Sprinkle of Ruby and Jasmine

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Hey – it’s me – with the terrible picture quality -.- Anyways, as I warned you, here’s another look from my created purely from my boredom. This could potentially look like a temple-look. I mean, like a really sophisticated kovil-kuttuvilakku look. The dupatta (yes it’s just a dupatta, not a saree), is from a suit I bought In Colombo. Obviously I couldn’t wait wearing it, so I just did this look, with the bun, jasmine flowers and classic red lips with simple eye look. All the jewelries are also from Sri Lanka 🙂

Products used on my face is listed below:

  • Foundation: Becca luminous foundation (warm honey),
  • Concealer: Nars radiant creamy concealer (caramel),
  • Bronzer: MAC mineralizing skinfinish (sun power),
  • Shadows: MAC (Sketch + Tempting),
  • Eyeliner: Maybelline master ink (black),
  • Mascara: L’Oreal carbon black,
  • Lashes: Huda Beauty lashes (Farah),
  • Brows: ABH dipbrow (ebony),
  • Powder: MAC studio fix (NC43),
  • Highlighter:Laura Geller (gilded honey),
  • Lips: H&M lipvenyl (screen siren) + MAC lipstick (Ruby Woo) 

This is probably the last look I created before I went back to my own apartment. Since then I haven’t had that much time to paint, but I did create a halloween look, and some few experiments. I’ll decide whether I’ll post them or not at some point 🙂 Otherwise I have other posts waiting in line for you 😉 ♥


Winter Is Here (2017)

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As cold as it is, winter is officially here! I’m not a winter-child, even though my birthday is in February. My favorite time of the year is probably Spring – not too cold and not too hot. Yet winter has its own kind of charm. All the lights turned on in the city and christmas trees everywhere. The smell of burned almonds and feeling of enjoying a cup of hot chocolate while wrapped in blankets and watching all your favorite annual christmas movies. Mine is definitely “Home Alone 2” and a danish classic “Krummerne 2”.

Well, it’s obviously not the same kind of christmas-spirit while studying at uni, since the exams are from the beginning of January, and there’s a huge project that has to be ready before Christmas eve. Sigh. Anyways, I’m still trying to cheer myself up somehow, and of course do my best to revise for my exams. 

The christmasmarket in Aalborg has been up for a while now, but I refused to enjoy myself in the name of christmas until it was actual December. Also I’m looking forward to wear my ugly christmas sweater and maybe buy some more of that.

So far it has only snowed once in Aalborg, while I was at the library. Of course yours truly ran out to take some pictures of the non-lasting winter wonderland-scape. I’m going to post them on instagram eventually when the layout is right :)♥



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Hey guys! As my parents wouldn’t let me go back to my apartment after our Sri Lanka trip, I tried to entertain myself by painting my face with some of the makeup I had at my parents’ house. I certainly didn’t hold back dressing up with the new jewelries and pieces I bought from SL. Here’s another look I just randomly created. 

Honestly I’m not as creative or good with hairstyling as doing my makeup but I tried to give it a chance. As you can see, I just pulled it out again and let my hair down. My go-to look to be honest. Do I have to complain about my camera quality again? You probably know by now. I’d already taken a few pictures before I realized I forgot my bindi -.- so I had to take some more awkward pictures. 

Here’s a product list of what’s on my face (as I remember it:

  • Foundation: Becca luminous foundation (warm honey),
  • Concealer: Nars radiant creamy concealer (caramel),
  • Eyeliner: Maybelline master ink (black),
  • Mascara: L’Oreal carbon black,
  • Lashes: Huda beauty lashes (Farah),
  • Shadow: MAC (sketch), MAC mineralizing skinfinish (sun power) + MAC studio fix powder (NC43),
  • Glitterliner: Urban Decay (midnight cowboy),
  • Brows: ABH dipbrow (ebony)
  • Lips: MAC lipstick (rebel),
  • Blush: MAC  blush (peachtwist),
  • Highlighter: Laura Geller (gilded honey)

I styled another look with this exact makeup, which I’ll post (hopefully) soon, so stay tuned for that :)♥




Ravage⚠ in Odense

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Hey, so here’s another catch up post from when I was doing my SL journey on the blog. I went to Odense for like the first time. I mean, I’ve driven through Odense a couple of times but never actually been in town. I went broke in Zara because – let me be honest – I thin we probably only have 3-4 Zara stores in Denmark, and the closest Zara store is the one in Odense. I personally like going to their physical store than the online store. I just can’t find anything I like online, compared to their stores. I’ve posted some pictures of my purchases. The first hoodie is from New Yorker, but the other items are from Zara, and I absolutely love them! Who knows, maybe I can find time to click some pictures with the outfits, but I can’t promise anything 😬. 





img_2681 img_2682 img_2683 img_2684 img_2685 img_2686

I’m absolutely in love with the pants! So in this season and I wish I could’ve worn them more, but it’s too cold now 😥 I also love the details on the sleeves on the hoodie. It’s a cropped hoodie with a street-sporty look to it. The cropped t-shirts are actually the same in different colors. I just couldn’t choose between them so I got them both and went broke ._.♥



Sweet mother of…

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Hey guys! I’ve been busy lately (still am and will be until january), so I took some time to pre-write some posts, which I’ll publish during the busy time 😅.

Despite my busy schedule, I try my best to make time to hang out with my friend K, and catch up. We both were craving cupcakes but couldn’t find a cupcake place in Aalborg (at least not online), so we decided to go to Pennylane in central Aalborg. I can’t describe how excited we got when we found out they had cupcakes! Coincidence? I don’t think so 😂. Since it was such a nice sunny day, we also decided to order some smoothies. 

Not only did the cupcake look super pretty, but also tasted soooo good. Unfortunately I’m probably not going to buy it that often since the price was a little too high for a student. I can already promise you that there will be more food-related posts, because that’s almost all I do 🙊