Ambewala – New Zealand farm (9)

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Heeey! Our trip continues in Nuwara Eliya to Ambewala New Zealand farm, where they produce dairy products. Guys… cows. There were soooo many cows and the landscape was soooo beautiful!! Wow, my brother and I freaked out seeing the mountain landscape with cows and fog. Just wow! Above you see some pictures of out trip to the farm. Btw. I was quite surprised about how the cows were eager to lick our faces, lol.

Next up we visited a botanic garden (actually a couple of few), but I won’t go through them, since the most of the pictures are just me being all nerdy about the plants. So instead we’ll move on to some more beautiful landscape, and this hotel with the most amazing view 😀 ♥


Nuwara Eliya (8)

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Hey guys! Our next stop was in Nuwara Eliya. It’s kind of different place compared to the other places on Sri Lanka. The little city is also known as “The city of lights” and “Little England”, because of its english village style. The city is surrounded by mountains and valleys with tea-farms. The climate is quite cooler than everywhere else on the island – the temperature was around 15 C°. The place is super famous for its tea plantation. 

We stayed at an english cottage style hotel. It was SOOOO cold!!! There were no heater in the cottage and none of us brought a jacket or proper clothes for the cold/dewy weather. I could barely sleep in the cold – and thank goodness we only slept in the cold for one night.

Okay listen – my phone was low on battery so I couldn’t take any pictures of the tea farm we visited. I took some pictures on my mom’s phone but haven’t sent them to myself yet -.- It was an amazing place! I’ve always wanted to see the tea plantation. The tea-bushes were symmetrically placed and was a beautiful contrast to the foggy blue sky. 

Next up will be a post about our trip to see some cows 😉 ♥


Elephant Orpanage (7)

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Hey guys! I know I’m late with the posts – but my computer has been super slow and decides to go into spontaneous coma from day to day -.-

Anyways, here’s the next exciting part of our Sri Lanka journey! We went on a road trip with our cousin and a driver to see the center/south part of the country. Our first stop was at Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage (PEO) in the Pinnawala village, where we saw asian elephants. We fed an elephant some fruits, and rode on the back of one. I was super excited to finally get that close to an elephant – it’s absolutely different from seeing them from distance in zoo. I actually got to touch them, and it was a cool experience. 

At the orphanage a natural medicine expert had a booth, and showed us a garden of natural ingredients, and products. We bought some cremes and waxes – and of course we got to try out the products before we bought them. 


disclaimer: none of the things were for free

Waterbending Pro (4)

Hey! In this part I’ll just show you some pictures of a beach in Jaffna. The sand was soft beneath our feet and the water was so clear! We dipped our feet in the water, and since I wore a dress above my knees I walked further into the water and enjoyed being a “water bender” 100%. Sadly I have no video of my terrible attempt to control the waves, but my cousin has it. I promise it looked hilarious. 

We sat in the sand and enjoyed the sunset behind us while small crabs crawled around us. Here are some pictures I captured on the trip. 

img_1440 img_1447 img_1448 img_1457 img_1462 img_1467

The beach is just so beautiful! I got lot more beautiful places to show you. This is only the beginning 😉 ♥


Parents’ Childhood Homes (3)

Hey guys! As we were in Jaffna where both my parents are originally from, we took a trip to where my parents grew up during the civil war. The first day we visited my dad’s neighborhood he grew up on, which isn’t populated anymore. The houses are surrounded by forest and are in ruins. We wandered around for like 10 minutes to find my dad’s house, and there were literally no roads or any path ways. 

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My dad grew up in Tellippalai/Veemankam, and he showed us some spots where he used to hang out with his friends, the small paths to the neighbors’ houses and the church where they used to meet others. The temple has been abandoned since the war, so it was really weird to be at this empty place, that used to be “the place” of life. After sightseeing in Tellippalai we stopped in Kankesanturai at a mini shop and the famous cool-drink Necto.

The following day we visited my mom’s neighborhood in Kokuvil/Taavadi. My mom has rented her childhood house out to an elderly couple, so we visited them and the neighbors. The house has 2 rooms and an open area for the kitchen/living room. 

The living room

The living room

The kitchen

The kitchen

Stay tuned for part 4 of the journey 🙂 ♥


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