Pastels in Summer

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Hey guys 🙂 

Of course I’ll update you guys with the latest saree I’ve worn hehehehe. So here it is. This almost pastel lime/salmon colored georgette saree with thick border and patch work on, is a saree my mother picked up for me last year when she was on Sri Lanka. To be completely honest I didn’t like the color-combination at first – but now I don’t really mind, and love the gold embroidered border 😍. My friend and I found this building with white-painted walls and pallets. It wasn’t easy to find a soft lightning, so this was the best spot to click some pictures. Honestly, she did an amazing job with the angle and everything! 

I actually wanted to do a simple pinkish eye-look, but somehow ended up with a crazy crease color and took it too far -.- So I kept the lips pretty simple by using a lip pencil all over the lips and dap some lipstick lightly on top. Face-products listed below ↓. 🙂 ♥






Blue Desi Vibes

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Hey guys, here’s a update of my short spring-break at home part II. Another day another party – actually I wasn’t informed about this one, so I had to improvise an outfit + get ready in 30 minutes. Turned out okay, nothing major on the face, and just reuse a Sabyasachi replica I wore last summer for a wedding. This time with the actual matching blouse though. I just got it stitched last month so, I was like why not?

The weather was constantly changing, so it was pretty cloudy and windy by the time we went out to the parking lot near the church to take a few clicks. 

I can’t express how much I’ve missed and like tamil veggie food enough. It’s so tasty and I get so full I could go take a nap afterwards (FIY I don’t usually nap). So it was nice to get so much tamil food in general in that short period I was home. Of course I got a little parcel with me back to my place, hehehehe. I was hoping my food-baby wouldn’t be too obvious but, come on – food is life. 


Green Floral Realness





Hey, long time no update huh? I went home for a few days because of the holidays. Gosh I’ve missed my mom’s tamil food and my fluffy dog. Thursday we went to Copenhagen for a wedding reception – beautiful couple btw. After 9 months I finally got an excuse to wear a saree again. I bought this one almost a year ago, but took me long to get the blouse stitched. The blouse was kinda itchy because of the sequins, but hey it didn’t look that bad. It was super windy while taking the pictures. So I only have pictures of me removing my hair of my face – which I must admit – brings some life into the picture.
The saree is a Sabyasachi replica, like many of my other sarees, and I couldn’t resist the floral print and georgette material. I styled it minimal with a pair of RamLeela earrings, a diamond bracelet and gold ring from Pilgrim. I didn’t have time to style my hair so it was just straight. 


Wedding Weekend

Hey there! I wanted to show you guys my outfit from last weekend’s wedding. It was divided into two parts. They got married in Pillaiyar kovil (Ganesh Temple), and later that day had the reception part in a hall.

I wore a yellow/orange pattu-looking saree for the first part. I bought the saree in London last summer and finally got to wear it. I got my blouse stitched with 3/4 sleeves and higher neckline. I ordered the jewelries online. My mom braided my hair and we added some white flowers for some root-vibes 😀

For the reception part I wore a new saree, which I ordered online. It is actually a replica of a blue embroidered georgette Sabyasachi saree Deepika Padukone wore for the Bajirao Mastani promotions. I wore a ready-made silver blouse, because I received the saree very late, so I couldn’t get the original blouse stitched in time. I went minimalistic on the necklace, and wore a ear-cuf I got from H&M years ago. Lashes I’m wearing are HudaBeauty Lashes in the style Fahra. 





Tonight I’m off to Greece, and won’t update my blog until I’m home, so if you want to stay updated, follow me on the socials:

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OOTD || Green Silver Bolly

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Hey guys! Another saturday with another party. I’m not complaining since it gives me the chance to glam up and actually use the makeup I have (collecting dust), because I don’t really use it on daily basis. I used this saree for the third time (I think), and thought I would change it a bit, by switching the matching saree blouse to  a silver readymade blouse. I think it worked out well with the thin silver border. I would like to buy some more sarees in this type of material, georgette – but I’m currently saving money for something more important 😉 Talking about saving money… I kind of treated myself last weekend, and ordered some candy on Cult Beauty. Today I received the candy I got myself and bruh I’m excited to try them out. I’ll post them in another post so you can see what I got. ♥


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