Temple Run (5)

Hello! In this post I’ll show you two big temples I visited. I’ve visited a lot of temples during my stay and while road tripping. I want to show you especially these two temples in Trincomalee. We stayed in Trinco with my aunt’s family. 

The first temple is the Koneswaran temple, which is a dravidian architecture. I didn’t take any pictures from the inside, because we weren’t allowed. The huge gab in the Swami Rock is called Ravanan vettu (Ravana’s cut/ lovers leap). My dad told me the story that in a fight between Ravanan and Lord Siva – Lord Siva was about to slay Ravanan with his sword, but Ravanan dodged in time, and instead Lord Siva’s sword cut through the swami rock. Well, that’s the story my dad told me, but how it actually is written I don’t know.  

img_1590 img_1596 img_1602 img_1609 img_1612 img_1614 img_1621 img_1624 img_1627

After visiting Koneswaran temple, we visited the souvenir shops along the way, and found a dessert-café and got some cool-drinks. Get used to the term “cool-drinks”, I’ll be using it a lot on this trip. 😉

Next temple we visited was the Pathirakali Amman temple in Trinco. The ceiling details were phenomenal! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an amazing ceiling work before! I took some pictures from the inside so you can see for yourself 🙂

img_1629 img_1630 img_1631 img_1633 img_1634

These were the bigger temples I visited in Trincomalee. In my upcoming post, my stay in Trinco continues and we’ll be on sea 😉 ♥


Spring Vibes


Hey guys! It finally feels like spring here! The sun is shining, the temperature is rising to around 10°C (bring out the sunnies and sandals). Friday after uni, my uni-group and I went out to eat ice cream because the sun was shining, and we we’re all feeling the spring-vibes, and craved ice cream. Turned out to be super windy and too cold, so we were coughing while eating the ice cream with frozen fingers. Not exactly the best timing, but totally worth it. 



img_9276 img_9241
img_9277 img_9278

Sunday was a “warm” day (we’re talking about 12°c) and super sunny. Once again I felt the spring-vibe and bought some pretty pink tulips while I was grocery-shopping. Such a pretty pop of color and brings some life to my place. Tulips are actually one of my favorite flowers! 😍🌷 Oh yeah, and as you might have noticed, I thought it was finally time to splurge on my favorite ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s (chocolate fudge brownie). Totally backslash: I woke up next morning with soar throat. It was apparently too early to eat it – so now I switched to camomile tea with honey -.-



Coffee Table



Hey 🙂 After way too long, I went home last weekend for some errands, and my mom drove me back. On the way we went to Ikea to buy a few kitchen equipments. As we were heading towards the cashier, I spotted this coffee table, on display, and had to stop up. It was a funny coincidence, because I’ve been looking for a coffee table in that style, and then I spot it in Ikea! Ikea!? Well, they had the table in white and some weird yellow shade. I actually wanted it in black, but for the prize, I was like “hell yeah”, took it under my wing and brought it home. I ain’t mad though. Look at how fine it compliments the bedsheets and contrast to the couch. Lovely stuff. 

The building process was way too easy – took me less than 5 minutes to put together. next day I realized the  top-plate was loose, because I can use it as a tray. Aaaaah, how nice? And I tried to place my laptop on the skeleton of the table, and it stayed stable. Nothing better than multi-purpose furnitures.




Here are some similar(-ish) tables I’ve been looking at, before I spotted the one from Ikea (here):


















Valentines Day | 2017

img_8720 img_8721

Happy Valentine’s day! I came home to my apartment and found these beautiful roses in my kitchen. The truth is, my mom and brother slept over at my place and before I left for uni, I asked my mom to buy me some roses, and gave her some money. So romantic, haha. Anyways, single or not hope you’re all having a wonderful day out there 🙂 





Hey! In one of my previous posts (Christmas gifts) I listed the gifts I got last christmas, and one of the gifts were a string of lightning bulbs. I’ve been wanting this since I got my couch. I have a bunk bed in my apartment because I wanted to optimize the floor space. I have a one-roomed apartment, so it only made sense for me to have a bunk bed. It gave me the opportunity to also have a couch-area, where I can chill instead of have to crawl up to bed all the time.

I wanted huge bulbs, because it had this rustic scandinavian look to it, and it matches the huge bulb pendant lamp I have in the entrée/kitchen. So I wanted to make the space cozy by adding some light, pillows and a big duvet. The added bulbs makes it easier for me to read before bedtime. My next project is to find a coffee table in a reasonable size, price and design (sigh), and I’m already on it. 🙂


Get the look:

bulb1 (here)bulb2 (here)bulb3 (here)