Neither a Saint nor an Angel

img_5486 img_5498 img_5500 2cd0cb5e-3e81-4264-bf06-9bcb76433c90 5840bd2e-ff8d-4fae-a574-2856510c70d2 c3dcad29-b350-458c-8c57-5207a3decdc8I mean, why wouldn’t I feel like an angel dressed like that? Maybe a South-Indian angel?

Hey guys, guess who created another look using the endless traditional attire, jewelries and accessories? Moi!
I had kind of had this look in mind – a whole white angelic look. The last pictures above were my first attempt on the look. Then I realized the look missed something, and I added the flowers (and some gloss).

I kept the makeup look simple, and added a royal blue shadow to my bottom lash-line as the only pop of color to the entire look. 🙂 ♥


She’s no Babushka!

Hey guys!
Here’s another outfit I bought on Sri Lanka last summer. I’ve actually worn it twice already but didn’t get the chance to take any pictures due to lack of daylight. You guys know how crucial that is whenever I want to take pictures. So finally I got to wear it again and made my mom take some pictures when we got home from the party. That explains why I look like a bloated babushka doll – we had three course meal. Don’t judge me.

You’ve already seen the pattu dupatta from a makeup look I did last August (here) – but now you get to see the whole outfit.
As soon as I saw the outfit I fell in love with it. It was just perfect! I instantly thought of the Gaurang Shah anarkali Sonam Kapoor wore with a pattu dupatta (picture below), and knew I wanted this more than any other clothes. I had to decide between this pink or a dark green color. They both looked stunning and if it was up to me I wanted both of them, but ended up buying the pink. In another store I found a similar anarkali in sky-blue.

Sonam Kapoor wearing Gaurang Shah anarkali with pattu dupatta

As for my makeup, I kept it simple with liner+lashes (Huda beauty Samantha lashes) and red lips as statement. I finally got to wear my blush-pink high heels from Public Desire to a traditional look! My go to heels are usually black, since they go well with any outfit, so it has been hard to find an outfit where these shoes matches. 🙂


White Army

Hey guys!
Before you scroll down, let me explain what all these whites are about. This spring I had a certain obsession with the shade yellow and tartan pattern. Because of my economical status I didn’t purchase any item of those. It was fine, since my desire changed as the season did.

Now I have an interest for WHITES. White clothes, huge buttons, snake skin, gold jewelries, straw-anything and small sun glasses. It’s a whole white-on-white look, with brown/soil/reptile accent tones/color. I made a wish-list and inspiration list below of my vision. If you’re interested in some of the items I have linked them below 😉




White top (here), Skinny paty jeans (here), Straw bag (here), Stud strap sandals (here), Golden leaf earrings (here), White denim jacket (here)



Dress with tortoiseshell buttons (here), Mini denim skirt (here), Toby top (here), White T-shirt (here), Multi-row necklace (here), Baker boy hat (here), Small fashion glasses (here), Skin shoulder bag (here)



Bow linen jumpsuit (here), Crepe Straight Jumpsuit (here), Fabric slippers with bow (here), Straw bag rounded (here), Cat-eye sunglasses (here), Hoop earrings (here)



Sole sock sneakers (here), Selected sunglasses (here), String Hoodie (here), Sweat shorts (here), Vinyl cover bag (here), Adidas visor (here), Sports bra (here)




Can You Paint with all the Colors of The Wind?

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Okay, this is kinda sad. I wanted to post these pictures during spring along with this post, but unfortunately we’re in June, and it’s officially summer 🙁
Anyway, it’s better late than never, right?

As you can tell I was obviously VERY happy about spring finally arriving and the blossom had begun.It was super windy and therefor a bit cold when we took the pictures, and yeah I know I to cut my Pocahontas-hair soon 🙂
I’ll give you a disclaimer on the blog; you can look forward to more spring-related pictures on my Instagram, since I had tons of other pictures to post before those -.- (well planned 👏).



T-shirt: Levis
Skirt: Divide
Jacket: Levis
Watch: Daniel Wellington


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset





I’m seriously considering semi-permanent lashes, if it wasn’t because I’m broke.

Hey guys! I mentioned in a previous post that I tried to create a 90’s/00’s kinda bollywood look (here) – but I didn’t bring much make-up and accessories so I was kinda limited. Even worse; I forgot my lashes. It’s a big deal for me since my own lashes don’t cut it.
I honestly wasn’t satisfied with the look, so I wanted to give it a try again some other day when I have my makeup with me.

The pictures above are a few shots of the look – I probably won’t post them on my Instagram, so you’ll only see them here 😅.


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