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Hey guys 🙂

Today I had to improvise making lunch sincerely I was home alone. I was too lazy to go out and buy anything, so I decided to improvise with whatever we had. I found some potatoes, and wanted to try making baked potatoes. It would take 40-50 min. in the oven for the potato to be baked, and honestly.. That’s way too long time! So I found a recipe on how to make it with a microwave oven, and it took only 5-6 min. I supplied the potatoes with some butter and spinach leaves, and sprinkled some pepper on the potatoes. 

It tasted surprisingly good, and definitely something I would cook again. ♥


Monday’s Breakfast Club

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Goodmorning! Before I start to read for my next exam, I thought it would be motivating to get something healthy for breakfast. So I made toast with dark chocolate and kind of sausage made of rolled meat on the top of them, and also decided to make a mini sandwich with fresh spinach leaves, pepper and rolled meat sausage. And I made green tea besides the breakfast. I’ve got a weakness for spinach lately, and have put it into sundries of dishes – and it tasted so good! 



To come…

Hey guys!

Yesterday the last exams got published and I’ve already done my first exam today. The exam season has begun and will end in the end of June. So I’ll be quite busy in a period and may not be able to blog that much. These exams are important since I’m graduating this year, and have to move on with my life. Eventually university? Haven’t decided yet though, but I’m taking a year off from studies to figure out what I really want to do with my life, and do some work and research on some educations 🙂 

Here’s some few pics from my casual life↓









Take care 


Classic Prom Look



Hey Guys!

I won’t fortunately get over the fact that my Prom Makeup was ON POINT! Usually something about my makeup always goes wrong – specially on the day I have to wear it for a special occasion. But Lord was by my side and letted me wear my makeup perfectly.

As I mentioned in my earlier posts, I did a classic golden-lid cat eye with red lips. I (surprisingly) used a lot of makeup for this look. If it wasn’t because I practiced and planned my makeup the day before, I would have been stressing over the look. Too much?-  not enough? – alike.

Here’s step by step of my look + products:

Clean face:

  • Always wash your face and dap it with a towel

  • Apply moisturizer or/and oil to your face (5-10 min. before). I used my E-vitamin oil + E-vitamin skin moisturizer from The Body shop

  • Apply immediately lip-moisterizer (I used vaseline)


  • I start using my MAC medium deep corrector paletteBurnt coral for dark spots and NW40 for under eyes and blended it lightly with my 217 blending brush from MAC.

  • Then I cover the correction with my MAC face and body foundation, and blend it with my beauty-blender.

  • For highlight + extra coverage I use my MAC concealer on my forehead, on the cheekbones, chin, cupid’s bow and on he bridge of my nose. I blend this in with my beauty-blender and my stippling brush.


  • As a base for the eyeshadow I use naked from the Naked Palette 1.

  • For transition color I used buck from the same palette.

  • Then I applied eternal gold from Maybelline’s Colour tattoo collection on the lids

  • As a shadow I used dark horse from NP1

  • Then I went over with another gold color, half baked from NP1, on the top of the gold-lids, to make the color pop.

  • Then I grabed my 263 angle brush from MAC and used MAC carbon eyeshadow – applied it as a triangle at the outer corner of my eyes.

  • Blended the black well with the shadow color.

  • For the eyeliner I lined up a thin line at the upper lash line with my MAC eyeliner. Using my gel eyeliner pot from Maybelline + 263 angle brush from MAC I created a wing on each eyes and connected it to the inner corner of my eye.

  • Applied half-baked from NK1, slightly in the inner corner of my eyes to make them pop.

  • lined slightly my waterline

  • Curled my lashes, applied 1 coat of mascara (Rimmel london, Scandaleyes extra black).

  • Applied false lashes from MAC

  • Applied slightly a second coat of the same mascara + applied a little bit at the lower lashes


  • Brush the brows on place.

  • Taking the rests on the 263 angle brush, I define my eyebrows’ natural shape.

  • With a light hand, draw small strokes at the end of my brows with the angle brush.

  • Filling up at the front part of the brows with Maybelline 750 chocolate chic (Eyestudio Mono), to make the brows look natural as possible.

Contour + powder:

  • contoured with Maybelline 750 chocolate chic (Eyestudio Mono), under my cheekbones, hairline, jawline, sides of my nose and under the chin.

  • Applied MAC sweet as cocoa blush where I contoured my cheekbones.

  • Made a BIIIIIG smile to my mirror reflection and  with a light hand applied blush from MAC peach twist on the apples of my cheeks.

  • Applied MAC dark powder on my forehead + tip of my nose as finish.


  • Dapped a bit of foundation the lips as a base.

  • lined them up with MAC lipliner follow your heart, and made some up and down lines in the middle of the lips.

  • I filled the spaces between the lines with MAC lipstick ruby woo, and blended it nicely in with another lightly coat of the same lip liner

IMG_2155 IMG_2611

That’s how I created the look! 



Hey guys!

I went to Hannover in Germany last weekend for a birthday-party. The weather was fiiiiiiiiine! Better than DK – honestly the weather had been so nasty the past few days in Denmark, and I just got the chance to enjoy dry sunny weather in the south.

The party was at Saturday, so we drove saturday morning. I got the chance to drive German motorway and drove about 300 km (proud, cuz I’m not the best driver). The party was great and of course I wouldn’t mind taking a lot of selfies and find a nice place outside for shooting xD

We slept in a little house in the older part of the city, and drove home Sunday morning.



Outfit + minimalistic makeup

Getting ready in a small vila - Old German style house

Getting ready in a small vila – Old German style house

Close up on the minimalistic makeup look + gold Jhumkas

Close up on the minimalistic makeup look + gold Jhumkas

Fell in love with the flowers! *-* The nature was amazing and so wide!

Fell in love with the flowers! *-* The nature was amazing and so wide!


Outfit - Fuschia Anarkali from Switzerland, Lucern

Outfit – Fuschia Anarkali from Switzerland, Lucern

Weird posing ~ shooting

Weird posing ~ shooting

Rocking the after party in my jogging-pants, sweater and Jhumkas

Rocking the after party in my jogging-pants, sweater and Jhumkas

To-go Heiße Schokolade before we left Hannover and headed home

To-go Heiße Schokolade before we left Hannover and headed home

Next weekend, I’ll be attending another birthday party in Copenhagen 😉 ♥

~ Neevadha ~