She’s no Babushka!

Hey guys!
Here’s another outfit I bought on Sri Lanka last summer. I’ve actually worn it twice already but didn’t get the chance to take any pictures due to lack of daylight. You guys know how crucial that is whenever I want to take pictures. So finally I got to wear it again and made my mom take some pictures when we got home from the party. That explains why I look like a bloated babushka doll – we had three course meal. Don’t judge me.

You’ve already seen the pattu dupatta from a makeup look I did last August (here) – but now you get to see the whole outfit.
As soon as I saw the outfit I fell in love with it. It was just perfect! I instantly thought of the Gaurang Shah anarkali Sonam Kapoor wore with a pattu dupatta (picture below), and knew I wanted this more than any other clothes. I had to decide between this pink or a dark green color. They both looked stunning and if it was up to me I wanted both of them, but ended up buying the pink. In another store I found a similar anarkali in sky-blue.

Sonam Kapoor wearing Gaurang Shah anarkali with pattu dupatta

As for my makeup, I kept it simple with liner+lashes (Huda beauty Samantha lashes) and red lips as statement. I finally got to wear my blush-pink high heels from Public Desire to a traditional look! My go to heels are usually black, since they go well with any outfit, so it has been hard to find an outfit where these shoes matches. 🙂


Imported Goodies

img_5619Snack barks with almonds, pretzels and sea salt. New obsession!!

Hey guys!
Long time no blogging – I thought I would make this post as an update + preview on posts coming up.

Last week I’ve been busy hanging out with my homie, who has been living in USA for a year now. She came on a vacation for one week, and brought me all kinds of stuff. Everything from eatable stuff to clothing. I plan to do a post on some of the things she brought me 🙂

We spent the whole week together eating traditional danish food, went to the beach, and hang out as we used to do. Man we’ve missed each other so much and can’t wait till she’s back for good.


Dress like you’re going to meet your Worst Enemy today

img_49995d8aff67-5405-428b-8f86-0cb2dd397f9f 27ecc83c-f349-4664-ac6c-2d04b80931c2 832b092f-00c1-419a-a648-584919db5a69AHAHA, don’t get intimidated by the title, but I honestly don’t dress this fancy on daily basis. Unless my life was like in an Indian drama, I probably would look this grand 24/7.

Anyways, hey guys! I’ve been waiting 8 months to wear this lehenga – I got it from Sri Lanka, and it is my first lehenga purchase. I actually wanted something more simple, but thought I would probably not get this opportunity to buy this grand style in maybe 10, so here I am, twirling in my fancy fancy lehenga 😀
It’s a pink/baby pink lehenga with golden embroidery. I wore it to a wedding reception. Since the lehenga was already heavy work, I wanted to keep the accessories, hair and makeup very simple. I did a brown smokey eye, with nude lips, curly hair and pearl-gold earrings and two gold bangles.
The skirt was unfortunately too short for me to wear heels, but in the end I was happy that I was forced to wear flats, so my feet wouldn’t hurt at the end of the night.

I can’t wait to wear more traditional outfits and experiment with different looks. Especially when we are moving towards spring/summer where lightening is at its peak *-* ♥


Feed your Mind

Hey guys!
I’ve mentioned somewhere in here, that I want to read more books, and someday make my own little library at home. One thing is to buy tons of books, and another thing is to actually find the time to sit down and read them all. So far I’ve ordered/bought/got some books, that I haven’t read yet. Which is a shame, because that was the actual goal I sat. I’ve decided to read all the books I haven’t started on yet/finished before I buy more books.

Here’s a list of some of the books I have in queue:


A brief history of humankind, Sapiens: I’m actually in the process of reading this. I read it whenever I feel like I need a break from all the study-related books, and read a few pages. So far, it is very interesting, and super easy to understand. You get to know some more complicated facts about the evolution, some still on-going debates and unanswered questions about events that leads to today’s Homo sapiens. I’ll give a review and my full opinion as soon as I’m done reading it 😉


the-sunThe sun and her flowers: I already have Rupi Kauer’s first book “Milk and Honey” (here), which I loved! So I ordered this one as soon as I could afford it. I haven’t looked in it yet. My consciousness keeps me away until I’ve at least finished Sapiens. Until then I’m waiting to excitedly!



Call me by your name: I ordered this book with “The sun and her flowers”, because I wanted something more for the delivery money, hehe. Honestly, when I ordered this book I had no idea, that it just came out as a motion film in the cinemas. I swear! So now I’m trying to stay away from the movie, until I’ve read the book. Of course I’ve watched the trailer (how could I resist?), and it looked very Italian 70’s aesthetic. 


lavLavender garden: My brother gave me this book for my birthday. I have a huge list of books I want – so I gave it to him and said he could just give me any of these books, and got me this one. It’s a danish version tho, but I could use some danish reading once in a while so I don’t forget the language 😀 The title sounds so idyllic but I guess it’s some kind of a crime/drama genre.


perksThe perks of being a wallflower: Let me say right away, that I’m guilty. I’ve already watched this movie years ago – but I don’t quite remember it, so it’s fair to say that I can read the book and then rewatch the movie, right? Anyways I read the first 4 pages in this book, and it’s a letter-kind of writing style. So basically it’s a bunch of letters to a person, collected into this book that creates the story-line. I’m not sure if I’ve ever read a book written like that, but that should be interesting I guess. 


I have few more books to add to the list, but I’ll get to them sooner or later hehe. Let me just finish these first and get back to y’all. 😉 ♥



From High-end to Budget-friendly







I came to a point in my life were I decided to stop chasing high end products – mainly because I can’t afford it anymore. I mean, it’s not like I’m never going to buy products from high-end makeup brands. Some of my favorite products are some high end products – but I’m trying to get my hands on other cheaper alternatives. 

Even though it’s the end of the month, I still managed to purchase 3 drug-store items and 2 other high-end products from last month. 

Budget-friendly products:

  • Maybelline Fit me foundation: I already bought this foundation about 3-4 months ago. The shade I bought it in was 350 caramel. As the months passed by, I started to loose my summer-tan, and the shade got too dark for me. So I got a lighter shade 332 golden caramel. This foundation oxidizes to a darker shade, which matches me perfectly! It’s lightweight with a light-medium coverage and I would personally say it’s a dupe for MAC face and body foundation. 
  • W7 Banana Dreams Loose powder: I’ve used MAC’s translucent powder finished it almost a year ago, but couldn’t make myself purchase such an expensive powder, so I’ve been waiting. I finally decided to try a drug-store powder and bought this banana powder from W7. I’ve tried it a few times since I bought it, and it looks okay on the skin, BUT it flashes back if you bake with it. Otherwise it’s an okay product for 50kr.
  • NYX Setting Spray- Dewy Finish/Long Lasting: I recently finished my Urban Decay setting spray, but don’t have the money to repurchase it immediately. So I thought, why not try a budget-friendly setting spray, and bought this one. It works fine, it keeps my makeup in place. It claims to give a dewy finish which I sadly don’t think it delivers – but nothing a hydrating mist can’t fix!

High-end products:

  • Huda Beauty Lashes Samantha: If you’re a long time following reader (hey there), you definitely know that this style of lashes has been my go-to for two years! I finally got a new pair of these lashes, since the other pairs are almost falling apart. This is my favorite pair of lashes, and totally worth the money. I mean, come on, I’ve used mine for two years!
  • Benefit Cosmetics Goof Proof Brow Pencil: I finished my Bobbi Brown eyebrow pencil, and used my ABH dip brow – but personally I think that’s a harsh look for everyday, when I’m not caking up my face with tons of makeup. So I’m glad I got this product. It allows me to draw brow-hair in small strokes and fill in lightly, so it looks more soft and natural. I got the shade 5.

I’m wearing the products on the selfies above. I didn’t use any products besides those I’ve mentioned + my Nyx lip cream (berlin) and L’Oréal mascara (False Lash Wings Mascara). I decided to demonstrate how the products look on me directly, so I did it in my pajamas, and had to wash it off after taking the pictures, hehehe. 🙂


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