Blue Desi Vibes

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Hey guys, here’s a update of my short spring-break at home part II. Another day another party – actually I wasn’t informed about this one, so I had to improvise an outfit + get ready in 30 minutes. Turned out okay, nothing major on the face, and just reuse a Sabyasachi replica I wore last summer for a wedding. This time with the actual matching blouse though. I just got it stitched last month so, I was like why not?

The weather was constantly changing, so it was pretty cloudy and windy by the time we went out to the parking lot near the church to take a few clicks. 

I can’t express how much I’ve missed and like tamil veggie food enough. It’s so tasty and I get so full I could go take a nap afterwards (FIY I don’t usually nap). So it was nice to get so much tamil food in general in that short period I was home. Of course I got a little parcel with me back to my place, hehehehe. I was hoping my food-baby wouldn’t be too obvious but, come on – food is life. 


Long Flowy Dresses

Hey peeps. This spring I’ve been feeling the maxi flawy dresses in prints and colors. As a student, there are many things I dream of, but buying all these seasonal clothes is kinda tight ._. But a girl can dream. Here are some flowy dresses I’ve found to bring the spring mood and some sunglasses/shoes to pair them with. Links to the items are linked below 🙂 





(1) – 100% silk dress (mango) here and here

(2) –  Floral print flowy dress (mango)  here

(3) – Floral print flowy dress green (mango) here

(4) – Flowy dress peach (mango) here

(5) – Floral Detail Button Maxi Dress (Boohoo) (here)

(6) – Wrap Front Maxi Dress with Cold Shoulder in Mixed Print (ASOS) (here)

(7) – Intuition Dress (Nelly) (here)

(8) –  Made In Kenya Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress In Ditsy Floral (ASOS) (here)

(9) –  High Neck Floral Mesh Maxi Dress (Vero Moda) (here)

(10) – Embroidered long dress (Mango) (here)



(1) here | (2) here | (3) here | (4) here


(1) here | (2) here | (3) here | (4) here

Green Floral Realness





Hey, long time no update huh? I went home for a few days because of the holidays. Gosh I’ve missed my mom’s tamil food and my fluffy dog. Thursday we went to Copenhagen for a wedding reception – beautiful couple btw. After 9 months I finally got an excuse to wear a saree again. I bought this one almost a year ago, but took me long to get the blouse stitched. The blouse was kinda itchy because of the sequins, but hey it didn’t look that bad. It was super windy while taking the pictures. So I only have pictures of me removing my hair of my face – which I must admit – brings some life into the picture.
The saree is a Sabyasachi replica, like many of my other sarees, and I couldn’t resist the floral print and georgette material. I styled it minimal with a pair of RamLeela earrings, a diamond bracelet and gold ring from Pilgrim. I didn’t have time to style my hair so it was just straight. 


10 Randoms


Random facts:

  1. I’ll never get tired of spaghetti bolognese – it’s my favorite dish ever, and no matter how many days in a row I eat it, I’ll never get tired of it!
  2. When I was a kid, I was a afraid of cats because i found their eyes to be very intimidating. Like they stared into my soul. I even had nightmares about them. I’m fine now though.
  3. I used to hate my lips, I thought they were too big compared to my small face. I’ve accepted it now.
  4. I get anxiety talking to strangers, and especially on the phone. Trust me, it was very challenging for me to work in a call-center.
  5. I love to do nothing – as in being home and do nothing. I could literally stare in the wall for hours and it wouldn’t bore me.
  6. I played football for a year when I was around 9-10 years old.
  7. If it was possible, I would have failed cooking class. I literally sucked at it and I’m pretty sure my teacher didn’t like me either. It didn’t stop me from cooking at home though.
  8. On daily basis I prefer not wearing makeup at all. Since January 2016 I decided to focus on healthier skin, so I didn’t have to wear a tons of makeup. Instead, I wear moisturizer and SPF everyday. 
  9. I have atleast 2-3 nightmares per night, and try to write them down in details as soon as I wake up.
  10. Since I was 3 I’ve slept alone in a room of my own – and that’s how I prefer to sleep ever since. Alone, in my own bed and in my own room. I also prefer the room to be completely dark and slightly cold with tons of pillows. 


on my face: Huda Beauty lashes (samantha), ABH modern renaissance palette, Laura Geller gilded honey highlighter, Kat Von D contour palette, Max Factor lipstick (Ruby Tuesday) + MAC lipstick (Dark side)



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Hey peeps! As you can see above, I’ve splurged on food again. No biggie anymore, but this brunch though… Okay, so my friends and I booked a table at DeliMarché, which is a café in Aalborg. Such a cute place. Every first saturday in a new month, they have this brunch-buffet. We had talked about try it for months, so we finally did it. It was so delicious and formal. They got me at waffles, haha. Oh yeah, and drinks were included in the price. 

After brunch we went to centrum for shopping and walked along the harbor. There were so many people out there, just chilling, eating ice-cream/frozen yogurt. It wasn’t like hot that day or sunny, but it wasn’t cold either.

I’ve tried my friend’s MAC studio fix plus powder a few times, and thought it was time to purchase it myself. Somedays when I’m going out, I want a sheer coverage without having to apply any foundation or concealer, and this is a good solution. It is probably the only powder that doesn’t look too “powdery” or “cakey” on my skin – which is perfect for day-wear. I bought it in shade NC43, which matches my forehead- and chin area, so it won’t look ashy on me.  



So far I’ve applied it with a kabuki brush (Nilens Jord NO. 110), but I want a more dens short-brisseled kabuki brush, so the powder can be worked in to the skin. :)♥



Jeans – Gina Tricot

Sweater – Monki

Shoes – Mango