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Hey peeps.

In beginning of November I ordered a lexicon online, and looked at other books (just for no reason), and came across this one. “milk and honey” by Rupi Kaur. I’ve stumbled upon some poets from this book on the internet a few times, and thought it could be interesting to read some more of it. I’ve never really read poems/poetry books before, so I didn’t know what to expect. The book wasn’t that expensive so I just ordered it. 

First of all. I love this book. It’s simple yet so deep. I wish my 16-year-old-me had this book, because I’m pretty sure it could have been helpful to go through a tough teen with some hope and relatable quotes. It makes you feel like you’re not alone when it comes to all the emotions she writes about. 

The illustrations are also made by Kaur, and they fit in perfectly with the simplicity of her work. I’m down to buy her other book “the sun and her flowers”. Or generally books. My interest in reading books is slowly coming back to me. It’s like an escape ticket for moment from all the chaotic days, and reading 30 min. per day gives your mind a (needed) break. 

I can only recommend this book, especially if you’re open for deeper simple stories and poets 🙂 ♥


I fight like a Girl


Heeey! Let’s continue on my Woman crush Wednesday – older post here – which was on Gal Gadot, and nothing much as changed. Only the fact that she’s playing one of my favorite DC characters and childhood heroine from Justice League. I was shook – yet living, breathing, dying for her. She’s just an amazing badass woman! The main reason I went to see Batman vs. Superman last year, was to see Wonder Woman’s scene. When I heard she was going to get her own movie I died a little. Of course I went to watch the movie when it came out, and it didn’t disappoint me. I will link the trailer down below. 

Guys… My favorite parts of the movie was definitely the fighting scenes. They looked super convincing and not like they were jumping around with lines and ropes. Diana’s slow-motion fighting scene theme music was everything. As I mention: looked super convincing and her 6 months training was really showing off. 

Anyways, I think you should watch the movie for yourself – I love how it empowers women to be strong, fearless, powerful and believe in goodness etc. So hyped if you can’t tell, lol. 😀 ♥


Trailer: here

Sia ft Labrinth – to be human


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What am I doing near the beach at fall? Hey guys, today I manage to find a little time to write a quick post about our 3days trip,, so we could get to know each other at uni. They took us to Hvideklit, and arranged lot of activities and stuff. To be honest, I kinda feared it. I hadn’t been on a trip like that since I was a kid (and I used to love it), but it turned out fine. The food was great *-* Sadly it was super windy but luckily no rain. I got to know some new people and it was so fun!

Even though it is sunday and I feel like being lazy, I came home from my parents’ place today, cleaned the apartment and now have to read some stuff for tomorrow. oh well… Happy Sunday out there :)♥


Conjuring 2

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Yesterday my friends and I decided to go watch The Conjuring 2. We’ve watched the first movie last summer (+ the Insidious movies). None of us have watched a horror movie in cinema before so we were thrilled. We met before the movie started to eat dinner together at a café and ordered some seats last minute. The movie was so good! I think the first movie was slightly better, but they’re both really good! I wouldn’t mind of they made a third movie, honestly. 😉 ♥


Shadism and boycotting Kollywood


Hey guys! I’ve noticed that more people on social media are bringing up the shadeism issue and being real about the fact that people use bleaching products to get a lighter and fair complexion. But this has been literally going on for ages. Ever since I can remember, our society has always based beauty on the shade of our skin – getting criticized for being dark-skinned and being scared to get slightly tanned in the summer is ridiculous according to me. In the early stages of being a teenager, I began to be aware of my skin color – always criticizing myself for being the shade I am, and could never find a foundation dark enough for me. Happily I reached a stage in my life where I realized that I am actually glad I have this golden/brown complexion and it is MY skin tone and I should be proud of it. 

I’ve critized the tamil movie/commercial industry for being so discriminating. I cannot be the only one who has noticed that the heroine in the movie are always the fair skinned. I’ve only seen brown heroines in movies about poor low class themed movies. It is like they represent fair people as wealthy, happy and successful people, whereas darker complexion is the lower class, dirty, poor people. The actresses who play heroine, are often picked from a model bureau for being tall, fair skinned and they often don’t even speak tamil. Don’t get me wrong, but I honestly don’t think that many of those fair skinned models can act. I frustrates me that they pick their heroines based on skin color instead of acting skills. 

Should we have an example on how far the movie industries have gone with the shadism, I would pick the british model Amy Jackson. I don’t hate her or anything, she’s pretty and gorgeous. I fully understood and thought it was genius that they picked her for a heroine role in the movie Madrasapattinam as a british girl. Cool, like obviously they would cast a british girl. Later on she gets to act in other tamil movies as a Tamil girl. Hold on. Aren’t we suffering enough of the social standards for skin color? Aren’t you already setting the standards mountain high with only fair skinned models from north India? Now you’re increasing the standards to sky high by using a non-indian model to represent tamil girls. *Applause*. 

I couldn’t take it anymore – I believed the industry would finally understand and do something about the issue after decades, but it has only become worse. Months ago I stopped watching tamil movies. I just stopped. Like boycotted tamil movie industry. I don’t want to watch and support their movies if they keep going on with the shadism. No matter how good the concept of the movie is, I don’t want to watch it if they don’t cast actors/actresses who actually HAVE acting skills and stop discriminating skin shades. Of course some of the actors and actresses in the industry can act, but that’s like only 20% or something. Not good enough. 

This post is longer than expected, but I really cut it down as much as I could. Be proud of your skin tone and love yourself 🙂 ♥



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