Black Velvet Drape

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Our only decent picture

Our only decent picture


Saree: Sabyasachi Replica // Earrings: Ram Leela // Bindi: S&S Ornaments // Lashes: Red Cherry // Lips: MAC Rebel

Goodmorning (kind of)! Yesterday was a spontaneous choice to drape a saree, but I actually planned to wear an anarkali. Doesn’t matter! I chose this black velvet saree with gold embroidery I got for my 19th birthday, and it is a Sabyasachi replica. Sincerely the temperature is close to minus degrees, I wanted a thicker material and the velvet saree definitely kept me warm. I chose again my Ram Leela earrings, even though the pair was heavy, but honestly – aren’t they all heavy? I didn’t take an outfit picture because 1) You guys have already seen this outfit, and if not you can see it HERE 2) The daylight disappeared 2pm and I don’t like taking pictures without daylight, which in my opinion is the best lightning for pictures.

Hope you’ll all have a nice chill Sunday 🙂 ♥


Navy Love // Winter

Hey guys! I haven’t been blogging for a while now, because I’ve been busy with some assignments and study, and I’ll probably still be busy until December. Buuut I try make some posts whenever I can 😉 

Honestly, I’m obsessed with Pinterest! It’s so genius – instead of saving all the pics on your phone, you can create an account on Pinterest and pin all of your fav-pics and divide ’em into categories. I might have a little OCD – but YAS! Lately I’ve been all about the navy-blue outfits. It looks so cool and such a sophisticated color combined with black, white or metallic. I don’t know about you guys, but I think Navy-blue is going to be the color of Winter. So here are some inspiration-pics from Pinterest. 

Let’s be real, Fall is almost gone – there are no more leaves on the trees, it’s no longer sweater-weather but jacket-weather, christmas decoration and lights all over the place, and before we know it, the snow will take over the entire roads and side-walks. I’m sorry, but I  think it’s propitiate to talk about winter now prepare some of the winter-essentials 🙂 

NAVY LOVE winter


Link to my Pinterest: HERE

DIY: Tea Light Candle Holder (DIWALI)


Dear readers! In few days we hindus will be celebrating the festival Diwali aka. Deepavali. For those who aren’t familiar with this festival: Diwali festival means “Festival of Lights” and is celebrated in fall. The festival spiritually signifies the victory of good over evil and is an important festival for hindus. People light up there houses and to do that, I found this DIY tea light candle holder last year and wanted to do it. But I didn’t have the tools to do it, so I waited a year. 

Here are some of the materials you’ll need:

  1. Glue-gun or hobby-glue
  2. Schisssors
  3. Piece of Cardboard (optional)
  4. Colorfull bangles (I recommmend glass bangles, but I used metal bangles)
  5. Tea light candles

Bangles Diya Material

How to do it:

  • This first part is optional, whether you want a cardboard-base or not. You’ll have use a bangle to line out the the circle for your base, and then cut it out.
  • Then glue a bangle to the base and wait for it to dry. You can combine the bangles randomly or in order, but I had some different colors and just glued them randomly together. As I mentioned before: I recommend you to use glass-bangles if you have it, cuz it will look better and the light will shine better through. Also thicker bangles – just to make it easier when it comes to the glue-part.
  • Keep going until desired height and check if there are any loose bangles and make sure they stick together. I used a glue-gun to stick the bangles together, and it was quite messy and hard to work with, so I recommend a hobby-glue instead of the glue-gun.
  • When you’re done, let the glue dry and check if there are any loose spots and cover them. If you use a glue gun, you’ll have to remove threads of glue inside and out. Then you can put your tea light candles inside the holder and voila!
  • To create a display for the bangles you can decorate a plain glass-display or an old CD with glitter, rhinestones, sequins and gems.

Bangles Diya Fremgangsmåde

Even though this DIY was messy because of my choice of glue, I really liked the result and it will look amazing as Diwali decoration or any other ethnic celebration 🙂

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IMG_5476 IMG_5477


The Skull Makeup (Halloween)

Skærmbillede 2015-11-02 kl. 17.44.49

Primer: The Body Shop InstaBlur // Concealer: MAC Pro longwear Concealer  // Eyeliner: MAC Penultimate Eyeliner Rapidblack // Eyeshadow Base: Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hrs   // Cream Shadow: Max Factor Smokey Effect Eyeshadow Onix Smoke // Matte Eyeshadow: MAC eyeshadow Carbon

Hey guys! Here’s a roughly explained tutorial on how I created this skull-look. As you can see I tried to conceal my eyebrows but it wasn’t easy because I have natural dark thick brows – but I tried to conceal ’em as much as I could. Otherwise I just outlined the shape and used a picture as reference. I recommend you to use only ONE picture as reference to make it easier for you 🙂 


Witch Better have my Candy

Hey guys! It’s now two days past halloween and I know I’m (once again) late with this post. I planned to paint my face, eat candy and watch a horror movie on halloween, but it never happened since universe had other plans for me. So I did it yesterday. I painted my face, ate candy and watched The Walking Dead, which I’ve just started to watch (currently season 2). Hope you all had a great halloween! 🙂