Ravage⚠ in Odense

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Hey, so here’s another catch up post from when I was doing my SL journey on the blog. I went to Odense for like the first time. I mean, I’ve driven through Odense a couple of times but never actually been in town. I went broke in Zara because – let me be honest – I thin we probably only have 3-4 Zara stores in Denmark, and the closest Zara store is the one in Odense. I personally like going to their physical store than the online store. I just can’t find anything I like online, compared to their stores. I’ve posted some pictures of my purchases. The first hoodie is from New Yorker, but the other items are from Zara, and I absolutely love them! Who knows, maybe I can find time to click some pictures with the outfits, but I can’t promise anything 😬. 





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I’m absolutely in love with the pants! So in this season and I wish I could’ve worn them more, but it’s too cold now 😥 I also love the details on the sleeves on the hoodie. It’s a cropped hoodie with a street-sporty look to it. The cropped t-shirts are actually the same in different colors. I just couldn’t choose between them so I got them both and went broke ._.♥



Final Destination (12)









Hey! After a looong road trip we finally reached our final and last destination, Colombo. The last two days we spent the nights at Hotel Mirage Colombo, which is a 4 star hotel at the beach side. I cannot describe how wonderful it was to sleep under air-condition after 3 weeks in the heat. And taking a hot shower. 

We did a lot of shopping in Colombo as well. I bought 2 sarees, 2 anarkalis and 1 lehenga. I’ll show you my purchases at some point when I get to wear them 😉 But the places I think had the best selections were probably Little Asia and Kamsins. You may find their pieces a bit pricey, but I only bought a few items and I LOVE them! 🙂 

On our last night we went to a famous beach (of course I don’t know the name of it -.-), where lots of people  were chilling, flying kits and markets filling the shore. The pictures doesn’t do justice for how amazing and lively the atmosphere was. It was super cozy and 27°C at night 😀

I’m ending my Sri Lanka Journal with this post, and I hope you all enjoyed it, even though it was 12-posts long :p Now I can go back to the usual blogstuff, such as new products/reviews, food, events, OOTD etc. I will probably not go back to Sri Lanka immediately, but wait few years, so I have something to look forward too again :)♥


Morning Hike (11)

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Hey! Okay I have one last post left in line before I wrap up my Sri Lanka journey. I know it has been a long one, I’m sorry, but I’ll make it super short in the next (and last) one 😉 

The following morning, we took a hike to the little Adam’s peak, where we could spot our hotel from the view. It was crazy! We hiked at noon, so it started to get very hot by then, which made it a bit harder to hike. With my fear for heights I decided to join the hike anyways because I heard the view was worth it. I took some pictures along the way, as you can see. It was beautiful – one of the prettiest views I’ve seen on the trip for sure! It’s a must see!

After the hike we moved on to see another attraction in Ella – which is the Nine Arch Bridge. It’s a bridge between Ella and Demodara, and it’s built without a single steal! The bridge contains 9 arches and connects two mountains, from Demodara train station. We actually wanted to take the train, but the waiting-time was too long, so we decided to drive to Colombo again – our last destination.

As I revealed; Colombo is the last destination and post from my Sri Lanka journey. So stay tuned. 😉 



Morning with a View (10)

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Heeey! As we left the english cottage hiiiigh up in on the mountains, we decided to find a place less cold to spend the last night at. We found this very nice hotel on the mountain-side named Ella Mount Heaven with the coolest balcony view ever!

The hotel was really nice in general – both in service and the rooms were very clean. Our balcony had the view to the mountains from the west side – which meant that we could see the sun rise from east behind the mountains. Yaaaas! So I sat alarm, so I could get ready for the sun to rise while enjoin a cup of tea. 🙂

My cousin and brother had the same idea so we watched the sunrise together in the calming atmosphere. It’s definitely worth the visit! The view was just mastic! Makes us people feel so small in this enormous world. 

We ate breakfast in their restaurant – buffet – and got ready for our last day at the road trip before we headed back to Colombo. My next post is going to be a quick one on our hiking 🙂 ♥



Ambewala – New Zealand farm (9)

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Heeey! Our trip continues in Nuwara Eliya to Ambewala New Zealand farm, where they produce dairy products. Guys… cows. There were soooo many cows and the landscape was soooo beautiful!! Wow, my brother and I freaked out seeing the mountain landscape with cows and fog. Just wow! Above you see some pictures of out trip to the farm. Btw. I was quite surprised about how the cows were eager to lick our faces, lol.

Next up we visited a botanic garden (actually a couple of few), but I won’t go through them, since the most of the pictures are just me being all nerdy about the plants. So instead we’ll move on to some more beautiful landscape, and this hotel with the most amazing view 😀 ♥


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