Danish Summer ☀️

img_5402 img_5386 img_5396I know I need a manicure and to mow the grass.

Hey guys! It’s been a hell of a week  (of course I’m talking about the weather). The sun was shining most of the week and I’ve taken the initiative to read outside. I’m sure my feet and arms got a tan already.
Thursday I tried to create an 90’s/00’s kinda bollywood look, without my complete makeup collection – mainly without my lashes – which was a challenge. I don’t think it turned out exactly as I wanted, so I’ll try again another time.
I’ll maybe post some of the pictures someday, we’ll see 😉

The book I’m currently reading is Sapiens – I challenged myself to finish it by the end of this week, and it almost seem impossible. It’s mostly because I have tons of other books to read as well. Heheh 🙂



Top 20 || Cartoons and Anime

cartHey guys! You may be wondering what this is about (or not)? I realized that this blog is almost loosing its purpose, but then remembered that I did inform you dear readers that it was a blog about random things, so I’m not entirely sorry for this post.
Let me take you down memory lane. My childhood. Hopefully yours too – If you haven’s watched at least two of these shows, I’m sorry but we can’t be friends.

Beside playing outside all day long with my friends and siblings, I watched a lot of TV shows on Cartoon network, Disney channel, Fox Kids, Jetix and Nickelodeon. When cartoon and animation actually were GOOD.
In my opinion, nowadays cartoon and shows on Disney channel can’t be compared to how good it was back then. I used to watch it until I was 17, and had to stop when they stopped sending my favorite shows.

Anyway, here’s a list of some of my favorite shows I used to watch as a kid, and hopefully you haven’t missed out on them!


1) Legend of the last airbender

aangThis is the most genius thing ever! It’s not even anime, but reminds me of it a lot. Till this day I can still watch it and enjoy the humor and think the wisdom is beautiful. I think I might have rewatched this show at least 10 times! This show is no joke when it has a rating on 9.2 on IMBD. Just give it a chance if you haven’t watched it yet!
The best part is, there’s a sequel to this show called “The legend of Korrra”, that is just as good! It has a rating on 8.6 on IMBD. I’m just saying.


2) Dexter’s laboratory

dexterThis is an OG if you watched Cartoon Network back then. It’s about this genius kid with a secret lab. So inspiring for a future geek lol.


3) Dragon ball

dbThanks to my brother, I grew up reading this Manga among other. Only a few years ago I started to watch the animated version of it – and last year I caught up on ALL the episodes until Dragon Ball Super, and have to catch up on some episodes. This is from the 90’s and is still airing, which is quite cool.


4) Yu-Gi-Oh (GX)

tumblr_static_mj8m6sqOkay, I’m guilty of not watching the original Yu-Gi-Oh, and instead directly watching this sequel. When I was probably 10-11 years old and had my own TV, I would watch this after everybody went to bed and sleep very late (we’re talking about 10pm).


5) Courage the cowardly dog

tumblr_n1xicwnu7o1sipm1io1_500I guess my love for horror/thriller genre started here. This show was disturbing, creepy, scary and still I couldn’t wait to get home from school to watch it. This show probably kick started my interest in reading horror stories and watch movies in that genre.


6) Scooby Doo

dismalcoordinatedarrowana-size_restrictedThey came out with tons of new versions and movies of Scooby Doo, but the original from 1969 are the best (and scariest)! The newer versions are softer and less scary in my opinion. It’s probably because of the brighter colors? For you who don’t know this show (shame on you) – it’s about this group of teenagers and their talking dog, Scooby, who drive from town to town and solve mysteries.


7) Recess

giphyI think we got Disney Channel later than Cartoon Network and Jetix at my home. This show was some of the first cartoons I watched on this channel. I remember the main characters were in fourth grade, and I was just in second or third grade – I couldn’t wait to be as old as them. Before I knew it was in ninth grade and felt so old. I don’t care, I still love this show and their morals.


8) Kim Possible

giphyAnother show from Disney Channel. I loved that the show had a female heroine. The best part of this show is the place Kim and Ron always hang out at, Bueno Nachos. When I was a kid I’d never eaten mexican food, so the thought of nachos, burritos and etc. dipped in cheese made me drool all over the place.


9) W.I.T.C.H

5f8f20e48f657391bdb75891338f98e4The first time I fan-girl’ed W.I.T.C.H was in third grade (somewhere in 2005?), where I found out another girl in my class also watched the show. We became really good friends in fourth grade and played the characters in the recesses and bought the W.I.T.C.H magazines and books. I even had the dolls. I was a major fan of this show!


10) Ed, Edd and Eddy

giphyAaah yeah, this idiotic show about three boys spending their whole summer chasing Jar breakers. It’s super entertaining but I’m amazed how I’m not completely brain-damaged of watching this. They came out with sequel very late – where they’re at school in fall. My younger self was super excited for that!


11) Codename: Kids Next Door

tumblr_ng1ylykjb41ramnmyo1_500As you can see, these were the cool kids of Cartoon Network. They made you wish you and the neighborhood kids had a secret organization in a tree house. They made you wish you had cool codenames. They made you wish… everything basically. They fought the evil adults and teenagers before they’d become one themselves.


12) Spiderman

qz0zaeaNo it’s not THAT spiderman, but the version from 1994. Where Mary-Jane was a redhead, May was an elder aunt and Peter Parker was a photographer . They aired the show on Jetix. According to me that was the prime time of Spidey.


13) Galactic Football

ad9ea16eOnce again, thanks to my brother I watched this Sci-Fi football show on Jetix. It was actually quite good. The only thing that bothered me was the graphics – it was weirdly animated instead of the classic cartoon. It was fairly new back then to animate shows in 3D, but till this day I still hate that kind of graphics.

14) Samurai Jack

deeAnother show I used to watch on Cartoon Network when I was a kid and had my own TV in my room. I retwached this show in my gab-year and it’s still pretty cool. Samurai Jack is about this samurai whose family and entire village got killed by this evil demon Aku. His father died fighting the demon when Jack was a baby – when he grew up he wanted to revenge his father, and fought Aku. During the fight Aku opened a portal and sent Jack to the future, where Aku has taken over the entire world. So the whole show is about Jack trying to get back to the past and defeat Aku.


15) Totally Spies

shorttermacrobaticdogfish-max-1mbThese secret spies were goals as I grew up! All the cool gadgets, shopping, clothes, missions and most importantly, their apartment was a goal of mine. I thought when I finally moved out I would live in a penthouse like they did. Disclaimer: I don’t.
My girl friends and I would always fight over who was which character and bought the dolls.


16) X-men

tumblr_ojlh5ergcs1vvmsa1o1_400I used to watch this cartooned version of X-Men Evolution from 2000. I know it isn’t the OG show, but for me it is since it aired during my childhood. I wonder if they would ever air any of these shows again?


17) Lilo & Stitch

tumblr_lxfurggfur1qi4ns0o3_500Another lovely show from Disney Channel’s prime time. I love how Lilo stay true to herself even though the other kids thinks she’s weird. And their relationship is the cutest. One thing I learned from this show is: Ohana means family.


18) Justice League

tumblr_nhc6isblpm1t0igjoo1_500Repeat after me: THIS IS THE DREAM TEAM OF JUSTICE LEAGUE. The whole concept of young justice and the DC motion movie with only a few of the characters can go to… yeah. That was only one out of many reasons I didn’t really like the movie. I’m not going to spoil anything for you, if you haven’t watched the movie yet. Nothing beats THIS team. Nothing.


19) Tom & Jerry

giphyThis is a classic. The older the version is, the better I like it. Only now I realize how violent this show is, and don’t understand how they did not think about minimizing the amount of violent-scenes in this show, since the majority of their viewers are kids. It was hilarious but it’s actually scarily wrong.


20) Peanuts

tumblr_owz9p9f7j41toamj8o2_r1_500Last but not least. Snoopy and peanuts. I LOVED this show – it was so simple and nostalgic. Well all of the shows are nostalgic, but I really loved this simple show. It was with few scenes, same friends and no adults.

I would honestly love if they could make a channel only for all these old school cartoons and anime. That would be a dream come true for not only me, but probably most people at my age. I don’t know about the rest, but that would be enough reason for me to invest in a TV again, lol.

I wanna see how well this post does, and consider to make a list of my favorite anime or childhood obsessions. It’s another way to get to know me as well 😉


Feed your Mind

Hey guys!
I’ve mentioned somewhere in here, that I want to read more books, and someday make my own little library at home. One thing is to buy tons of books, and another thing is to actually find the time to sit down and read them all. So far I’ve ordered/bought/got some books, that I haven’t read yet. Which is a shame, because that was the actual goal I sat. I’ve decided to read all the books I haven’t started on yet/finished before I buy more books.

Here’s a list of some of the books I have in queue:


A brief history of humankind, Sapiens: I’m actually in the process of reading this. I read it whenever I feel like I need a break from all the study-related books, and read a few pages. So far, it is very interesting, and super easy to understand. You get to know some more complicated facts about the evolution, some still on-going debates and unanswered questions about events that leads to today’s Homo sapiens. I’ll give a review and my full opinion as soon as I’m done reading it 😉


the-sunThe sun and her flowers: I already have Rupi Kauer’s first book “Milk and Honey” (here), which I loved! So I ordered this one as soon as I could afford it. I haven’t looked in it yet. My consciousness keeps me away until I’ve at least finished Sapiens. Until then I’m waiting to excitedly!



Call me by your name: I ordered this book with “The sun and her flowers”, because I wanted something more for the delivery money, hehe. Honestly, when I ordered this book I had no idea, that it just came out as a motion film in the cinemas. I swear! So now I’m trying to stay away from the movie, until I’ve read the book. Of course I’ve watched the trailer (how could I resist?), and it looked very Italian 70’s aesthetic. 


lavLavender garden: My brother gave me this book for my birthday. I have a huge list of books I want – so I gave it to him and said he could just give me any of these books, and got me this one. It’s a danish version tho, but I could use some danish reading once in a while so I don’t forget the language 😀 The title sounds so idyllic but I guess it’s some kind of a crime/drama genre.


perksThe perks of being a wallflower: Let me say right away, that I’m guilty. I’ve already watched this movie years ago – but I don’t quite remember it, so it’s fair to say that I can read the book and then rewatch the movie, right? Anyways I read the first 4 pages in this book, and it’s a letter-kind of writing style. So basically it’s a bunch of letters to a person, collected into this book that creates the story-line. I’m not sure if I’ve ever read a book written like that, but that should be interesting I guess. 


I have few more books to add to the list, but I’ll get to them sooner or later hehe. Let me just finish these first and get back to y’all. 😉 ♥



Elegance in Sport

28832435_2336815129677374_1725195931_nWow this must be the first time I update you guys on currently happened event. As in, it happened today.

Anyways, hey guys! As you can see on the picture above, I brought out my old skates after 5 years! Yes it has been 5 years since I stood on the ice. I’ve missed it so much! It was the one sport I chose by myself and had dedication to. I wasn’t as good as the competing skaters, but I really enjoyed the sport. It’s so elegant, expressive and filled with techniques. I skated for 4 years before I quit, because of studies.
I didn’t know what to expect, going on the ice again after such long time. To my surprise I instantly found balance when I stepped out on the ice, and could easily skate backwards. I didn’t have the balance to jump around and do all the fancy tricks I once mastered.

Skating around, some people approached me and asked if I was a figure skater, and for how long I’ve skated. They could instantly spot that I’ve skated properly before, so that was kinda cool 😉
I would absolutely go back if I could, but the season is over soon, and I’ll have to wait until September 🙁





My Escape.

img_4501 img_4502 img_4503Hey guys! 

I have previously mentioned in my holiday-sum-up post (here) that I got some books for christmas. Not all of these are from christmas-17, and I haven’t got time to read them all either. In between the exam-revision, I needed a short break from all the stress. Besides from hitting the gym, and buy groceries, I took the time to read one of my books.

I finished “Transfervindue” in one evening, even though I’m a slow reader. There’s only 90 pages, so I thought why not just finish it immediately. It’s a danish book written by Maria Gerhardt. It’s about a cancer patient who moves into this fancy Hospice facility on Zealand where the sick people are treated by nuns and doctors. It’s like an isolated sanitized city just for terminally ill patients. It’s a dark comedy and about everything all the healthy people are doing wrong according to the main character. 

Personally I think it’s a good book, and gives an inside on what it’s like to be a patient of such cruel decease, and almost heartbreaking details within those few pages. It’s worth the read. 

I cannot wait till I get time to read my other books – I’m already few pages into “Niceville” (aka. The Help), and already want to order more books. I used to read so much when I was younger, and hate that I stopped. So I definitely want to read more and reduce watching movies for a while. I’ve made a wish list of books, and have a dream of mine to make my own home-library. That would be so cool! 🙂 ♥


P.s – have you noticed the updated header on my blog? I thought it was finally time to change it up a little, it’s been almost a year since I updated it last 😉

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