Malhotra’s Neon Collection (II)

Once again, long time no post – I’ve just spent some time with my family these past few days, since they’re all busy and rarely have time to just hang out or even eat together. So I took a break from my computer and spent some time with them, watched movies, christmas shopping etc. Talking about christmas, I hope you all had a great christmas and I’ll make a quick post of my christmas eve at some point in this week. It is really difficult to take pictures during winter because of the missing sunlight. 

Which leads me to an explanation of the pictures above. I went to 18th birthday where my friend and I finally could wear our replica sarees from Manish Malhotra’s neon collection together – sadly we couldn’t get a picture with proper lightning, so the true colors aren’t showing off. I took (many) selfies so you can see the makeup I’ve done. I have already shown you the outfit picture once – the only difference is that I’ve changed the earrings and wearing a new pair I bought at Pillaiyar theer this year. The original picture of our replica sarees are below, and I apologies for the lightning on the pictures again -.- ♥

Manish Mahotra Neon Collection


WCW // Gal Gadot

photo by Emanuele Scorcelletti

photo by Emanuele Scorcelletti

Gal Gadot - FF og Wonderwoman

Why haven’t I done a WCW post yet? I have so many but today I’ll mention this one beautiful Israelis actress/model – Gal Gadot. First time I discovered her was in Fast & Furious as Gisele, where she was such an elegant badass girl. Her look is so simple and natural. I look forward to her next movie as a kickass woman in Batman vs Superman, Dawn of Justice as Wonderwoman/Diana. ♥


New here and New there



MAC Flat Out Fabulous Swatch

MAC Flat Out Fabulous Swatch

Urban Decay Setting Spray



The balm Mary Lou Manizer swatch

The balm Mary Lou Manizer swatch




MAC Whirl and Spice Swatch

Hey guys! As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve purchased some beauty products that I want to share with you. I live 2 1/2 hour away from the high-end beauty brands, and only have the drugstore nearby, but lately I’ve been in Aarhus and got the chance to buy some products (+ buying christmas presents = I’m nearly broke now). 

I know most of my makeup is from MAC and I’m trying to buy some products from other brands, but I keep come back to MAC – especially for their lipstick. Once you go MAC you never go back. Well, I’ve got two matte lipsticks – the first one is the MAC Flat Out Fabulous, which is a pinky-fuchia cool toned matte lipstick, and this is the first pink lipstick I’ve found that go along with my skin-tone without being too light or neon. The lipstick stays on the lips all day, but a lip primer underneath is always a good idea. The other lipstick I’ve got is MAC Whirl. I’ve heard so much about it, and wanted another nude color in my collection. To be honest, it is so hard to find the perfect nude for my skin-tone but this one looks nice, specially with a smokey or intense eye makeup. 

While trying out Whirl, I also got to try MAC‘s lipliner in Spice, which is also an popular nude shade. The shade is similar to Whirl, as you can see above of the swatches. 

I went to Urban Decay and got introduced to their setting spray, which I’ve already heard a lot about. I’ve always had the problem that my makeup transferred on my clothes or anything that came near my face, so of course I needed it in my life. I’ve tried it out on a simple everyday makeup; concealer, powder eyeliner and mascara – and my makeup didn’t budge the whole day. I haven’t tried the setting spray on full face makeup yet, but I will at the upcoming parties and give you guys a better review of the product.

And the last one is this gorgeous highlighter I got from the brand The Balm in the shade Mary Lou Manizer which I’ve seen youtubers mention. It’s such a pretty light champagne highlighter with hints of gold shimmer. The pigmentation is insane, so a little definitely goes a long way. I literally cannot wait to use it! And the packaging is so cool and it has a mirror inside. It is actually my first product with mirror inside. 

These are probably (and hopefully) the last makeup products I get this year – unless anyone gift me makeup, which is completely fine though. So far I don’t regret any of my purchases and look forward to use them! 🙂 ♥


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Confessions of a Shopaholic


Hey guys! Long time no post – I’ve been kinda busy the past few days, and got time to make a quick post. I admit that I’ve been spending money on makeup, and I can’t stop and it’s probably a decease -.- But have I regret any of the products I’ve got? Absolutely not! Will I buy more makeup in the nearest future? Probably. Painting my face is a small hobby I have and I think it’s fun to experiment with different look and create illusions of different shapes, shades and lights. It’s some kind of art and love playing with it 🙂 

In my next post, I’ll show the the latest products I’ve got and quickly review it for you. I believe I have 5 products I want to mention ._. 


Hello Christmas Month!

IMG_5636 IMG_5637 IMG_5639

A traditional calendar-candle decor

A traditional calendar-candle decor

IMG_5644 IMG_5645

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My Starbucks name is Emma (but that’s another story) 😉


Goodmorning guys!!! It’s December 1st and the Christmas months has officially begun. Radio filled with christmas songs, gift-hunting, Christmas decorations, lights everywhere and the oldie but goodie traditions every family has. To be honest, I was kind of disappointed to see it all start in November – like, in the beginning of November. In my opinion it will make the christmas-excitement fade away when December finally arrives -.- 

As you can see on the random pictures above I’ve taken during the end of November, Starbucks has added some christmas-specials, and I tried the Hot Chocolate with Honey and almond – and WOW! It tasted like marzipan and dark chocolate, and reminded me of christmas somehow. In Aarhus they’ve decorated the streets so well, and it actually look way better in real life than the pictures above! 🙂

Happy 1st day of Christmas 😉