Black Veil

Hey guys!
Yeah I need to be better at updating this page, but I’m really trying to make the posts sync with the pictures on my instagram feed. Just to make sense.

Anyway, here’s a anarkali you guys haven’t seen me wear yet. I’ve had it in my closet for like 2-3 years? I haven’t worn it until now, since it was too big for me and I finally got my mom to stitch it up for me. Also gained some weight, which also helped, hehe. I got this from Switzerland, where my sister bough this one in navy.
I love the heavy work on top, and the way the golds and silver shines in the sunlight. What I’m NOT a fan of, is the inner fabric being not as wide as the net , so it doesn’t look flowy when I twirl, and it gives me a mermaid-kinda look. To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of mermaid-styles.

As you can see my hair has become shorter, which I’ll talk more about in another post 😉


Danish Summer Vacation

Hey guys!
I’ve already been to the beach in Aarhus once this summer with one of my best friends. This time I went to Soendervig beach near Hvid Sande with my sister, another best friend and her mother. It’s at a summer cottage area, with lots of turists, danish coast nature and small restaurants and cafés. So cosy!

We went during afternoon, so there weren’t a lot of people at the beach by the time. It was super windy and the water was cold. Since I was already wearing my bathing suit, I went down to the water right before we left.

For dinner we stopped by Karma in Herning, and as per usual, I had to order my spaghetti bologna. I hope I get to go again some other time, and the area in Soendervig was so peaceful, I would probably book a cottage and stay there next summer 🙂 ♥


Just my Favorite Burger bar

This is not a sponsored post (although, if Grillen Burger bar is reading this: hey, you guys should totally hit me up 😉 ).

Hey guys!

I think we all know by now, that this grill bar is officially my favorite burger bar ever! It’s my go-to place now, and I find myself keep trying to find an excuse to go eat there. Not only do their burger menu taste delicious, but they’re also genius enough to put Ben&Jerry’s MILKSHAKE (hell yeah) on the menu with my absolute favorite flavor: chocolate fudge brownie 🤤.

Anyway a good news for me, is that they just opened another restaurant in Herning, which is near my parents’ place. Guess I’m going to be broke like I’ve never been before. Hehehe #WorthIt 😏.


Neither a Saint nor an Angel

img_5486 img_5498 img_5500 2cd0cb5e-3e81-4264-bf06-9bcb76433c90 5840bd2e-ff8d-4fae-a574-2856510c70d2 c3dcad29-b350-458c-8c57-5207a3decdc8I mean, why wouldn’t I feel like an angel dressed like that? Maybe a South-Indian angel?

Hey guys, guess who created another look using the endless traditional attire, jewelries and accessories? Moi!
I had kind of had this look in mind – a whole white angelic look. The last pictures above were my first attempt on the look. Then I realized the look missed something, and I added the flowers (and some gloss).

I kept the makeup look simple, and added a royal blue shadow to my bottom lash-line as the only pop of color to the entire look. 🙂 ♥