Joe&theJuice - PowerShake

Joe&theJuice – PowerShake



Holding ma girl’s hand – it seemed to be some creepy stuff


Fish eating my feet and possibly also ate some of my Henna x) I dunno



Hey 😉

Busy busy busy… #senioryear – and finally we had 1 week holiday, so my friend and I decided to try Siam Thai’s fish spa in Herning. A (random) coincidence: Joe&theJuice was going to open for the first time in Herning, on the same day we went to the city. We went there by bus early, so I guess we were some of the first customers. They were very kind fellas – after the fish spa we went to Joe&theJuice again cuz.. why not? Probably gonna be an obsession…

We tried the fish spa for the very first time. The thai lady noticed my henna on my feet and told me that it was pretty 🙂 I didn’t look at the fish when i put my feet down, because I knew that I couldn’t face the small fishes. It felt like 1000 small vibrates – living vibrates. My friend needed to hold my hand, and after some time she finally handed her feet to the hungry fishes.

After 30 min. we got some creme and foot-massage – then WOOP – we had feet smooth as baby skin. It’s definitely not the last time at fish spa and Joe&theJuice ♥


OOTD – GreenBolly

Outfit: 18.10.2014



“Caught in Action” – The power of Selfie


IMG_8635 IMG_8643 IMG_8659



Hey peepz! First let me explain the quali of my pictures: iPhone. Like, I’m sorry guys but I don’t have a fancy camera with HD and stuff, so it’s gonna be iPhone quali – it could have been better in daylight but the sun apparently disappeared so.. heh 😀

I finally got my blouse stitched to my neon green saree, and also got an opportunity to wear it for a 18th birthday (yaay). I got my blouse stitched in a different way, partly because it was a cut-out blouse and partly because it’s a Arpita Mehta Replica saree, so I wanted the blouse stitched in the same way. The blouse was embroidered with mirror work, and the mirror work was as well on the long fabric piece as border.

 So me and ma gurrrl wore sarees together and got a lot of selfies together. It was actually our first time wearing saree together – so we had to memorize it 😉

Wanna know where I got this saree? The link: here

Yes, I forgot my bangles because I didn’t have enough time to find my jewelries. But I actually wanted to wear some statement earrings *-* I chose not to wear a necklace because I thought the blouse was already “filly” with the pattern. ♥


Midnight Children

Hey ma lovely (curious) readers!

I’ve spend my weekend solely on watching movies and serials. I just fell like I needed a pause from the huge amount of assignments, so I watched a variety of movies. One of the movies were “Midnight Children“. I planned to watch this movie already last year when I find out that Shriya Saran and Siddharth Narayan were main characters, but I forgot all about it… Anyway, I finally watched it! It was… ehm.. quite different from what I’m used to watch. The society was described very realistic and referrers back to the time, where India became independent from the rule of British Raj (1947). It was a different experience to watch the movie, but I liked it tho.


Shriya Saran as the character “Parvati”, on the official movie poster

As the saree-addicted person I am, I found some of Sabyasachi’s “Return to Tradition” collection, which I think matches the formal class in Indian society in the period of 20th century. But Sabyasachi has given the look a modern twist tho 😉

Back to Traditional - Sabyasachi 1


Back to tradition - Sabyasachi 2 Back to tradtion - Sabyasachi 3 Back to tradition - Sabyasachi 4

The finishing touch of the 40's look with these sharp shaped sunglasses from Vogue Eyewear

The finishing touch of the 40’s look with these sharp shaped sunglasses from Vogue Eyewear

Back to traditional - Sabyasachi 5

The traditional middle class with modern fashionable twist

The traditional middle class with modern fashionable twist

Another Traditional twisted with modern style

Another Traditional twisted with modern style

 Find the traditional Kolkata inspired sarees by Sabyasachi right here.

The movie is both dreamy and dramatic, a fascinating view of Indian history seen through the prism of a personal story.♥



Jelly Jam Times

Hiii ppl! 😀

I’ve been blogging for few months now, and it’s kinda fun and I feel like it’s a place where I can write about anything independently. Cool!

I have this crazy friend of mine, and when we are together, we might be the craziest “couple”, and call ourselves jellyfishes (we also have this special jellyfish dance).

We created a FaceBook Blog together named “Jelly Jam Times“, so I wanna give it a shoutout, and recommend you guys to like the page. I know there is not much on the page yet, but we have a list of things to do, and will soon post some random entertaining stuff, so stay updated and give us a chance 😉 thanks xx

They call us Cray Cray

They call us Cray Cray

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