It’s getting Hot in Here

lemonadeYay! The weather is already getting better and I’m moving from hot drinks towards fresh cool things. I bought some citrus fruits in the grocery store and made some lemonade and detox water. I also bought a basilica plant, because as I’ve mentioned in here before, my favorite dish is spaghetti bolognese. I swear, the fresh basilica in the bolognese  makes it more flavorful and perfect!
Anyways, the warmer weather and more daylight makes me feel more productive and motivated to be healthier. Or something like that heheh.

This was basically just an update, but I’ll post my wedding-guest outfit in few days, so watch this space 😉 ♥


Delayed Spring?

a bHey!

Is it just me… or is the weather totally unapologetically inappropriate for marts? Marts is the first month of spring and it’s literally snowing. A lot. More than it did the past few months.
For those who don’t believe in global warming… please take a look outside 🙂

Anyways – it won’t stop me from enjoying it a little bit. It’s pretty and we still get to drink hot chocolate and wear fluffy socks.

As I can see, the snow is already beginning to melt again, and the temperature is slowly rising – so hopefully we can expect spring-weather soon, right? 😉 ♥


[Laughing on the Inside]

img_4883 img_4884 img_4885 img_4886

Eeeeeeey! It wouldn’t be my post if it wasn’t published some days later, hehehehe. Happy belated valentine’s day!
Today I bring you a chrome cut crease – I didn’t want the look to be too pink so I added a champagne-ish color from inner-corner to the center and cut the crease with a rose-gold chrome glitter shade. All this, presented on a bitch-resting face. 

I’ve been busy studying – it’s just getting more and more tough, and so stressful. So I took some hours off and put on some makeup and relaxed for a bit, even though I was going nowhere. I also decided to take a few days off Instagram to get my stuff done. I’m honestly spending way too much time on it and decided it would be better for me if I reminded myself that what’s really important is, that I’m present and doing my work as first priority. I get easily distracted, and so far it has been going well. 

Besides, it is my birthday week, but I’m not sure if I’m going to celebrate this year, since there’s a lot to catch up on -.- ♥


My Holiday (summed up)🎉

Before you start to scroll through my pictures to get a quick view – apologies; I’v been absent because of my exam period and had to spend time revising during the last week of december until now. I still have some exams in this month, so I’m just gonna make it quick 😉

Two days before christmas, my friend and I took the bus to Copenhagen, to go to tivoli. He was going home for the holidays and I had a party to attend next day, so we thought why not travel together and go to tivoli as well? I’ve only been there once and didn’t try anything. During christmas time, they decorated the place with lights and fake-snow and we immediately got the christmas-spirit. It was super cold, but totally worth it! 

On the way we booked a table at Sticks & Sushi at the roof of Tivoli Hotel. The view was so nice, and I bet it would be even better during summer, where you can sit on the terrace. It was quite expensive, but the quality was top, so it made sense. 

img_4291 img_4299 img_4301 img_4302 img_4305 img_4306 img_4310 img_4314 img_4315 img_4316 img_4317 img_4319 img_4321 img_4323



And of course we made it home to christmas, theres nothing much to tell, than we ate the traditional christmas dinner and dessert, opened presents and played some boardgames. I got more books, and cannot wait till I get time to read them 🙂

img_4332 img_4335 img_4341 img_4359 img_4360 img_4362

I got back to my apartment shortly after to revise, and celebrated New Year’s eve with my uni-friends and others. It was my first time celebrating NYE without my family, but it was different and a new experience. Before I end this post I want to wish you all a happy new year! 😉 


Winter Is Here (2017)

img_4060img_4054 img_4061 img_4076




As cold as it is, winter is officially here! I’m not a winter-child, even though my birthday is in February. My favorite time of the year is probably Spring – not too cold and not too hot. Yet winter has its own kind of charm. All the lights turned on in the city and christmas trees everywhere. The smell of burned almonds and feeling of enjoying a cup of hot chocolate while wrapped in blankets and watching all your favorite annual christmas movies. Mine is definitely “Home Alone 2” and a danish classic “Krummerne 2”.

Well, it’s obviously not the same kind of christmas-spirit while studying at uni, since the exams are from the beginning of January, and there’s a huge project that has to be ready before Christmas eve. Sigh. Anyways, I’m still trying to cheer myself up somehow, and of course do my best to revise for my exams. 

The christmasmarket in Aalborg has been up for a while now, but I refused to enjoy myself in the name of christmas until it was actual December. Also I’m looking forward to wear my ugly christmas sweater and maybe buy some more of that.

So far it has only snowed once in Aalborg, while I was at the library. Of course yours truly ran out to take some pictures of the non-lasting winter wonderland-scape. I’m going to post them on instagram eventually when the layout is right :)♥


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