller (gilded honey)

I styled another look with this exact makeup, which I’ll post (hopefully) soon, so stay tuned for that :)♥




Blind The Haters, Honey

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As you can see on the pictures, I’m ready to blind the entire world with my Jeffree Star Cosmetics x Manny MUA skin frost Uranus. I ordered it on Jeffree Star cosmetic’s webshop (and had to pay double because of tax -.-), because I wanted it before it sod out. My sister already purchased their earlier collaboration skin frost in EclipseEclipse is a peachy iced shade, whereas Uranus is more like a golden iced shade. 

When I swatched it, it came off almost too powdery. I wasn’t quite sure about it – but the real test was with a brush on my face, and it didn’t let me down! Of course it looks more illuminating spraying it with a mineral water spray or a setting spray. I received the product in October, and of course I’ve used a couple of times. I will post other posts of the looks where I’m wearing it ;)♥


Noir Desi


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Hey guys! Finally I get to post something else, and first of all; I have to find the definition of Desi. Anyways – I’m brown, obviously, and when I cam home from Sri Lanka, my parents didn’t want me to go back to my apartment immediately. So I had basically nothing else to do but paint my face and try on the new bling- blings, and take awful lot of selfies. Yes – I am going to share some of them with you 😀 As I left most of my pallets and makeup at my apartment, I had to improvise with whatever I had at my parents house – and I honestly think it turned out okay. 

This first look, was inspired by heavy bridal desi eye-makeup. I usually don’t go heavy on with black shadow, but decided to go all-in with black shadow, cut-crease and glitter on the whole eyelid. To balance that out I chose a nude for lips. 

I finished off by wearing my gold jewelries with pearls on, to get a more royal look, and black cropped top with a black dupatta from an anarkali. I bought a fake nose-ring, which is actually supposed to wear as a septum, but I wore it like… yeah as you can see on the pictures 🙂

Product details below, and I’ll show you some other looks I did as well later 😉


Insta: https://www.instagram.com/nevi.vijayarajah/ 


Product details:

Eyes: Huda beauty lashes (Farah), Maybelline brown eyeshadow, Gosh gold eyeshadow, Urban Decay concealer for cut crease & Urban Decay glitter liner (midnight cowboy)

Face: Becca luminous foundation (warm honey/tan), MAC studio fix powder foundation (NW44), MAC blush (spring sheen), Maybelline brown eyeshadow as contour. Urban Decay concealer (med/dark neutral), Laura Geller highlighter (gilded honey)

Lips: MAC lipstick (Whirl) + NYX lipcream (berlin)

Pastels in Summer

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Hey guys 🙂 

Of course I’ll update you guys with the latest saree I’ve worn hehehehe. So here it is. This almost pastel lime/salmon colored georgette saree with thick border and patch work on, is a saree my mother picked up for me last year when she was on Sri Lanka. To be completely honest I didn’t like the color-combination at first – but now I don’t really mind, and love the gold embroidered border 😍. My friend and I found this building with white-painted walls and pallets. It wasn’t easy to find a soft lightning, so this was the best spot to click some pictures. Honestly, she did an amazing job with the angle and everything! 

I actually wanted to do a simple pinkish eye-look, but somehow ended up with a crazy crease color and took it too far -.- So I kept the lips pretty simple by using a lip pencil all over the lips and dap some lipstick lightly on top. Face-products listed below ↓. 🙂 ♥






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