Waterbending Pro (4)

Hey! In this part I’ll just show you some pictures of a beach in Jaffna. The sand was soft beneath our feet and the water was so clear! We dipped our feet in the water, and since I wore a dress above my knees I walked further into the water and enjoyed being a “water bender” 100%. Sadly I have no video of my terrible attempt to control the waves, but my cousin has it. I promise it looked hilarious. 

We sat in the sand and enjoyed the sunset behind us while small crabs crawled around us. Here are some pictures I captured on the trip. 

img_1440 img_1447 img_1448 img_1457 img_1462 img_1467

The beach is just so beautiful! I got lot more beautiful places to show you. This is only the beginning 😉 ♥


Parents’ Childhood Homes (3)

Hey guys! As we were in Jaffna where both my parents are originally from, we took a trip to where my parents grew up during the civil war. The first day we visited my dad’s neighborhood he grew up on, which isn’t populated anymore. The houses are surrounded by forest and are in ruins. We wandered around for like 10 minutes to find my dad’s house, and there were literally no roads or any path ways. 

img_1311 img_1318 img_1320 img_1321 img_1324 img_1326 img_1330 img_1338 img_1345 img_1347 img_1351 img_1355 img_1359 img_1360

My dad grew up in Tellippalai/Veemankam, and he showed us some spots where he used to hang out with his friends, the small paths to the neighbors’ houses and the church where they used to meet others. The temple has been abandoned since the war, so it was really weird to be at this empty place, that used to be “the place” of life. After sightseeing in Tellippalai we stopped in Kankesanturai at a mini shop and the famous cool-drink Necto.

The following day we visited my mom’s neighborhood in Kokuvil/Taavadi. My mom has rented her childhood house out to an elderly couple, so we visited them and the neighbors. The house has 2 rooms and an open area for the kitchen/living room. 

The living room

The living room

The kitchen

The kitchen

Stay tuned for part 4 of the journey 🙂 ♥


Back home from Tropical Island


Hey guys. I’ve been absent on the blog for almost a month, because I’ve been on holiday. This year my whole family and I went to Sri Lanka, which is where my parents and roots originally are from. We were on the island for 3 weeks, and I thought I would share the highlights from our trip. 70% of the time we visited relatives and my parents’ old friends and neighbors. So I’ll just cut that part and show you the places and things we saw and explored in the upcoming posts. Stay tuned :)♥


Garden Grill

img_1113 img_1118 img_1119 img_1120

Hey peeps! I’ve been busy doing garden work and recently caught up with gym training. My homegirl and I trained for a week straight, and planned to do it in two weeks. After this weekend we’ll both quit due to travel and not being in the city anymore. So if I decide to continue on the workout, I’ll have to get a membership in Aalborg where I currently live. It’s such a shame, because I really love the local fitness – it’s where my girl and I usually catch up and spend time together in busy schedule. 🙁

Since the weather has been with us, and we’re going on holiday soon, we went all in in our garden, and cleaned the (unbelievably messy) garage. It all looks pretty decent now. So my siblings and I decided to grill since it was all sort of tidy.

My sister and I should probably get an award for always being so extra, hahahaha jk – but we made this little cute table setting. We made lemonade with lime and mint, and bought a cake for dessert :)♥



Life is a Zoo in a Jungle

img_0789 img_0790 img_0796


img_0805 img_0811 img_0812

img_0813 img_0816 img_0817 img_0823 img_0835 img_0838 img_0840 img_0841 img_0844 img_0854 img_0856img_0864img_0859img_0860img_0866


Hey, as I mentioned in my update post, I was in zoo in Aalborg with my study group. We could enter for free, since we’re biology-students and that’s just awesome for our tight budget 😅 There were so many fluffy animals, but the goats definitely got a second visit. That’s it. 50% of my adopted kids are going to be dogs and 50% goats. The weather was quite nice, and of course we wouldn’t miss the opportunity to get some ice-cream. Also, I packed some sandwiches for the trip, hehehe. 

After visiting all the animals and seen some being fed, we made our last stop through a giftshop, and then drove to Café Visa in Aalborg to get some dinner. 🙂 ♥




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